Comedian + MORE SPIN

Happy Saturday people! I hope you’re outside enjoying the sunny, warm weather (if you’re in NY) and not stuck in your office all day like me. I would literally do anything to just spend today walking around the city and Central Park, especially since this week it’s going back into shitty weather. I really pray that this is the last couple of weeks of cold.

So I had a super good week full of possible opportunities that I can’t say anything about right now, just keep positive thoughts for me if you can 🙂 On Thursday night, I was invited to a fashion show for Brooks at City Sports, but couldn’t get there until it had already been going on for an hour.

photo 1 (1)

We missed the actual fashion part of it but I REALLY wanted to try to find a pair of Brooks that I actually liked. I’m trying so hard to be able to run in Brooks… not for any reason really other than Mizuno discontinues the shoes that always are amazing for me and doesn’t replace them with ones that are ACTUALLY comparable. I tried the Pure Project line and none of them feel right, along with the Ravenna’s. I’m running in the Elixir 8’s now and they had 1 pair in my size left in the blue color (I have the pink now) super discounted so I grabbed those. I felt bad buying Mizuno’s at a Brooks event, but you have to run in what’s right for you! They did give us cool swag bags that have little travel bags and a super cool glass water bottle.

While we were inside the store I saw this man who looked just like Jeffrey Gurian, a comedian that we’ve seen on Kroll Show and I KNEW it was him. He’s pretty hard to miss. He was walking to his car when we left and at the last minute I ran over and knocked on his window because I just had to know if it really was him. And it was! He was SO SO SO nice! I’ve met quite a few celebrities living here and he is by far the nicest one. I’m sure he doesn’t get stopped a whole lot, but the man is amazing. Check out all the work he’s done!

photo 4

It was one of those awesome, super random nights you only have in NYC. Love it.

A couple good eats from the week:

photo 2 (1)

This was a day-before-pay-day broke as a joke dinner which was leftover stir fry veggies with a fried egg and hot sauce/honey mustard. Super good though and it’s dinners like these that I need to keep eating in lieu of take out or cereal because I’m lazy. Light, fast and healthy!

photo 4 (1)

This. This was amazing. I’m so obsessed with chai tea latte’s but avoid them because of the sugar, but when I saw this Spiru-tein chai latte dairy-free protein powder I had to grab it. I tried some with just almond milk and it’s not that great alone but I mixed up this little ice cream bowl and it was SO good.

  • 1/2 scoop Spiru-tein chai latte protein powder
  • 1.5 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 tsp loose-leaf chai tea
  • Stevia to taste
  • 5-6 ice cubes

Blend all together and stuck in the freezer for awhile, topped with dairy-free mini chocolate chips (I truly love these more than regular choc chips!) and PB. Yaaaaaaaaas! Now that I’m teaching a lot of classes a week, I’m going to up my protein a little for recovery and since I don’t like to eat a lot of meat (read: can’t afford to) I’m bringing back some dairy-free protein powders just to use like this at night.

As for the more spin topic of this post, I am going to be teaching at another studio! I met with the owner of NuYu Revolution, Susan Rappaport, about a month ago and I finally got to take a class with her yesterday morning and the concept of her very small spin/yoga/pilates space is wonderful; the class sizes are never larger than 10-11 people, so it’s a very personal experience. She knows your name, your fitness level, and what she needs to do to get you to come in and get your workouts in. You join her gym when you need someone who WILL call you if she notices that you have skipped a few workouts. I absolutely love it and really hope it’s a place I can grow with. I will be teaching there Sunday early evenings and Monday nights. That means with my classes at 24 Hour Fitness, The Fitness Guru and NuYu, I will be teaching 7 classes between Sundays-Tuesdays! Along with half marathon training, I’m overwhelmed in the best way possible! 🙂

Who’s your favorite comedian?

I don’t think I’ve ever asked this- have you ever taken a spin class? Love it or hate it?

Best Pizza Award.

Before we get into the seriousness of this post (yes, I take pizza VERY seriously) I’d just like to share some other food and fun things I’ve done this week! I love that it’s already Thursday. 1 more work day to go before I have a full week off!

After my 9 day hiatus (besides a ridiculous 10 min run that was awful Tuesday) I was back to the streets yesterday morning for an amazing 5 mile run. Fall in NYC doesn’t last very long, but the trees have finally changed in the park and it was beautiful.

photo 5

photo 1 (4)

I had major right hip flexor pain like I did in my last 2 races. It hurts so bad that it’s difficult to even walk afterwards because of the up motion of your hips when raising your legs to walk. I foam rolled it and kept just lifting it while standing and it helped but it’s still lingering. Why is it always some kind of pain while running? Comes with the territory, I guess! However, I have been wearing my current sneakers for almost 5 months and I think they have reached their mileage capacity. I’m not a high mileage runner by any means, but I’ve put probably close to 400 miles on them plus walked around in them a lot. I’ve been clinging to them for dear life for too many weeks now, but finally made myself throw them out yesterday at the gym. I have 2 new pairs at home but they aren’t Elixir 7’s 😦 I guess I’ll have to get over it and see which ones I like better!

RIP sneaks. I loved you. Until you got a hole in my toe box.
RIP sneaks. I loved you. Until you got a hole in my toe box.

Besides being well rested, my run was well fueled from my Tuesday night dinner. I rarely get a craving for pasta but when I do, I need to quench it immediately or I get violent. Whole wheat pasta always kills my stomach, so I had John make me some plain spiral pasta. He cooked it ‘al dente’ ’cause he’s fancy like that (he told me this method makes you feel full longer?) and then after he drained it I sprayed it with coconut oil spray in place of butter, then drowned it in garlic powder and parm cheese. I added a jalapeno chicken sausage for some protein. One of the best dinners ever! 

photo 4 (1)

This is a really good soup I’ve been having for a fast and easy lunch since I’ve had negative zero motivation to meal prep.

photo 1 (3)

These were on sale and this was the only one that didn’t have any corn in it. It’s pretty good! Only 200 calories for the container so I usually pair it with some Popchips or something extra.

Okay, let’s get into this pizza business. Last night John and I ventured to Brooklyn to see one of our favorite comedians, Rob Delaney, for part of his book tour. It was free and just at a large independent bookstore which is so Brooklyn. Love it. He has been rated the funniest person on Twitter, and we love him because he’s so raunchy and inappropriate.

photo 1 (1)

Not bad on the eyes either 😉 We were only there for about 45 minutes and then we realized Grimaldi’s was about a 3 minute walk away. It’s one of the most famous pizza places in NYC and we have never been which is really shocking in itself. I can say now that it was well worth the wait and we lucked out with no actual wait line!

Grimaldi's was Frank Sinatras favorite pizza!
Grimaldi’s was Frank Sinatras favorite pizza!

photo 3 (2)

I heard angels sing when this appeared on the table.
I heard angels sing when this appeared on the table.

Our other favorite pizza is Patsy’s so we were comparing this to theirs and the only thing that bothered me is that this had a lot more cheese. If I handled cheese okay, this would be the #1 reason this pizza was better than Patsy’s, but since I can’t I had to pick off a lot more. Full disclosure is that I didn’t really care about the consequences and ate more bites of cheese than I should have. YOLO.

While Patsy’s sauce is more flavorful, this was just so freaking amazing. The crust was perfection. The perfect ratio of crispy while also being doughy. The cheese was salty and there were lots of herbs and cooked basil throughout the slices. Hello, lover.

So I can now say that if you are visiting NYC you must hit up at least 1 of the 2 best pizza places, either Grimaldi’s or Patsy’s. There is a Grimaldi’s in Manhattan that’s within a little shopping center (which happens to be in an old church that was also once a nightclub…?) so we are going to check them out and see if it’s as delicious as it’s original location in Brooklyn.

I literally live and run for pizza. Can someone design me a tattoo that incorporates something to do with running and pizza? Do it and I’ll get it.

What is your favorite pizza ever? 

If you’ve had NYC pizza, what is your favorite here?

Food Hates Me.

What a sad title! Well that’s what my conclusion is. My over-dramatic conclusion when it comes to my never ending stomach issues. I’m in a constant state of trying to be consistent with what I eat so as to not disturb my stomach and leave me constipated for weeks (yep. That’s the kind of IBS I have.) with terrible cramps, heart burn and nausea. The amount of toxins that get trapped in your body when you can’t go to the bathroom? Hello feeling like a huge pile of… well, what won’t come out of me. Sorry to be graphic, but it’s a pretty awful thing to go through. I know I’ve mentioned it on here but it’s something I’ve suffered with since I was born and was always told it’s just IBS, and there are different forms of it. No one ever seemed too worry when I couldn’t go to the bathroom for weeks at a time and my stomach was bloated and hard like I was pregnant. Well the last year it’s been bad, a lot. And now that almost everything I eat seems to bother me, I have to get it under control and see what’s really going on in there. I have an appointment next week for a GI doctor and I’m pretty excited (that’s sad.)

I think I’ve at least narrowed it down to the conclusion that I have become lactose intolerant. Over the last few weeks, I’ve cut out dairy a lot. No more whey protein in my oatmeal every morning, no greek yogurt, much less cheese. Then I added it back in a little bit. And my stomach went berzerk! I’m more sad about the greek yogurt than anything else. I’m going to still try and see if I have some earlier in the day if I can be okay. I had it later at night when I tried it and so it could have been a combination of anything else I ate that day.

That means a lot less of these guys:


I say less because let’s be real; I’m still gonna eat froyo sometimes. It’s worth the pain once in awhile.

I’ve been trying to switch up what I eat a little. Some based on my stomach issues, some based on boredom. I will never give up my beloved oatmeal, but making it at work in a tupperware container (for 2+ years now, not same container but in general!) has been just grossing me out lately. When I make it at home, it’s glorious and looks like this:

oats, wheat bran, egg whites, banana, chia seeds cooked and topped with pb, flax cereal & raw cacao coconut butter :)
oats, wheat bran, egg whites, banana, chia seeds cooked and topped with pb, flax cereal & raw cacao coconut butter 🙂

But in an attempt to switch it up, I tried a diced up sweet potato cooked in coconut oil & cinnamon, with 6 scrambled egg whites and crunchy peanut butter as an alternative. Banana and iced coffee not pictured.

photo (5)


It was so good! But didn’t fill me up like oatmeal does. Ugh.

Clean snacks like this have treated my insides okay:

Sodium-free rice cake with crunchy PB and banana
Sodium-free rice cake with crunchy PB and banana

Generally my afternoon snackage is a greek yogurt, which I am going to try and add back in. Chobani recently told me on Allie’s Instragram that CHO is 95% lactose free! And lactose is the part that drives my intestines crazy.

Hmmm what else makes me happy? This dude:

Small drink, big guy
Small drink, big guy

We have fun. We eat a looooot. Probably too much, but it makes us happy so whatever! This was at Momofuku, devouring ramen bowls and him devouring a way-too-small-for-a-man glass of some weird alcohol slushie. Yick.

Oh! We saw one of our favorite comedians Saturday night do a hilarious improv show. Nick Kroll. Such a funny dude. Improv (with the right comedians) is a delightful way to spend a night.

photo (7)


Check him out!

Alright, I’m coming at you guys with a few new things so stay tuned. Probably next week since I know most of you get to enjoy July 4th and the weekend. Not when you work in the fashion retail world, ya don’t. Have a hot-dog for me, ya’ll.

Do any foods hate you?

Better question..what foods do YOU hate? I am not picky at all but I hate steak/any form of red meat besides burgers which I can’t eat anyways. I also recently realized I hate spinach. I somehow have managed to choke it down the last couple years, but no more. Maybe juiced or blended in a smoothie sometimes. Eat what you love!