9+1= DONE!

What started out as a worrisome, anxiety-ridden weekend turned out to be a great one! I went to sleep literally crying Friday night, telling John that I really did not think I could run the race Saturday morning. I was still in a lot of pain and very swollen. We kept my leg elevated for a couple hours while we watched TV and I just went to sleep hoping for the best. I was basically planning on getting out of bed, wincing in pain, crying myself back to sleep and hibernating until this morning. Thanks to my guardian angel, I woke up Saturday with close to no pain and walking didn’t hurt at all!

I still wouldn’t know for sure if I could finish the whole race but I was definitely going to try. I foam rolled, grabbed a coffee and water, and got a cab to the start line. Usually races in Central Park start near the 72nd transverse which is very easy to get to on both the west and east sides, but this started way over on 102nd and 5th Ave. NOT easy for me to get to, so I splurged on a cab. It was absolutely freezing. 20-ish degrees, wind chill definitely made it feel closer to 10 degrees. This is what I love about runners; we all know we’re completely crazy but it feels so right.

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We chose this over being in our warm beds.

This race was probably my favorite of all 9 races I completed. Sure, I PR’d big time at the Staten Island half marathon after running a half the weekend before and a 10 miler the weekend before that. But this one showed me just how strong I really am, both physically and mentally. I haven’t been running much at all the last month and a half so 9.3 miles would have been tough even without injuring my calf. Mentally and emotionally I wish I could share with you just how drained I really am. The things going on in my personal life are pretty much awful and drained doesn’t even touch on what it makes me feel. Hurting my calf was more than just a setback, it was seriously crushing to me. I worked so hard these last few months to qualify for next year and running helped me deal with all that is going on. If it weren’t for running in the mornings, I would not have been able to get out of bed due to sheer soul-crushing depression. I thought about all of that and imagined leaving it all out there on the road with every passing mile. Running these races were the only things I could control this year and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be running. Frozen feet and frozen hands included. 🙂

It snowed the whole race and was so beautiful. It felt like no time had passed at all before we reached the 9 mile mark.

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And of course the most supportive and loving person in my life, John, was at the finish line freezing his butt off to be there for me, and to be my photographer.

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9.3 miles in 1:45:46, 11:20 pace. Pretty darn good for multiple walks, stretches & a calf strain!

Brunch afterwards with John, Brenda and Eddie. All I wanted was a fat-ass breakfast of REAL pancakes, eggs, bacon and toast. Crushed it.

LOVE the Ted Corbitt 15K shirt from the race!
LOVE the Ted Corbitt 15K shirt from the race!

Officially have guaranteed entry to the 2014 NYC Marathon!!!!!!!!!!