Ahhhh I am sorry for being MIA again! I had the last week off from work and had a few small fun trips planned with John to spend time with friends and family. We had a really great time and about 10 pounds extra to show for it. That is not an exaggeration either. Vacation = food, food, food. But now I need to really get my butt in gear and back in shape! This post is going to be long and picture over load, just as an FYI, but that isn’t much different than most of my posts 😉

Our first stop last weekend was to go upstate to see our families. Saturday I got in first and John a little later so we could each spend only $1 on our bus tickets. Megabus for the win. I waited at this new coffee shop in downtown Binghamton that I was SO impressed by. Seriously why did this not exist when I still lived there? Brewed Awakenings is huge and so, so cheap compared to NYC coffee shops. $4 for a huge iced soy coffee and pumpkin muffin. You’re lucky to find just an iced coffee for under $4 in NYC!

photo 3 (4)


photo 1 (5)

portions = huge. barely finished the top of the muffin before i was stuffed!
portions = huge. barely finished the top of the muffin before i was stuffed!

My brother then picked me up in style. He drives for my Uncle’s limo company and had just finished a wedding near where I was.

photo 4 (4)

The rest of Saturday included going to a Binghamton Senators hockey game with some great family friends. I don’t like sports much but hockey is pretty cool to watch, and we ended up having a blast. Plus they have great pretzels.

Amanda and I!
Amanda and I!
My mom, Joyce, Me and Sam!
My mom, Joyce, Me and Sam!

Pretzel. My half is the mustard covered one. John gets the much smaller side ;-)
Pretzel. My half is the mustard covered one. John gets the much smaller side 😉

Sunday morning was spent watching TV and drinking coffee in bed with my brother and John. That sounds really weird, I know, but it’s actually the greatest thing ever. My favorite guys!

photo 4 (5)


Then John and I went to spend the rest of the day and night with his mom. We stopped at Texas Roadhouse for lunch, did some shopping, then went back to her house and proceeded to eat half a pan of apple cobbler. Not a joke. It is the best dessert I’ve ever tasted.


Monday morning I ran 4 miles and walked 3 with John and his mom’s dog Lola. It was freezing but felt good to work off some of that cobbler! John got a new fancy camera so these next few pictures will actually be enjoyable to look at, unlike my awful iPhone pictures.


Before we left Monday night, John’s mom made us pasta and we polished off the rest of the cobbler with no shame.

WW rotini, a little I can't Believe It's Not Butter, parm cheese and steamed veggies
WW rotini, a little I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, parm cheese and steamed veggies


I am going to attempt to recreate that cobbler on Thanksgiving!

We got back to the city late Monday night, slept in Tuesday and then I had a dentist appointment. We got a really early dinner and spent the rest of the night shopping before coming home to pack for our overnight to Boston. I will post about Boston tomorrow since I have overloaded you with pictures today and mostly because the food in Boston deserves its’ own separate post!


Thankful for New Traditions

As expected, this Thanksgiving was a little hard to get through. First year without going upstate to be with my family, and first year without my grandma. Those firsts creep up on us and anyway you slice it they are just tough. Luckily I have a wonderful second family here in NYC that made sure we had a great time despite not being able to be with our families.

Wednesday morning started with a great workout. Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Level 2 and a 3 mile run/walk. I was so sore from all the squats and lunges that I had to take walk breaks through that run. SUCH a wuss! Speaking of Jillian Michaels- she came into my store today and no one called me until she had left. We aren’t supposed to act like we know who they are if celebrities come in, but still?! I don’t think I could have contained myself! Girl is my idol 🙂

After working all day, we got ready and headed to my fabulous co-workers apartment where she put on a big dinner for us.

all dolled up!

With how crappy I’ve been feeling about myself lately, I really have to remind myself that getting dressed up and putting on makeup makes such a huge difference with how you feel. I love fashion and feeling beautiful, and that gets lost upon me when I feel so bad about my body like I have lately. Yes, I’ve gained weight that I am struggling to lose, but with my clothes that do still fit I should be rocking them right? So that I did. (Black pleated dress from Forever 21, Leather jacket is Elle brand, red tights from Forever 21, black ankle boots from random store in NYC, spike necklace from H&M, snaked bracelet from H&M, huge ring & earrings from Forever 21. AKA cheapest shopper ever)

beautiful dinner set up!

We had lasagna, salad, asparagus, potatoes and some rolls plus the really important food groups of Grey Goose and champagne 🙂 Which led to us dancing and singing our asses off. SUCH a fun night!

best friend and I


my gorgeous co-worker Christine!
the lovely ladies I work with!

Thanksgiving day I bypassed a hangover which literally never happens to me, I usually get a hangover from just 2 drinks! But I walked around all afternoon until Brenda got out of work, and we headed to a diner to get some food. It wasn’t turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, rolls, or any of my favorite Thanksgiving type of foods, but it was 2 of my favorite foods of all time.

eggs and french fries, covered in hot sauce.

Our night ended at my apartment, stuffing our faces with snacks.


Funny thing is we had planned on going wild and eating anything we wanted all night, but this was what we grabbed at Duane Reade and both still got stomach aches ha!

I had a few cries and really missed my grandma badly, but I know that these new traditions of spending Thanksgiving with the new families you create when you move away from home will get easier. I am super thankful that I have made great friends here!

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you spend it with family or friends?

feeling better & fiber

I let myself have the rest of yesterday to mope and feel sad, because far too often I don’t deal with my feelings right away. I dragged my butt to the gym after work and had a great 3 mile run that I wanted no part of, but I knew it would change my mood. It did! I realized after 1.5 miles that I had not worn deodorant all day. I sweat a LOT when I work out, but I never smell. This is good because I forget to wear deodorant quite frequently. Oops! Plus I got to tan again. Save me the cancer talk on tanning if you know what’s good for you 😉 I came home to John being a sweetheart and holding me forever. If you need a 20 minute hug while you cry like a crazy person, he is the right man. I got right into bed and he rubbed my back til I fell asleep. He is wonderful, in case you were wondering. I was up a few times in the night and felt sick, but woke up this morning feeling MUCH better! This week was more important to sleep and let the depression get out of my body rather than forcing myself to the gym at 5 AM. I was craving a big cold smoothie-in-a-bowl rather than oatmeal this morning (I knew I was going to eat oatmeal for lunch!) so I made one. Before:

frozen spinach, protein powder, frozen strawberries & frozen bloobs& unsweetened vanilla almond milk.


topped with fiber 1 twigs & crunchy peanut buttah

No coffee this morning, just a gallon of ice cold water 🙂 Caitlin met me at my apartment so we could walk to work this morning. It’s October and we were sweating. NYC weather is SO different than upstate, and it’s only 3 hours away from each other!

I didn’t take pictures of my food yesterday because I was thinking it was going to be a full-on calorie overload day again and I didn’t want the reminder. I have a very all-or-nothing mentality and I am working hard to get rid of that. I am proud to say, I took control and was only at about 1600 calories by last night after my run. I can eat more than that and maintain, but I needed a deficit after the days prior. I didn’t get hungry til about 10 AM at work yesterday thanks to my 2 AM meal, so I had a pumpernickel bagel with egg whites, bacon and cheese. I literally haven’t eaten a bagel on a weekday in over a year. Bagels to me are a lot of calories when I could have a 100 calorie sandwich thin and be fine. It was GOOD. I hadn’t brought food with me because I didn’t have my head on straight yesterday morning, so luckily our building has a cafe in it and the guys who run it are amazing. They have tons of healthy options and let us put our food and drinks on a tab if we want. I got a grilled chicken salad and a cup of BUTTERNUT SQUASH & APPLE SOUP. The best soup I’ve ever had. It was so comforting with how I was feeling and it was a really rainy day. I was full for the rest of the day so no snacks, and I was able to run with limited stomach pain. I’m used to running on an empty stomach so I knew it would hurt a little.

After the gym I had a quick protein shake. I wasn’t hungry, but a protein shake is fast and mine are less than 110 calories. I prayed I would wake up and feel at least a little better, and I definitely do. I decided to go upstate to see my family this weekend because they can make me feel awesome again 🙂 So I’m headed upstate tomorrow night! I always plan out the foods I want/need to eat while I’m there, and for some reason I am craving the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday more than anything in the world. So completely random. Mom, I know you’re reading this so if you’re feeling better Saturday, we have a Ruby Tuesday date where I will embarrass you by eating 8 plates of salad. My best friend Brenda (and Rob!) are upstate this weekend too, and even though we all live in NYC we never get a chance to see each other 😦 I’m planning on some nice chilly fall runs outside, snuggling with my grandma, and just enjoying my family and friends. Unfortunately John and I never get a chance to go upstate together because he works weekends. We are both really close to each others families, so it’s hard not going together.
Mid-morning today I had 3 egg whites and Trader Joe’s spicy pico de gallo and guacamole on a whole wheat sandwich thin. There may or may not have been a tiny bit of mold on the thin, but I picked it off and it was in the fridge overnight so I should be fine 😉

I had mentioned that espresso sounded so good, and for once I didn’t actually NEED it. 2 minutes later, my boss comes up and gives me an espresso shot and a nespresso chocolate that you eat as you sip the shot. He ROCKS! 🙂

Lunch time came and I had an oatmeal mess in the fridge that I hadn’t eaten the other morning, but I was really craving veggies. I had to pick up cinnamon at the grocery store on my break (I put cinnamon on basically everything), so I got some beets and red peppers along with my oatmeal. Great combo!

I LOVE my hot oatmeal mess in the mornings but my smoothie was so delicious this morning, and then my egg sandwich snack..  I feel like I’ve been eating breakfast all day. That is my ideal meal plan.

Tonight is possibly yoga, and my body could really use some good stretching. I am CRAZY sore from kickboxing still! I think some yoga and compression socks tonight will be good so I can run 5 miles tomorrow morning. The class is 7:45-8:45 which when you’re a crazy 5 AM runner it’s very late and could interfere with my dinner eating. We can’t have that! I’m craving “pasta” for dinner. I say pasta in quotes because I don’t like pasta at all, but I love the sauce and parm cheese. So my pasta is steamed broccoli and a chicken burger cut up with sauce and parmesean cheese! I think I’ll have a big salad monster on the side to ensure my fiber intake for the day is 2000 grams. Seriously, I should NOT have the stomach issues I do with how much fiber goes in my body. It apparently likes me so much it decides to stick around for days. Feel free to send sympathy cards to John as he deals directly with my gas but still loves me 🙂

stay true to yourself

Had an amazing, relaxing weekend with my AMAZING family upstate! I am so beyond blessed to have the family that I have. They do not make it easy to leave, even after 6 months of living in NYC. They also do not make it easy to button my skinny jeans as they love to stuff me with food 😉 Here’s the weekend re-cap in pictures:

leaving NYC..3 bags for 2 days. the usual!

{Insert fastest 5 mile run I’ve done Saturday morning.. 5 miles in 43:21, 8:39/pace!! 🙂 }

post-run refuel.. turkey, egg whites, ketchup, JALAPENO SUNCHIPS ❤


Special K blueberry, frozen blueberries, Silk light vanilla milk
salad & pizza.. my favorite meal EVER!
my momma and i!
daddy and i!
making my grama breakfast.. pumpkin oatmeal pancakes 🙂
salad w/ turkey pastrami and FULL-FAT RANCH DRESSING! indulgence ❤
veggie burger on multi-grain roll, tomatoes with miracle whip (YUM!)
mom loved my veggie burgers!
sorry for how pretty i am after working out! 😉

pumpkin farm!
favorite thing in life... pumpkins!
gramas pulled pork on a salad beast w/ light 1000 island.. nom nom


upstate classic for fall.. Cider Mill ❤
3 ingredient pumpkin muffins with pumpkin butter.. ahhh

Everything about this weekend was so fall… except for the weather, it was unusually hot for this time of year. It felt SO great to indulge and eat delicious food with the people I love the most. My family brings out my best, and reminds me to stay true to yourself. I miss them already!