My week vacation is now over but I will continue to drool over the pictures of the food I ate in Boston. Ya’ll know I LOVE to eat and Boston definitely didn’t disappoint! Since John and I couldn’t afford a tropical getaway just yet, we figured a few days with our friend Mark in Boston would be a good way to spend some of our week off together! I was born in Cape Cod but never went to Boston so I was super excited to see a new big city.

We caught the 10:00 AM bus way the heck over on the very west side of Manhattan. This was our first time riding the real Megabus that’s actually a double decker bus and I was weirdly excited. Trust me, when you have to travel by bus to see your family and it’s the grossest bus ever, you’d get a little excited for the promise of a better bus too.

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We sat on the top deck and I’d have to advise others not to do this. Unless you like roasting to death, which I do not. It was SO HOT up there and this was without the heat being on. Add on being stuck in traffic for an extra hour and I’d say John probably wishes he had been run over by the bus. 😀

We finally made it to Boston and immediately headed to Quincy Market for food.

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I felt like such a tourist and loved it. You don’t get those fun holiday feelings after living in New York City and wanting to start fights everywhere you go. Ha!

There is a ton of food options inside, but we had to go with some classic clam chowdah in a bread bowl!

Mark and I! Best buddies since 6th grade
Mark and I! Best buddies since 6th grade



Demolished. We walked around the area for awhile and went into some of the shops to look around. It’s really beautiful at night especially with the holiday decorations up.



We made our way back to Mark’s apartment who also lives with another friend from high school named Lauren. So fun to see people that I love but never get to hang out with! They took us to their favorite restaurant in their neighborhood where another one of my good friends from high school met us, too! Reunions!

Matty P!
Matty P!

The restaurant is called The Publick House and it goes down as one of the best places for bar type food EVER. If you are super into beers, this is the spot for you. I ordered a super loaded grilled chicken sandwich with fries but nixed the bun considering I ate an entire loaf of bread at lunch. YOLO.

photo 5


The grilled chicken itself was freaking amazing but topped with blue cheese, bacon and avocado?! Get out. I dipped the fries in their recommended beer mustard which was also delicious. Everyone else at the table absolutely loved their food too.

After dinner Mark took John and I out to a hilarious karaoke club. I had a few glasses of wine prior to this, but the buzz was wearing off and I wanted no more alcohol at all. Needless to say, I did sober karaoke and while it was still fun- it’s definitely more fun drunk. We still put on a great performance in my opinion.

photo 2 (3)


photo 3 (2)


We sang All Cried Out by Allure and I was told multiple times I have a hilariously awful voice. Thank you?

With barely 4 hours of sleep and a bad cold setting in later, I decided to get a short run in just to say I ran in Boston 😉 Better motivation than none, right? It had warmed up a little and I knew the boys would be sleeping for awhile longer so I went out and ran 2.5 miles. They were GOD AWFUL. My chest is super congested and there will killer hills, but the morning was beautiful and it always feels good to move.

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so weird to me that the subway tracks are just on the road?
so weird to me that the subway tracks are just on the road?

Once everyone was showered and dressed, we set out for bloody mary’s and brunch. I kept mine virgin and it was still completely delicious and so spicy. Made my sinuses clear right up!

photo 5 (2)


Brunch was at Zaftigs, a famous Jewish deli. Please go here if you are visiting Boston! Super cool inside with a great menu. I went with a basic egg, toast and potato breakfast like I always do. They also bring you out bagel chips and cream cheese to start.

photo 2 (2)




The challah toast was amazing, a lot like potato bread which is pretty much my favorite. John had the biggest piece of french toast stuffed with sauteed bananas (ridiculous) and Mark had a fried egg and cheese BLT on challah. All so good. Is there anything better than breakfast food? There simply is not.

After a little shopping on Newbury Street, we had to head back to our home- New York City. Boston was fun and delicious, but NYC is definitely where my heart is!

Have you ever been to Boston? Do you like it better than NYC or no? Not meant to start a battle, I think Boston is better in some ways than NYC. For example, people are more calm and there is just less people which is a good thing 😉


Ahhhh I am sorry for being MIA again! I had the last week off from work and had a few small fun trips planned with John to spend time with friends and family. We had a really great time and about 10 pounds extra to show for it. That is not an exaggeration either. Vacation = food, food, food. But now I need to really get my butt in gear and back in shape! This post is going to be long and picture over load, just as an FYI, but that isn’t much different than most of my posts 😉

Our first stop last weekend was to go upstate to see our families. Saturday I got in first and John a little later so we could each spend only $1 on our bus tickets. Megabus for the win. I waited at this new coffee shop in downtown Binghamton that I was SO impressed by. Seriously why did this not exist when I still lived there? Brewed Awakenings is huge and so, so cheap compared to NYC coffee shops. $4 for a huge iced soy coffee and pumpkin muffin. You’re lucky to find just an iced coffee for under $4 in NYC!

photo 3 (4)


photo 1 (5)

portions = huge. barely finished the top of the muffin before i was stuffed!
portions = huge. barely finished the top of the muffin before i was stuffed!

My brother then picked me up in style. He drives for my Uncle’s limo company and had just finished a wedding near where I was.

photo 4 (4)

The rest of Saturday included going to a Binghamton Senators hockey game with some great family friends. I don’t like sports much but hockey is pretty cool to watch, and we ended up having a blast. Plus they have great pretzels.

Amanda and I!
Amanda and I!
My mom, Joyce, Me and Sam!
My mom, Joyce, Me and Sam!

Pretzel. My half is the mustard covered one. John gets the much smaller side ;-)
Pretzel. My half is the mustard covered one. John gets the much smaller side 😉

Sunday morning was spent watching TV and drinking coffee in bed with my brother and John. That sounds really weird, I know, but it’s actually the greatest thing ever. My favorite guys!

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Then John and I went to spend the rest of the day and night with his mom. We stopped at Texas Roadhouse for lunch, did some shopping, then went back to her house and proceeded to eat half a pan of apple cobbler. Not a joke. It is the best dessert I’ve ever tasted.


Monday morning I ran 4 miles and walked 3 with John and his mom’s dog Lola. It was freezing but felt good to work off some of that cobbler! John got a new fancy camera so these next few pictures will actually be enjoyable to look at, unlike my awful iPhone pictures.


Before we left Monday night, John’s mom made us pasta and we polished off the rest of the cobbler with no shame.

WW rotini, a little I can't Believe It's Not Butter, parm cheese and steamed veggies
WW rotini, a little I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, parm cheese and steamed veggies


I am going to attempt to recreate that cobbler on Thanksgiving!

We got back to the city late Monday night, slept in Tuesday and then I had a dentist appointment. We got a really early dinner and spent the rest of the night shopping before coming home to pack for our overnight to Boston. I will post about Boston tomorrow since I have overloaded you with pictures today and mostly because the food in Boston deserves its’ own separate post!