Too Much Junk.

Happy Tuesday!! Despite my exhaustion of working 7 days a week right now, I LOVE having Tuesdays off to just teach a class in the morning and then relax, or pick up other classes if needed. I have been reallllllly, really tired the last few days. Blame it on PMS fatigue (again?! ALREADY!!?!!) because I didn’t even do my long run on Sunday morning. Brenda and I had planned to do 10 miles before my spin class, but she forgot her running sneakers at home and I was literally relieved. Just so not into running right now because I’ve gotten so out of the groove the last few months. We ended up walking a few miles and then going back to take my class. I met John for brunch after at a place I saw on a blog last week (can’t remember what blog) where the girl got apple, bacon and eggs benedict ON french toast. Uh yeah, I needed to try that.

photo 4 (13)


This was at The Noho Star which is super cool inside. This dish was admittedly way too rich for me. The combo of the fatty hollandaise sauce, bacon, and super thick french toast left me feeling pretty gross but no regrets. I felt way too full for 6 hours until we finally walked it off. Then, we just dove back in for more fat. John LOVES Asian culture and food and always takes me to cool places that I would never go to on my own. We went to K-Town (Korea Town) which is located near Herald Square (34th street area) and is a street lined with all kinds of Korean BBQ places and other Asian cuisines and bakeries. It’s a really cool area and I highly recommend it if you are visiting for an off-the-beaten path type of NYC experience. He took me to get this crazy purple pork bun that was outrageously delicious and only $2.50!

photo 5 (10)


We then went to a place I’ve wanted to try since we moved here, Bon Chon chicken. They are popular for their organic fried chicken wings with an addicting choice of sauces, either plain soy garlic sauce or spicy soy garlic sauce. I had the spicy wings and John had the non-spicy chicken fingers. They boast their totally non-greasy chicken for a reason.. there was literally not an OUNCE of grease on these.

photo 1 (15)


OMG unreal. They are so good and didn’t hurt my stomach even a little. That’s both a good and bad thing, because now I just want to eat these every day. I somehow think my arteries would prefer if I did not do that. I ate half and took the rest home for the next day… until I ate them in bed as soon as I got home. I got froyo on the way home and also only ate a little and successfully saved the rest for Monday night. Partial win.

Last week, my awesome friend Emily sent me the Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf I was obsessing about a couple of weeks ago that has been sold out! She works for them in Denver and told me as soon as they got it. It’s black with white/gray stripes and is everything I dreamed of. She also sent me some samples of protein powder and face wash and serums that I will post about as soon as possible! She is great. The scarf is on the left, along with an awesome cute mint green bra I picked up on sale there for $19 and a bang busters headband that is everything. I finally became an R&D member which is where Lululemon will give you 15% off your purchases if you are a certified yoga, fitness or dance instructor or a personal trainer. Extremely dangerous, extremely awesome. I am obsessed with their accessories so that’s mostly what you’ll see me spending my discount on. Sorry for the terrible picture below, it was 9 PM and I was falling over from exhaustion.

photo 2 (21)


Monday morning was the exact definition of a Monday. I was up at 4:30 to get to my 6:30 spin class in Brooklyn, and I get up that early to make sure I am a little early in case of train problems. It hasn’t happened yet, but of course it was bound to. Monday it was bound to. It took so long to get to even midtown that I made the executive decision to get out at Bryant Park (42nd st) because the D train was not moving and the F train (the train that takes me to the gym) hadn’t shown up in 30 minutes. I figured I could get a cab easily, but that was not the case. 10 minutes later (that is a long time for a cab) I finally did and the guy hauled ass to Brooklyn. I looked back on the bridge into Brooklyn and had this gorgeous view.

photo 3 (15)

It was not ideal to spend $20 to go teach, but the class was good and of course made it all worth it. To be defeated before 6:30 AM is not even a little normal so I didn’t let it bother me. Just gotta brush your shoulders off and laugh! #WorkingOnIt

Following spin, I worked for over 9 hours then taught another class. Besides my classes, the highlight of my day was my lunch. I walked to my usual salad place and a new Mediterranean place had opened next door that was giving out samples of their falafel. I have never had falafel that i actually liked, it’s always way too dry for me. These were SO good and really small. I got a few and an eggplant pita sandwich with lots of beets, pickles and super spicy tahini sauce.

photo 4 (14)


Dinner after teaching was put together in 2.5 minutes and definitely did not cover most of the food groups.

photo 1 (16)


Piece of a baguette John got me from Amy’s Bread toasted with coconut oil and salt, and my leftover froyo. Please don’t judge, I was out of my apartment from 4:45 AM-9:03 PM. This is where meal prepping is a savior, another thing I’ve been far too tired and busy to do. I was asleep 5 seconds after eating this and up again at 5:30 to teach my 7:30 class. It was AMAZING as it always is. It’s my favorite class of the week! I will post the playlist tomorrow. I foam rolled for awhile before and after because my left hip and glute are in really bad pain the last few days.

photo 2 (22)


I was subbing the 12:15 class so I walked a few blocks to Dumbo Kitchen for breakfast, iced lattes and studying to kill time.

photo 3 (16)


I had 1 over-medium egg, 1 egg white, potatoes with onion and peppers, dry wheat toast, sausage and bacon. I ordered turkey bacon but it was most definitely not. I didn’t eat it because it was insanely greasy but overall the food was good. I also had an iced soy latte and half of an apple cinnamon muffin a little while after. I have to admit- studying is really hard for me. I have complete ADD when it comes to reading things even when it’s of the utmost interest to me, so I am not very far into this yet. It’s also so hard to find the time right now, but I’m going to try harder to make time to study. I walked back to the gym at noon and no one signed up so I made my way to midtown to leave my stuff at my other gym and go for a run. Ya’ll know I HATE to run in the afternoon or night, especially after I’ve eaten, but the sunshine and 65 degree weather was too amazing today.

photo 4 (15)


I also wanted to run to test my hip and glute since I am running the NYC Half this weekend and have basically done no training at all. It isn’t smart to run it, but it was too expensive to not try. I had to stop multiple times in the 45 minutes I was running to stretch and overall I am SO out of running shape. My last few runs have been with Brenda so it always just flies by and we don’t even notice but this was insanely tough. I was probably running 12 minute miles which is exactly why I didn’t turn on my RunKeeper app. Just used my heart rate monitor for the time length and enjoyed the gorgeous day.

I refueled with an almond milk honeydew bubble tea. Understand the title of this post now? It’s been a non-stop junk fest the last few days. Eek!

photo 5 (11)


My plan is to try to run the half this weekend but take it super easy and walk as much as necessary. I made a physical therapy appointment (my 1st one ever!) for next Tuesday after reading about this place on Abby’s blog. If they accept my insurance I will definitely be going but I have to wait for them to contact me back. I’m praying they do because a sports physical therapist is who I need to go to to figure out my constant IT band/hip/knee/foot problems on my left side. Spin class was making it feel better for awhile and now it seems to be irritating it so I want to have them check everything- my running form, if my sneakers are wrong (I’ve been “fit” for wrong sneakers twice before at running stores so I don’t know who to trust!) and if my spin bike form is wrong, too. I just want to be a pain-free athlete! I know they will scold me for the lack of strength training I do, but I swear once this half is over I am aiming for just 2 days a week of strength. It’s going to be hard to fit it in between my classes, but I don’t want to be in pain anymore!

Have you gone to physical therapy or sports therapy? It’s the first doc appointment I’ve ever been excited for!


Happy Friday!!

Can you believe I have another weekend off? 2 in a row? Woop! I am teaching a class Sunday though, which I’m pumped for. Even though this week flew by, I worked a lot of overtime and only worked OUT once, so I’m pretty exhausted. I was just having this conversation with one of my co-workers about how when she works out less, she’s too awake to sleep at night. For me, when I work out less, I’m tired ALL THE TIME. How is it for you guys? I’m so happy we’re leaving January and entering February… the last brutally cold month of the season! (Fingers and toes crossed)

So I’m on a sushi kick this week. Well, as of last night and today. My extremely long day yesterday included no lunch break so by the time I got home I wanted no part of cooking. There’s a chinese/thai/sushi place around the corner from me that has REALLY good sushi and it’s really cheap. No pic but I had the spicy tuna and american dream roll which had shrimp and something else I can’t even remember. I was a zombie eating, okay? Today for lunch my awesome co-worker treated me to sushi and it was delicious! It also comes with a small side salad with the most amazing ginger dressing ever that I dip my sushi in.

photo 3


The roll on the left is the showstopper. Peanuts and avocado! The crunch is amazing. Middle roll is spicy tuna and right is shrimp avocado. YUMMMM. But seriously, get sushi tonight and get a peanut avocado roll.

I went to pick up my paycheck from the gym and stopped by my favorite bubble tea place on earth. It’s my favorite because they have non-dairy milk options! I get the honeydew bubble tea with soy milk and no added sugar (there’s sugar in the powder of course) but next time I will try it with almond milk for even less calories. P.S. the extra income from teaching Spin goes all into my savings account and it’s really nice to be able to save at a faster rate!

photo 2


Favorite snack of the week:

photo 4


(Cold) roasted sweet potato topped with melted coconut oil that turns into a shell. Simple, healthy and outrageously good.

What’s your favorite kind of sushi?

Have you ever had bubble tea? Favorite flavor? I meet so many people who have never had it before! I worked at the bubble tea cafe in my hometown for a few months and drank soooo many of them. It was definitely in my overweight years! They are a great treat once in awhile but definitely high in sugar.

Great People, Great Food.

Last night to get away from the stress of the holiday season, a bunch of my co-workers (and former co-workers) met up for dinner at a real Chinese restaurant on the Lower East Side called Congee Village. The place is really awesome inside with multiple floors and can seat big parties.

photo 4 (1)


The table has a glass circular set-up that spins so you can serve yourself buffet style right at the table. We let our asian friends do the ordering and everything was so, so good. I love chinese food, but I’ve truly only had americanized versions like general tso chicken. I can’t name everything but here are just some of the dishes we shared.

pork belly over preserved vegetables
pork belly over preserved vegetables
The green is bok choy I believe (sauteed) and the red-ish circular things are lotus roots
The green is bok choy I believe (sauteed) and the red-ish circular things are lotus roots

photo 5

One of my plates
One of my plates

I love the idea of ordering a bunch of dishes and sharing them, plus the small plates made it easier to not overeat. Usually when I eat chinese food I eat WAY too much and feel sick. I had multiple of these small plates but left feeling just a little full, not crazy. Everything was crazy good and my company was even better!

Meina & Angel! Former co-workers. We miss you!
Meina & Angel! Former co-workers. We miss you!


Erman, me & Sharde
Erman, me & Sharde
My giiiiirl
My giiiiirl


The whole gang of Chanel!
The whole gang of Chanel!

My co-worker Celine brought her husband and cutest daughter Olivia with us. We had so much fun with her!

how cute is she?!!
how cute is she?!!

After dinner we went to get bubble tea. Bubble tea is one of my favorite things EVER, however I can’t drink the milk tea anymore because of my dairy issues. I ordered just a plain black iced with half the sugar and lychee jelly. It was good, but nowhere as good as the milk black. Hopefully they will start to make it with soy someday?!

photo 1 (2)


photo 3 (2)


Love this girl! She's gorgeous!
Love this girl! She’s gorgeous!

It felt good to be out laughing and having a good time. I definitely do not do it often enough these days!

Have you ever had authentic Chinese food?

If you like bubble tea, what do you order? My 2 favorites of all time are coconut milk black with honey instead of sugar and honeydew milk black! Mmmmmm I miss you, dairy.