Making Strides Breast Cancer walk

This weekend was pretty great. Lots of delicious food, some workouts and one of the most inspiring events I’ve ever been to! Back tracking to Saturday…

After I got out of work Saturday, John and I were hungry but not starving so we walked around for awhile debating what we wanted to eat. We stumbled upon Madison Square Eats, a little section of Madison Square Park that has a bunch of food trucks set up for a few weeks in the fall. We decided to share a small personal pizza from Roberta’s, a famous pizza place in Brooklyn, and a soft pretzel.

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photo 2 (3)


I REALLY wanted to try the feta and olive pretzel, but John is boring and only likes plain. The plain was delicious though! Not greasy and buttery like Auntie Anne’s, just really doughy.

Dessert was had, of course. We shared apple cinnamon and pumpkin doughnuts at Doughnut Plant.

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And a coconut honey bubble tea.

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Side note- that bubble tea DESTROYED my stomach. I stupidly forgot it was dairy and sucked down the whole thing. Never again. So when I woke up Sunday morning I pretty much wanted to puke and cry. But I rallied and got down to the gym super early so I had time to run about 5 miles before the walk started.

I’m glad I did because the sunrise was gorgeous Sunday morning!

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The park was covered in pink!

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photo 2 (1)


There were groups of families and friends sharing stories of their loved ones who had lost their battles with breast cancer, and I teared up multiple times. I have not been effected by a loved one having cancer, but I know the chances of it happening are SO high that it’s terrifying. The women who have survived breast cancer had a special section just for them with big pink sashes that had “SURVIVOR” printed on them. Throughout the race the volunteers on the sides would cheer extra loud for them, and I teared up every single time and had chills everywhere!

Speaking of the volunteers, they were incredible. If we had these kinds of volunteers at running races we would all PR every time through their energy alone! They were mostly younger teenagers and made the experience really great.

photo 4


one of the volunteers signs!
one of the volunteers signs!

photo 5


photo 2 (4)


Fred Lebow statue wearing a pink boa :)
Fred Lebow statue wearing a pink boa 🙂

It was pretty much the most perfect fall morning. Walking those gigantic hills is so much easier than running them! 😉

I loved this whole experience so much. Walking 5 miles surrounded by powerful and strong women was really exhilarating.

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I raised $150 and will definitely be doing this walk every year!

Have you ever done a breast cancer walk?