Vacation. Need.

Warning: random blabberings ahead. Only way to describe my need for a vacation is just, NEED. This week did me in on all fronts and I am beyond exhausted. I was expecting some good news on Friday and when it got postponed, I had a breakdown. A private one, until I texted my brother who always makes me laugh hysterically. Not only did he make me crack up, but he also Venmo’d me a very specific amount of money to get some froyo to make me feel better. photo 2

So sweet, right? It cheered me up a ton but on my way to Orange Leaf, I got sucked into Pinkberry. The horror. I haven’t had Pinkberry since I first moved to NYC over 3 years ago, because it just wasn’t close to as good as the others and not to mention it’s not self-serve. This was a new location and the signs for the chocolate chip cookie drew me in. I planned to just get a taste but the flavor was SO good. I may have to incorporate them back into my froyo rotation.

photo 1 (1)

Waffle cookie, cookie dough, almond roca (DELICIOUS), coconut flakes and thin mint crushed cookies made this the best bowl of froyo of my week. I’m such a fro-hoe.

ANYWAYS- about those vacations I need. This is the best year ever because I am going to Costa Rica in August and Mexico in November and neither trip cost me an ounce of debt because I had saved up for them both. But I started thinking that I really needed to get away before August. Like, REALLY NEED TO. I want to rip my hair out on a daily basis thanks to stress and since it doesn’t seem to be getting warm here anytime soon for me to take a quick hour trip to the beach, I started to do some research. Every year at the end of May, there is a conference held for Spinning in Miami, the WSSC Conference where you can earn the points needed to keep you a certified Spin instructor. I started thinking that hey, Brenda and I could go down for 1 day of the conference and then stay another day for the beach and maybe we both wouldn’t go completely crazy in the next few weeks? She agreed, and my co-worker/friend Sharde also decided that she will tag along, but without the spin part. So, a mini girls vacation in a manageable distance of time was born.

photo 4

Those are the classes that Brenda and I are signed up to do at the conference. I am looking so forward to learning how to become a better instructor! Equally as excited to lay on the beach and finally see Miami! What am I not looking forward to? Flying. I haven’t flown in 5 years and I am PETRIFIED to say the least. Any tips or fellow scaredy cats out there? I’m gonna need some Xanax.

Just to prove that I still do eat my veggies, I have to share with you the salad that I am completely obsessed with that I need to recreate on my own because I can’t keep spending $13 on lunch every day.

photo 3 (1)

Chop’t is officially the best salad joint in the city. Expensive as hell, yes, but the salads are gigantic and the mixes are the bomb. I get the cobb with grilled chicken, chopped up bacon, avocado, blue cheese, tomatoes, romaine, red onion and I sub the hard boiled egg for roasted broccoli. They give you a couple of thin pieces of flabread and I get the tex-mex ranch dressing on the side to dip. The way they chop it all up together (hence the name) makes every bite so flavorful!

I have been so great about mindful eating the last few months, but I definitely let it slip a little this week and honestly? It’s okay! This will happen. The thing I feel the best about is that it isn’t making me frantically open up the MyFitnessPal app and start obsessively counting calories again. I actually don’t think I ever even did a post on how I stopped because I didn’t want to jinx myself, haha. I used it for 4 years and would recommend it to ANYONE to assist in your weight loss journey, or even weight gain if that’s what your goal is. But I needed to know that I could maintain my weight on my own and start to build a better relationship with food, and I did it. And of course there is going to be setbacks here and there because this is it. For life. I’m in it forever, and that means failures. I’m dragging my tired ass to Trader Joe’s after work tonight to get some healthies for the next few days until I go out of town to Binghamton. And then after my half marathon next weekend, I am going to eat either a burger or chicken wings and then die. And then come back to vegetables. Sounds good. Give me a week.

Other random things? I haven’t strength trained since January and my glutes and hip are suffering. I also run once a week if that and I really miss it. Teaching spin 4 early mornings a week (and then going into work until 7 PM or later) is making running next to impossible to fit in, but at least it’s so much fun to teach. I do miss the serenity that a lone morning run brings you. If only there were more hours in a day. Once I get my life figured out here (hopefully THIS WEEK) I will have to make more of an effort to strength train though before I need a hip replacement before I’m 30.

What was your last vacation? I haven’t taken an actual vacation in almost 4 years!

Ever been to Miami?

Are you scared of flying?

19 thoughts on “Vacation. Need.”

  1. 1) my last vacay was two years ago when a friend gave me use of her condo in Florida. This year vacay will be in the in ground pool we installed last fall. Next year vacay will be the fence and landscaping. 2) I haven’t flown for 24 years, I was prego at the time. The thought now terrifies me! 3) save your receipts and rake that trip off your taxes as a business expense!!!

    1. Ahhhhh pool! So lucky! Enjoy every second of it though I know I don’t need to tell you 🙂 24 years, eeks! And good call on the receipts for the trip, can I really write it off?!!

  2. My last vacation was last year and due to work I miss out on taking one , as other people have got in before me 😦 But I have signed up for my first half marathon again in 3 years! So am starting out running again, off to invest in some suitable running attire 🙂 Love your Blog 🙂 xxx

    1. Ugh, I hate having to plan vaca around co-workers. The worst! I’m so excited you signed up for a half!! Shopping for running clothes is the best part 🙂 Thank you for reading!!

  3. Terrified of flying. I grew up with it and loved it but as I got older developed a fear. Weird, right? My last vacation away from home was probably last summer to Montana. It’s great that you have plans to get away because it sounds like you really need it. 4 years is a long time!

    1. GIRL- same exact situation with me in flying. I was obsessed with traveling when I was younger. I was on a plane 3-4 times a year to visit my family in Florida, and then my one long trip to California ruined flying for me. Costa Rica is almost 6 hour plane ride, so that should pretty much kill me 😀

  4. I love flying, I love Miami, and I need a vacation too.
    We all have setbacks with food and of course it’s OK, part of the game. But the sooner we get to be in control again the easier it will be to undo the damage.

      1. I just don’t think about the risks.. otherwise it does get in my head a little. I’ve been flying often dice I was a little girl, so I have great memories of it, I guess that helps too!

  5. Hate flying but do it at least twice a year. Deep breathing really helps and so does xanax 🙂 My doc gives me a script for a mild dose and I tend to just use one, as I know i have the if i need them (make sense??) Not sure how long your flight is but mine average 3-4 hours with the last one being the last flight of a cyclone area just before the cyclone hit!! Must admit I took 2 tabs that time. Lol. Keep ur seatbelt on, I find that reminds me i am safe.

    1. Thanks for the tips! Going to talk to my pysch on Wednesday about a little prescription for Xanax but i’ve never taken one before so i’m scared about taking one too, lol. Such a baby!

  6. My last vacation was to India and that is always a bit intense for me. It was a 13 hour flight to go there and a 16 hour flight to get back. Brutal! But I find it helps to just have a book you like to pass the time (at least for a short flight – nothing passes the time for 16 hours!). For a flight to Miami, I recommend anything by Chelsea Handler. 😀

    1. 13-16 hours. I literally couldn’t. How can a plane even last that long in the air? I’m starting to get anxiety now hahaha I really want to just sleep for the whole time but I know I won’t be able to, so a book will have to do!!

  7. Aw, a girlie trip to Miami will be so fun! And it’s only a month away so not long to go at all!

    I wish I could be a fro-hoe, I miss it so much! All they have here is a place called Yog that has bitter frozen yogurt with mainly fruit only toppings, borrrrrinngg

    1. Oh gross, can’t do the bitter yogurt and no fruit allowed 😉 you could make your own with some Chobani and frozen bananas, though! Not the same 100% but still a nice treat!

  8. I am so happy for you to be able to go on vacation and to Miami too. Go girl. I am jealous. LOL! I love Miami and went for the first time back in Jan. I feel you on the flying though it had been over a decade or so for me and I was a nervous wreck both ways LOL! I hope your experience is better than mine and I really do hope you have a great time. Thanks so much for the emails they always make my day. Hope you have a great day 🙂

    1. THANK YOU!!! I know I will be a nervous wreck both ways, no need to hide it. LOL But whatevs, as long as I land in Miami safe thats all I care about!! So happy that my blog makes you smile! 🙂

  9. I’ve so missed your posts Jen! I think I even had withdrawals from not sing them as often…sure I follow other blogs but I must confess yours is my favorite to read, its like I’d read these blog and think ‘oh how nice, but where is Jen?!’ lol Its good to hear from you again and I hope yo have a great time in Miami. Sometimes you just need to get away, I know I sometimes need to just runaway to the beach and forget the world…thank goodness Santa Cruz is only a thirty minute drive away 🙂

  10. Woohooo Miami! You’re going to have a blast 🙂 i can totally relate when it comes to flying…I’m afraid of heights :/ needless to say i was a wreck when i last flew and it was only a hour and a half flight! Lol it helps to stay distracted so bring a book or talk to your neighbor……oh yeah I also had a giant margarita at the airport bar before boarding lol #selfmedicate Safe flight! 🙂

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