Interval fun

Another morning with Jillian Michaels. Jumping jacks aren’t what I would call hard now that I am in decent shape, but I get a headache later in the day from them?! I never get headaches but when I do 30 day shred I notice I do, and my calves feel like they are going to fall out. After 30 minutes of Jillian torture, I wanted to do one of my favorite treadmill workouts from Carrots ‘n Cake but my legs were so sore from Jillian that I ended up creating my own interval workout. Along with an amazing playlist, I had so much fun and 50 minutes flew by! I alternated speeds every 2 minutes for the first 12 minutes, from 6.3-6.7, then I would walk 1 minute @ 4.1 mph, run between 6 MPH and 6.5 MPH and sprint between 7 and 7.5. I normally don’t need to take walking breaks, but my legs felt like jello!

At first I felt really discouraged that holding 6.3 MPH felt hard after how speedy I’ve been, but just getting back into strength training makes me very sore! I had 6 miles planned for today, but I had fun with the intervals and burned a ton of calories! I ended up covering 4.75 miles and pushed myself hard enough where I really couldn’t do more! I felt great 🙂

Breakfast: protein oats with PB obvs, but I added 2 egg whites for more protein now that I’m lifting again!

My break was way too early today so I just had an iced coffee with soy milk, then my lunch later was leftovers from last night: TJ’s chickenless strips (not good tasting at all but i hate to waste food) drowned in mustard & balsamic with spinach, sweet potato, chickpeas and goat cheese. A classic mess.

Snacks included a mini apple pie larabar, and greek yogurt with frozen pineapple & PB. I reallllly can’t wait for summer. Nothing better than a hot morning run followed by a bowl of cold greek yogurt with frozen fruit. Is it really only January? 😦

After work I went to buy new earbuds at TJ Maxx on the way home and ended up buying an organic pumpkin pie bar thing- I really didn’t need it because it had a decent amount of sugar in it, but it was all organic healthy ingredients. Whatever, I was hungry.

Dinner was an egg white omelet with peppers & onion with a side of broccoli with chipotle hummus. I put way too much tapatio hot sauce on my omelet and could not finish it due to my mouth burning; clearly I have been slacking on my hot sauce intake. I also meant to have some tuna with this for extra protein but completely forgot about it- me forgetting about food?! I must be coming down with something deadly.

I am so sore and tired and cannot wait to sleep right now. Tomorrow mornings workout will be 30 Day Shred level 2 and a 5 mile run! I am semi looking forward to it even though one of my toe nails is about to fall off. The joys of being a runner! 🙂

Sore Calves

It’s been a solid 3 weeks since I have done any strength training, but luckily Caitlin and I are back on track with 30 Day Shred as of this morning. Besides my thighs killing from the squats, my calves are so sore from all the jumping. Despite my complaining, i love feeling sore! 🙂

After Jillian I bundled up for my first real outdoor winter run ever! I was going back and forth between the treadmill or outside, but since it might rain this week and I will not run in the rain especially in winter, I sucked it up and wore the following:

Nike dry fit t-shirt
Lulu Lemon stride jacket
Under Armour vest
C9 running tights
Under Armour socks
Puma running gloves
Head/ear band

And obviously, sports bra, undies and my Asics. PS- I need to get fitted for new sneaks ASAP. I’ve had these since the summer!

mid- run, feeling fab!

That outfit was utterly perfect for a 15 degree run with minimal wind. The warm up was a bit rough on my lungs, but soon enough it felt great and I kept my pace sub-9, ending 3.5 miles with an 8:31 average pace. Super after not running for 4 days!

Today I am back on track, even though I have said it at least 24 times in the last few months, whether I need to hire someone to stop me from eating late at night or not! I am working on eating bigger portions and more often throughout the day so when I get home I’m not so hungry. It’s hard to find a balance on the days when I work out in the morning and at night, but much of it is mind over matter. I need to listen to my body more and only eat when I am actually hungry. I am testing out the “drinking water before I eat” theory that magazines love to throw around to fulfill any thirst needs that may be masquerading as hunger.

Breakfast: banana flax protein oats w/ new-to-me extra protein peanut butter (available at GNC) and black coffee

Lunch: spinach/feta/egg white wrap and coffee w/ a splash of half&half at Starbucks

Afternoon snackage: plain greek yogurt + frozen blueberries + crunchy PB

And unpictured cocoa roasted almonds ❤

I went to my fav spin class of the week after work despite my achey legs and had a blast! So much energy in this class! He has one thursday mornings that I neeeed to get to!

Dinner: Trader Joe’s chickenless strips (meatless monday!) spinach, broccoli, goat cheese, hummus, balsamic & vinegar & chickpeas

Those chickenless strips are not very good. Lesson learned 😉

NO after dinner snacking! I just brushed my teeth and am going bed. Success! Tomorrow morning = 30 Day Shred 1&2 + 60 min treadmill intervals! Ouch!! 🙂

NuGo obsession

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling exhausted after getting back into the city late Monday night. I somehow managed to trek downtown to bust out Level 2 of 30 Day Shred with Caitlin, but wasn’t feeling so hot during or after. I decided to use a sick day because hey, my last day is Friday and if you don’t use ’em ya lose ’em. Sweaty and tired, I crawled back into bed and got a couple more hours of sleep. Actually, I made a spinach protein smoothie to refuel from my workout and chugged it down quick before my return to slumber. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to spend a day with John as it was his day off! After a shower, I chowed down on a bowl of protein oats with a sliced apple instead of a banana, peanut butter and sugar-free syrup.

It was reaaalllly good and it felt great to enjoy a hot breakfast with hot coffee in my kitchen and not at my desk. I met John on the lower east side after he got his hair did (ha) and we wandered the rainy streets and found solace from the rain in a little bakery named Panya. John loved up on a 8000 calorie danish of some sort, and I enjoyed a hot americano. It’s a little Japanese bakery and they have some delicious looking bread, treats and food that I want to try at some point. We also hit up the East Village location of my fav store, Buffalo Exchange, and I found a vintage Yves Saint Laurent blazer! It’s not my style, but I am hoping to sell it on eBay or make a stop at a store that I have been dying to shop at: Second Time Around, which you may recognize from the show Fashion Hunters on Bravo. It’s an upscale consignment shop which is my idea of a good time.

After a pit stop at Trader Joe’s, I made up a quick (late) lunch before spin class. I was pumped for spin class all day, which makes me so excited! I really didn’t think I’d like it, but I’m falling for it. Lunch was a reduced carb whole wheat wrap with tabouli, egg whites and fat free feta with cukes, celery and hummus. Super delicious and great fuel.

I hit up a 1.75 mile run on the tread before spin class. When the instructor was adjusting my seat for me she asked, “Did you already work out?” Apparently the massive beads of sweat already dripping from me gave it away. She looked at me like I was nuts and yeah, I am. Already my butt hurts less after spinning my heart out for 50 minutes! She played great music and was really enthusiastic, plus this class was completely full unlike my first one where there were only about 8 of us.

Favorite part of this class: when “Empire State of Mind” came on and Alicia Key’s belts out “NEW YOOOORK!”, everyone in the class was trying to sing/scream and it reminded me how lucky I am to be a New Yorker. The pride of it all is moving, as corny as that might sound! But since it’s been a dream of mine for 20 years, it felt pretty euphoric 🙂

I finally hit up a little healthy market on the corner of my gym’s street and found some gooooood stuff.

Justin’s brand peanut butter (honey flavored) was on sale and I have been wanting to try it. My favorite peanut butter I used to buy upstate (1st natural PB I got hooked on!) was on sale, and my new favorite protein bars. Seriously, Nugo bars are my new favorite food/thing in the world. The first one I tried was the chocolate pretzel with sea salt when I was upstate over the weekend and I literally had to hold back tears this thing was so good. It seems that something that good could never be healthy, but they are definitely Jen(that’s me) approved. Every bite had a touch of sea salt and if you are crazy about salty/sweet combo’s, these will swoon you. The next one I tried was from the NuGo slim line, and I ate the roasted peanut with dark chocolate bar.

PERFECT post-workout refuel bar. Stats: 190 cals/ 7 grams fat/ 21 carbs/ 9 (!) grams fiber/ 2 grams sugar/ 15 grams protein. I am making an effort to eat within 30 minutes of a hard workout, and these are just what I needed. I also love the fact that there are no artificial sweeteners in these because my stomach can’t digest them. Last night I fueled through 3 finals with the help of coffee and NuGo’s peanut butter cup bar. This bar is not part of the slim line so there is a bit more sugar, but it comes from natural sources such as delicious dark chocolate. I was full for 3 hours, which coincidentally happened to be how long my finals took 😉 Get yourself some of these bars- you will NOT be disappointed!

At the end of my finals, I needed a quick bite- it was too late for dinner, so a Chobani pineapple Greek yogurt topped with Once Again crunchy peanut butter was the perfect fit.


What’s your favorite kind of protein bars? What things do you look for in a bar (calorie wise/low sugar/etc)?