This past weekend, I successfully completed Spin teacher orientation after months of saving and planning for it!

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The day was very long but I enjoyed every second. I learned SO MUCH that I can barely believe all the classes I’ve taken the last 2 years have all been pretty incorrect! Every teacher has their own style of course, but a lot of what I learned about poor form and contraindications I believe may have contributed to my knee/IT band pain over the last 2 years. I will still continue to take my favorite classes each week, but hopefully as a better student! For now, I am planning on practicing 2 times a week on my own when the spin room is empty before I start auditioning for teaching positions at gyms! WOO HOO! 🙂

I know I’ve mentioned it in posts, but I’m running my first half-marathon (God willing) on May 5th in my hometown Binghamton, NY! I was signed up for it last year and couldn’t train because of severe shin splints, so I’m hoping everything will be fine throughout this training cycle. I should be more nervous than I am since a lot of my runs still feel reallllly hard after being so sick (and lazy, okay) December-beginning of February. But I was running 8-10 miles every weekend over the summer and into the fall, so I know I can do it. My first actual week of training was last week, and I nailed it! My plan is basically 3 miles on Tuesdays (easy but hilly), 4 miles on Wednesdays (with some HIIT thrown in next month for speed), 3 miles on Thursdays, and long runs on Saturdays or Sundays depending on my schedule. Monday and Friday’s are spinning and yoga, or rest if need be. I also need to make sure I am strength training 2-3 times a week, whether it’s a quick session at the gym or a class, or Jillian Michaels. SO MUCH TO DO.

Anyways, my first long run since Christmas was this past Sunday, and after 3 hours of spinning the day before I figured it would hurt pretty bad. My legs felt amazing and it was the first time I had tracked my GPS in months. Weird enough, I was running the same pace for long runs that I was running last summer! However, my 3 miles yesterday morning were over 1 minute slower and felt much much harder, so you never know. I have been waking up every day and reminding myself how lucky I am to have a passion for fitness and the ability to run. No need to even care about the pace when you are just thankful to move and sweat 🙂

That being said, I am still miserably exhausted juggling work, school and fitness so some mornings I end up oversleeping still. Like this morning. I was bummed cause I had 4 miles on the plan today, and can’t do them after work because John and I are going out to Brooklyn to see one of our favorite comedians! So I’ll plan on making up the 4 miles tomorrow morning before work. Then it’s off to see my family for a long weekend. Balance is extremely challenging but we really have no other choice, huh?

Now if the weather would just stop being crap-tastic, I could have a little more motivation to pound the pavement in the mornings. 

Remember me?

Hi, you may remember me as the person who is supposed to actually be writing in this here blog… Well, prepare for a little update that contains some GOOD NEWS! It’s just been a pretty good 2 weeks or so, since I last blogged, so let me fill ya in.

As recommended by my therapist whom I started seeing in December, I also made an appointment with a psychiatrist so that I could have an anti-depressant prescribed to me. I met with him on Thursday January 17th after a particularly horrible week, and directly after a really bad work day. It was a long and intense 80 minute session, I left with a prescription for the only medicine I was willing to try (I have been really against taking any kind of anti-depressant for years.. Me giving in was a huge sign that I was at rock bottom) and Friday morning was my first day on it. I am happy to report that after just 2 weeks, I am feeling a lot more positive, inspired, focused and more like myself. No drastic difference in my personality, just the happier me that I usually am! We will see how the coming months go as this determines if the medicine needs to be given in a larger dose. Another positive side effect… Lack of appetite/less anxiousness about food. This alone has lifted so much weight off my shoulders, I cannot even begin to describe!

I have awesome news that I can’t share for… Well, an undetermined amount of time. No, I am not pregnant. It’s something really cool and awesome but I want to make sure it’s 10738% in order before I announce! 😉

Last week I started my online classes and have spent hours each day since (except this past Sunday when I was miserably hungover) studying my little ass off. My business courses are interesting and not at all terrible. Accounting on the other hand? Let’s just say I’ve gotten real intimate with the huge book and googling everything to do with just the basic terms of accounting… And we are only on Chapter 1.

In a nutshell, I am juggling my 40-50 hour work week, 5 online classes and trying to keep up with working out. I hope you can understand my lack of blogging! Speaking of workouts…

I finally am getting back into a groove, since I’ve been VERY unmotivated after my month of sickness. I’ve been eating really well and clean, my pants are feeling loose (YAY!) and I know the next step in the formula for me to have my goal body by June (PRIDE WEEKEND!!!!) is to make my workouts consistent again. One thing I am going to stick to? Running without my GPS apps for awhile. I do not need a visual reminder of how slow I’ve gotten. I went for my first GPS-free run today in years! I’m just going to set time goals when I run, like today was “run for 30 minutes”, until I have my base built again. Even though I hadn’t run in weeks outside, being GPS free and not dwelling on a slow pace made my run feel incredible! Also incredible- wearing shorts on an outdoor run in January 🙂 I followed it up with a 1 mile incline walk on the treadmill holding 7 lb weights, doing random arm exercises during. HOLY sweatfest, for only 15 minutes.

I’m posting from my phone so the pictures I add just attach at the bottom, and I hate it, but I know you want to see a sweaty pic of me, and a bowl of my all-time favorite soup from my favorite restaurant in my hometown. It’s buffalo chicken soup, probably 5000 calories, and I enjoy every one of ’em 😉

Miss and love ya’ll! I will try to post more!!