Wow. Last week really did me in. Most amount of classes I’ve ever taught in a week- 11. I am still feeling it, as I missed my long run Sunday morning from exhaustion anddd missed it again yesterday morning when I meant to make it up. Ugh. Marathon training is really not even remotely fun for me right now. I haven’t felt even a little excited about it and that makes me sad. But I love teaching a ton, and it’s a source of my income so it is more important than training to run 26.2 miles. Definitely never running a 2nd marathon. I love half’s but this full nonsense is just too time consuming! I NEED SLEEP. (and some strength training would be nice too)

This is how my week broke down.

Sunday July 6th: Taught my 9:00 AM class. Lifted a few weights right before class then walked around all day with heavy ass bags of groceries and other random errands. It was a very active day outside of my normal workout which left me really tired which is actually really sad 🙂 Goes to show you that just because you do 1-3 hours of cardio a day, if you sit at a desk the rest of the time (like me) then some of those benefits are negated.

Monday July 7th: Taught my 6:30 AM class in Brooklyn. Worked all day, then subbed 2 back-to-back classes at 6 and 7 PM. These classes demand high energy because of who I sub for, so I rode about 50 miles or more this day. I also did these exact 3 classes the Monday before and in just a week’s time it’s crazy to feel that I was less tired than the week before. Our bodies adapt so fast! I had this delicious bar right before the 2 classes to fuel up and it tastes like a macaroon. Mmmm.

photo 1

Got home, ate avocado toast and my new nightly snack that is sometimes actually dinner because I get home late.

photo 3

2% Fage strawberry yogurt, a couple mini chocolate chips and a few animal crackers. There is something so amazing about this yogurt. Please try it if you haven’t. Also please try to un-see how pasty white I am right now.

Tuesday July 8th: Wanted to get in a few miles Tuesday morning but OBVIOUSLY that didn’t happen. I slept in and felt like I was hit by a train. Worked all day then taught my 7:00 PM class. Only day that I only had 1 class. Pinkberry for dinner, yaaaaaaaaaaas.

Wednesday July 9th: Taught my 6:00 AM class which is always beyond rough to get up for, since I don’t get home til around 9 or after on Tuesday nights. Worked all day, then subbed for my girl Nicole at 6:00 PM. This is when my left hip and foot started to hurt during class, so I tried to scale back as much as I could.

Thursday July 10th: My last Thursday subbing the 7:00 AM class and I am really going to miss it! Worked all day, then subbed another 6:00 PM class. I taught in my sneakers instead of my spin shoes for both of these classes and it helped my foot and hip feel a lot better. I learned at the conference in Miami that stress fractures can happen to our feet in spin if the cleats on the spin shoes are too far forward and I think this is the case on mine. The guy actually said something like 80% of people’s cleats are put too far forward! So the sneakers took off some pressure from my toes so I was able to go pretty hard Thursday morning. Thursday night I taught 3 songs off the bike for my first time (it was both awkward and glorious) and welcomed Friday ready to finish my last 2 classes.

Friday July 11th- Taught my 6:30 AM class in Brooklyn. Love my Friday class. We’re so pumped for the weekend and everyone works hard! I was feeling pretty good for having 9 classes under me already. Worked all day, then subbed the 6 PM class that I will be subbing for the rest of summer! I love it and it really helps people get ready for the weekend.

I then had to work overtime Saturday morning where I was a miserably exhausted mess 🙂

My weeks won’t be like that often and at least right now while I need to be running too, my body can’t handle that amount of high-mileage cycling. It’s much different than high-mileage running of course, but it has it’s cons as well. Mainly the fact that I have no real recovery time so I feel too sore and achey to push myself in my classes later in the week. I’m good at faking it on the bike (like any good instructor 😉 ) but the truth is the energy an instructor has while they are also pushing themselves and struggling along with the class is different. I’m still woo-ing, and so encouraging to the classes- off the bike, plus I’m now not afraid to sing along to my songs (i feel bad for my classes haha) but they watch your every move on the bike and it really makes a difference in how hard they work. I’m just not comfortable teaching off the bike (yet? ever? I’m not sure) so I’m figuring out what works for me. If I’m teaching 11 classes in a 5 day span, they can’t all be my own workout too. I HAVE to scale my own intensity back or my burn out is going to happen and it’s my job now to not get burnt out! I do love that this is such a learning process, and I would truly love to be a full time instructor/trainer so I need all the advice I can get from fellow instructors- and those of you who take spin!! Tell me what you love and what bugs you about an instructor!! My #1 thing- I know I used to hate when instructors would come up close to me and touch my resistance knob- hello what if that person has an injury that they didn’t want to announce to the class?!- and I think that motivating and pushing from up front is more effective overall. That’s my opinion, and I’ve asked my classes before if they like that and 99% of them have said they hate when an instructor doesn’t ride with them and when they get all up in their business.

This past Sunday I taught in the morning and then Brenda and I went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park to lay out in the sun. I got REAL burnt like an idiot- it was cloudy and we were too afraid of rain to go out to the beach- but it was nice to just lay out and talk and laugh after a long week! I finished my Sunday with a chicken pita, froyo and bed at 8:30. Gloooorious.

photo 2 (2)photo 3 (1)photo 1 (2)

Total weekly mileage for cycling:

photo 1

Why it says 9 and not 11, I do not know.

That’s my last week and a half! How have yours been? 🙂

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  1. 11 classes is a lot! When I was teaching full time, I had 5 regular classes and would then sub occasionally. I found that even at 5, after some time, my body just ached. It was just too much and I ended up scaling back (and getting a full time job) and now prefer to teach a max of 3.

    There are a lot of instructors out there who say that instructing is not your workout but like you, I find it hard not to work with them (and they can tell). I was however sidelined for a bit and had to teach off the bike. It’s a little awkward, but do-able. Some members said the class was harder when I was off the bike. Not sure I agree, but to each his/her own.

    So happy you’re enjoying teaching!!

  2. I have the same picture on Sunday of the Brooklyn Bridge but from the opposite side. I rode the Greenway from 55th down past Battery Park (where it was way too crowded with all of the construction), took a nice picture of the Brooklyn Bridge, then back up to my son’s place at 38th Street. Then we rode together up to the George Washington Bridge. I road about a total of 4 1/2-5 hours. I told him it was like I took 4 spin classes in one day. Of course the Greenway is mainly flat, but it was so humid out I was drenched. So we celebrated with lunch in Hell’s Kitchen and a shot to top off the day. I love motivational instructors, they make you dig deep and keep going, just eye contact alone makes a big difference. Of course, a good play list also helps. From the sounds of your post, you are an awesome instructor.

    1. Wow thats a long ride! And it was soo humid sunday holy moly! I live right by the GW bridge and its super hilly up my way! Thanks so much for the compliment, maybe you can come take a class some day!! 🙂

  3. I LOVE your spin classes! Not trying to kill you, but I wish you taught more?? Haha. After a few weeks of your Tuesday night class I decided to check out another night’s class and let’s just say I’d rather wake up two days at 5am to get to your class than repeat that experience again. She didn’t ride with us, the music was lame and she also didn’t cue us like you do at all. I had no idea what we were doing. She also came around and messed with our bikes but then I guess noticed either my resistance to that or decided I was hopeless, because she eventually just left me to do my own thing! On the reverse side, I get excited about coming to your classes! You’re so motivational and I always tell people how fun it is.

    I’m not training for a full, but I’m running 18 half’s this year (#11 is this weekend, yay!) with the goal being that I can wrap my head around the idea of doing a full. Training for a full really feels like a part time job to keep up with that mileage. The Disney full anniversary year is 2017 and the medal will be AMAZING for that–plus, what better place to run 26.2 miles than at the happiest place on earth, right? So that’s the one I’m eying. But you will ROCK the NYC Marathon! I volunteer to be out there with donuts, swedish fish or whatever you need!

    1. You are my favorite person ever, okay?!?! I fricken love having you in class and you motivate me to run!! I’m so happy you like coming to my classes and I feel like our Tuesday night class is like family! And i wish i taught in brooklyn more!! 18 HALFS- you are fricken badddd ass. I have 7 under my belt in a year, and it still doesnt feel enough to run that twice. Yikkessss. OMG if you cheer me on and bring me all of the above i will love you forever and let you ride with whatever resistance you want 🙂 hahaha thanks for the sweet comment girlfriend ❤

  4. Congrats on an amazing week!! I do not know how you taught 11 classes! When I hear about how much you teach it actually has changed my feelings about spin teachers that get off the bike. I realized like wow they could have taught like 5 classes already, of course they are off the bike! I think us spin students need to be a little more mindful of that 😉 but I agree, I wouldn’t want someone touching my resistance. I had a girl come up to different people at different songs and really push us by like pointing and cheering on which was good but also was like what if I’m doing as much as I can! I’m sure it’s so hard as a spin teacher to find the balance of helping, encouraging and backing off a little! I give you soooo much credit girl!!!

  5. You are an AMAZING, AMAZON OF A WOMAN, MY JEN-DAUGHTER! Your work ethic is apparent in all you do and comes across in your writing. I so enjoy reading your blog. I moved this past weekend into the most glorious place I’ve lived in my life, thus far. I am returning to work tomorrow, and decided to be very kind to myself – go slow in getting the boxes from the garage to my room and organizing, as I go along. I tell you all this because I so believe the Universe will return all the effort you put into what you do, even if it takes years to come. You are setting yourself and life up to be GLORIOUS in the future, as well as now. I LOVE YOU AND AM CONTINUOUSLY ON MY KNEES WITH YOU IN MIND. Continue to take good care of yourself Sweetheart – NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS THAN THE BEST! Mom #2

  6. Woah – all those classes on top of regular work is just amaaaazing! You’re my spin inspiration! (spinspiration?) I would not be able to do all that and handle marathon training. Yawn, I am having trouble marathon training in general who am I kidding. So hot and humid out. Yuck.

  7. Wow – sounds like you really hammered through the week, Jen… ku-DOS and extremely inspiring to hear about! 😊

  8. I teach as well 3-5 spin classes a week so I know how heavy that load is. But I also work a 9 to 5 job so that’s my main income. It’s interesting to see how someone handles that kind of load! Seriously kudos to you! I hope you enjoy it and don’t burn out and love teaching! It really is a lot of fun. And it’s a great thing if it’s something you are truly passionate about.

    1. I wish spin could be my only income! I work 9-5:30 so the classes are before/after work, and I am never not exhausted haha but id have to teach 40 classes a week to be able to do it solely and that is impossible haha hoping to own my own spin studio eventually!!

      1. Seriously in awe! Just being real (and speaking from one instructor to the next) I would not want that schedule but I think it’s WONDERFUL that you are inspiring and helping people! Keep up the great work 🙂

      2. Thank you so much! It’s really not something I want to keep doing forever (working a full time job plus a lot of classes), so I really hope I can open my own studio sooner than later so that becomes my full time 🙂 I think ANY instructor who teaches on top of a full time job is amazing, so kudos to you as well!! 🙂

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