Week Recap.

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll. My weekend was great but very tiring as I made a basically 30 hour trip to see my family and get my hair done and now need another 2 days to just get some dang rest! Here’s a quick recap of what last week was like for me, much calmer and more relaxed than the previous week and actually included… wait for it… RUNNING.

Monday: Day did not start off well. Got stuck on the train on the way to my 6:30 AM class in Brooklyn and had to cancel it. It was my first time ever having to do that, and I felt so terrible. I went back home to shower and get ready for work and made a smoothie that killed my stomach. My stomach has been TERRIBLE the last few weeks, and I really don’t know why because I’ve been good about no dairy (not even a bite of Brenda’s ice cream cone the weekend before last) and no corn! Ugh. Only plus of this day was it ended up being a total rest day for me and I desperately needed it.

Tuesday: Slept in, worked, then got to the gym a little early and had time to run 1.5 miles. Had to run them on the treadmill since it was storming out and as usual, the treadmill was a terrible experience. Taught my 7:00 PM class and as usual, they kicked major ass 🙂

Wednesday: Woke up in an amazing, energetic mood. Taught my 6:00 AM class, ran 4 miles with my new Garmin courtesy of the wonderful Allie! 🙂

photo 2 (1)

She is the sweetest. 🙂 It had been fiddling around in my bag all day so the battery was almost dead, and it ended up dying just over 3 miles so I estimated about 4 total with running back to the gym. I bought a 2 month unlimited Groupon for Bikram Yoga Grand Central which is just 1 block from my work (and also 12 blocks from Grand Central, so I’m not sure why it’s named that) in hopes that I will actually GO. I’m not the biggest fan of Bikram- I like Vinyasa much better- but it’s mostly because of how long it is. 90 minutes is a long time to devote to yet ANOTHER work out in my life, but I really need it and they have Monday and Wednesday classes that start at 6 so I’m getting home around 8 and that’s not so bad. The class kicked my ASS. I was basically falling on the ground and stayed there for quite a few poses. I do like that that is totally okay- and encouraged- and they don’t call you out for it. I’m not the biggest fan of Lululemon but I will say the bang buster headbands are AMAZING for hot yoga or any workout where you sweat insanely (spin, too).

photo 4 (2)

Thursday: Another rest day. Needed it, loved it, cherished it. John and I went to a 9 course dinner Thursday night (yes, you read that right) courtesy of my boss for her book launch party! I’m going to write a separate post on that later this week. It was really amazing!

Friday: Taught my 6:30 AM spin class in Brooklyn, worked all day, then went to sub for the 6:00 PM class that I’m subbing for for most of the summer and had really bad pains in my left foot (lately after so many classes my left toes cramp so badly, the pain is crazy) and actually forgot my sneakers AND spin shoes at the morning gym. I took this as a sign that I really needed to teach off the bike- also kinda had no choice since all I had with me were loafers 🙂 I did it, it wasn’t TERRIBLE, but I didn’t love it. I moved around the front of the room somewhat and really tried to make my energy as big as possible. The class kicked butt, but they said they like me on the bike better. Me too, peeps, me too.

Saturday: I got to Binghamton late Friday night, so it was a rest day and I slept in until 9:30. It was grrrrrrrreat. Had coffee with my mom and got ready to get my hair done. My hair stylist and good friend Sherette opened up a new salon that is absolutely gorgeous and such a reflection of her! I have followed her for years and will basically never go to anyone else, ever. If you’re in the area, her new salon is called Salon Trend and it’s on the Vestal Parkway. I just can’t say enough good things about her. She is an artist when it comes to color (I am a high lift blonde from a dark brown with red undertones and she gets my hair almost white with no dry damage) and will perfect your cut every time. I wish she would franchise and move to NYC! Someday 🙂 Followed by a great dinner with my mom, her fiance, and 2 of our family friends at my favorite place, Harry Tuft’s. I had my favorite chicken speidie sub with hot sauce and blue cheese, and sweet potato fries.

photo 1

So good. Then it was froyo time.

photo 2

Slept so hard and great. Woke up a little later than I would have liked, so it was already warm out and my 10 miles turned into 7.3. Just couldn’t dig any deeper for those last couple miles. As you can tell, marathon training isn’t going SO well. Ugh. But at least I ran!

I had breakfast with my dad and sat out in the sun for a few hours before doing some laundry and packing, then had one more deliciously fatty meal. CHICKEN. WINGS.

photo 5

We went to a new-to-me place that is an old renovated bar called The Union Hotel and the wings were gooooooooood. NYC just doesn’t have good wings, though I’ve only tried maybe 4 places here. Anyways, I only eat chicken wings maybe twice a year so they need to be VERY worth it! These were perfect. They were huge with a lot of actual meat on them. I had half carolina bbq and half honey sriracha. Naturally, the honey sriracha ones were incredible. They gave me a little bit of a stomach ache the next day but not bad. I ate them around 3 and wasn’t hungry again all night, so that’s a plus! I think my arteries are a little angry at me, though. 😉

What were your workouts last week? Any amazing meals?

2 thoughts on “Week Recap.”

  1. Good for you…don’t think I could do a whole class off the bike. I have a hard enough time getting off the bike every now and then to walk around the studio. As I’ve been checking out different studios lately, I find that very few instructors ever get off the bike at all…but I’m working on it!

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