Happy Friday! (+YAY!)

Thank you guys so much for all the sweet comments on my Anniversary post! I’m glad you enjoyed the picture sequence and didn’t find my post too mushy 😉

As you know since I work in retail, Friday’s don’t mean the end of a work week for me but I do have Sunday off so that is something to celebrate! John is going upstate tonight to spend the weekend with his mom for her birthday and I am so bummed I can’t go. But alas, I have to work tomorrow. So that means I will be spending this evening going to hot yoga again AND tomorrow evening too! I will be eating my weekend pizza alone and that’s sad, but it does mean I get to watch all the Kardashians I want without John trying to suffocate me 🙂 Anywho, let’s go over some week highlights besides my lovely anniversary!

I actually forgot to post this but I had the best turkey burger of my life last Sunday night at Sullivan Bistro. It was topped with onions and blue cheese and the fries were unlike any I’ve had before. SUPER thin and crispy with sauteed onions throughout them. I have a serious love affair with onions and it’s probably why I don’t have many friends. Trust me, it’s worth it.

photo 1 (1)

I also received my new sneakers that I got for $15 on Amazon! That’s only because I traded in a textbook but so cool right? I actually had these last year but sent them back after not liking how much mesh there was but I REALLY have not been loving the Wave Precision 13’s I’ve been wearing at all. These are the Wave Elixir 8’s and they feel ALMOST as great as my precious 7’s.

 photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

Yep, still wearing shorts on any day above 39 degrees. So far they feel really good but my left foot is still feeling really wonky and overall I am out of running shape. My pace has been faster than it was in the summer/fall but everything feels hard. So much for “staying in half marathon shape” after all my fall races!

So on my lovely anniversary date when we went to get coffee after dinner, I treated myself and ordered a chai tea latte instead of just a normal coffee. I COMPLETELY forgot to order it with soy milk and drank the whole thing without realizing my mistake. I was up most of the night Wednesday and in pain all day and night with some of the worst stomach pains of my life, thanks to the dairy milk and also partially from the sugar since I never drink things like that. I can’t believe how sensitive I am to it now!

Besides my stomach pain, I taught a great spin class last night and was so happy when one of the students told me she was brand new to the gym and it would be her first class. I can proudly say that I made her feel comfortable and she stuck through a little more than half of the class before leaving, which I told her she could do. I would have loved for her to stay on the bike even if she couldn’t keep pedaling, which I also told her she could do, but I also know that other students would have been looking at her wondering why she wasn’t pedaling so the option to leave really helped her. I smiled at her a bunch of times during class and I REALLY hope I made an impact on her to come back! I will truly never teach a class where I intimidate or call people out. What is the point? We’re all there for a purpose but the main thing needs to be to have fun! And to feel motivated without someone screaming orders at you. I think I really deliver that. Jeesh, I just want to teach all day!! 🙂

Oh and my pre-workout fuel before spin was amazing. I watched the first two episodes of this season’s GIRLS (available for free here!) while chowing down on a bowl of banana oats with Biscoff, a splash of almond milk, and a tiny bit of crumbled carrot cake from my anniversary.

photo 5 (4)

photo 1

Perrrfect. We ended up throwing the rest of the cake away because the frosting was just TOO much.

And I began my day with a very chilly 3.7 mile run in Central Park. I underdressed for the first time during a winter run and it’s NOT fun. My ears were so cold and my sinuses are going to bug me all day now. I also got back to the gym to no hot water, so I had to take a cold shower. It was pretty awful, but what can ya do?!

The cold sucks but this sunrise does not.
The cold sucks but this sunrise does not.

And to save the best for last…

photo 4

I GOT INTO THE NYC HALF MARATHON!!!!!!!! They reopened the lottery and I got in this round!!! It was completely a surprise because I had forgotten all about it, then I saw someone post about it on Instagram and quickly logged on to my NYRR account and boom! Boom to my credit card too, because I wasn’t ready for that expense 😉 It’s the priciest race I’ve done so far ($117) but I am SO EXCITED!! Running through Times Square with no tourists around is going to be ahhhmazing. 

What has your week looked like?

Friday night plans?

So Whiny.

I need about 24 hours to just sleep. To have NO plans, nowhere to be, and to just be in my bed sleeping, resting and catching up on the 4 seasons of Breaking Bad that we’re behind on. (seriously, we’re only 5 episodes in on Season 1. I had never heard of it being such a great show until this year so I never put thought into watching it) I literally NEVER get to do this anymore and one of them is my own fault. On my days off, which are not consecutive days off 95% of the time, I COULD choose to lay in bed all day, but knowing I have to go back to work the next day means I want to be productive. It’s a vicious cycle because now I am so behind on sleep and relaxing and I can’t stand feeling like this. I am the grumpiest, moodiest, most awful person to be around when I lack sleep. So it comes as no surprise to me that this morning I overslept by an hour and ended up having to cut my run short (only 9.5 instead of 11 which isn’t a huge deal, but if you’ve trained for a half marathon then you know… that 1.5 miles feels like 100). My stomach was off (due to lack of sleep) and I was just so exhausted I wanted to scream. The fact that I pushed myself to run at all feeling this way is a sign that I have gained mental strength!

Last night we started my carb-loading off the way we always do: pizza and froyo. Here’s what the delicious pizza looked like:

photo 2


Here’s what it looks like when you’re lactose intolerant:

photo 3


You may wonder why the hell I still bother to eat it like this but honestly, the dough and sauce are the best parts to me! Not to mention how many calories I save by taking the cheese off. I also get a side of marinara or spaghetti sauce to dip. It’s reeeeaaallll good, but yes- I do miss the cheese a little.

Froyo time at my new favorite froyo place. Orange Leaf is the bomb.com!

photo 4

Isn’t it awesome that I match the wall? I’m pretty pumped that they already had pumpkin and gingerbread flavors out!!! I got both topped with nilla wafers, graham crackers, shredded coconut and Nutella. Byyyyyyyye.

Woke up an hour late so rushed around and had my half a banana with vanilla almond butter and coffee to go.

photo 5


It took me an hour to get to my gym because early morning weekend train schedules? FUGGEDABOUTIT! I was SO tempted to just go back up the stairs and back to bed, but I somehow stuck around for the 35 minutes waiting for the A train to arrive.

It was muggy out, I felt dehydrated, my stomach was pukey but also growling (WHY does it do that) but finally I made it to 9.5 miles.

photo (2)

I had exactly 15 minutes to be showered and ready to go to work to begin my 12 hour day. On a Saturday. YEP, so fun.

Clearly not the best day and just in its entirety, this week sucked. Go easy on me upcoming week, can ya?

Hope you’re having much better days that involve a great workout, good food and not working! 🙂