Food with a side of love

Some people want flowers or a ring for their anniversary. Some people expect those things. I may be high-maintanence in some aspects, but when it comes to making me happy and loved, I’m easy. A reminiscent dinner at one of our favorite pub’s in the city, Keens Steakhouse, was planned for our anniversary dinner. Their delicious burger and fabulous, old-school vibe kept us coming back every trip we’d make to NYC. Last night we knew it would be packed due to a football game (that famous team in my city…)so we decided on another restaurant that houses many memories for us- try not to laugh- Ruby Tuesdays. When we first started dating, we ate there literally every weekend and sometimes throughout the week. We fell in love over those dinners and it felt only right to revisit in the city we continue to fall in love with more each day (both the city and each other 🙂

I constantly rip on people who visit NYC and dine at chain restaurants when there are millions of unique restaurants to be tried! But since we are now residents of the city, we are pardoned from that judgement, at least for last night…

Just as I remembered it: amazing salad bar to start. Spinach, broccoli, cukes, tomatoes, peas, honey mustard and mayo-based salads that I never indulge in all filled my plate. Not to mention, the best croutons I’ve ever tasted! They were dark brown, crunchy yet incredibly buttery and soft on the inside. Holy crouton.

I was craving red meat so bad but unfortunately cannot have it without being borderline hospitalized in pain. A turkey burger with sweet potato fries it was. The bun got tossed and so did the mayo covered lettuce & tomato. A true reminder why I don’t eat at chain restaurants; however, they have really amped up their healthy side choices compared to most others!

Not that any of you needed a restaurant review of a well-known place, but it was bound to happen; I die to talk/write about food 😉

Most importantly, we had a great time together and a trip down our hilarious memory lane. So many times throughout dinner we couldn’t stop talking about how happy we are, what we have overcome and the life we have built together over 6 years. Some people spend their lives being excited to get married; me on the other hand, spent my life being excited to live with someone and have tons of adventures with that person. To buy furniture, always come home to someone, share every embarassing bathroom moment with and create a life together that doesn’t have to include marriage and babies (yuck). To reflect back over 6 years with the same person who loves me throughout all I have put him through (that could start a whoooole new blog ha) was amazing and I feel so so lucky to have him! 🙂

Sorry for the mushiness today! Later on I can write about how sore my calves/thighs and booty hurt after Jillian Michaels kicked me in the ass this morning, along with my first outdoor winter run! (I survived- and liked it!)