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Half Marathon #5 was completed this past Sunday with my best friend Brenda. Truthfully, it was the worst race I can ever remember running. It was unexpectedly hot and we were dehydrated and completely over it from the start. We finished 4 minutes slower than our first half together last year (and 12 minutes slower than my PR), but this one included multiple walk breaks and about a 5 minute stop at the port-a-potties at mile 5, so we are still in much better shape than last year! At the end of the day, all that really matters is that we got out there and did what we could and we did it together which was automatically a blast.

Before the race started
Before the race started

photo 5

photo 2

photo 1

Stuffed our faces afterwards at brunch with my new post-race ritual of chocolate chip pancakes, eggs and turkey sausage.

photo 3

Followed by a pedicure that John treated me to. BEST IDEA EVER to get one after a half! The leg massage was so great. I broke my right big toe in half during this race along with worsening the permanent blister below my 2nd toe on the right side, too. It was a pretty painful pedicure to say the least. photo 4

I taught spin Monday morning with SO much less soreness than last month’s half! I ended up finishing last weeks training with 99 miles total of running and cycling. Insanity.

photo 3

My brother came to visit Monday night and stayed with us all day yesterday and John was also off of work from the day. We had a blast. Drew came to my spin class with me Tuesday morning and KILLED it! It was his first spin class ever and of course he beat me in mileage. Boys. Then we went to brunch with John, went back home and laid in my bed all day watching TV and napping. Dinner was Domino’s and POPEYES FRIED CHICKEN because we were just in need of a fat day. We ate super early and took another nap, so on the way to the bus station at 10 PM we stopped for froyo at Orange Leaf where they were selling froyo for $4.15 regardless of the weight of the cup for tax day. We ball hard. photo 4 (1)

It was a super fun few days and I’m paying for it today in exhaustion and bloat 😉

Did any of you guys run the More/Fitness half last weekend? What did you think if you did or did it in the past? I just can’t pay $80 to run in Central Park again. Not when I run it for free and not when the swag bag is absolutely terrible!

6 thoughts on “More/Fitness Half Marathon”

  1. My youngest sister was supposed to come up from Miami and run this with me again this year – due to airline incompetence her trip was canceled and after working 12 hour days and through the weekends the past month I just could NOT get out of bed Sunday morning and choose sleep vs running the race. To be honest it’s not my favorite (ran 3 times) and I had signed up for her. It’s costly like you said and just 2 loops of the park. I was not a fan of the shirt or bag or anything. There should definitely be MORE for that price. But great job on getting it done!

    1. Its definitely not my favorite race and i wont be doing it again!! There should be sooo much more for that damn price! Hope your sunday was relaxing!!! ❤

  2. Gettin out there and doing it is so important. Recently went to far north queensland and did a 6km trek on dunk island. Hot, humid and the insects!!!!! Our repellent failed so we got eaten alive during the walk. But we did it!!! Got back to the mainland sore, tired and itchy, but with a big helping of satisfaction that left me happy all day

    1. it definitely made it all worth it! 🙂 the woman who gave me the pedicure basically glued it back together! LOL so it doesnt hurt anymore! It was so painful to even walk on it until she fixed it!

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