If Monday Were a Person…

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This has had me dying laughing all morning. What a Monday already and it’s only noon. As usual, I haven’t been getting more than 5 hours of sleep the last few nights for the sake of getting up early to workout and practice some cycle routines since- did I even mention this?! – I got the job I auditioned for last month! I still haven’t taught yet because the process is taking awhile to get started, but I want to feel prepared so I have been trying to fit in at least 20 minutes of practicing a few songs in the cycle room. Anyways, I get on the subway at 5:45 this morning and sit down across from someone (not even sure if it was a man or woman because they had a huge jacket with the hood on and something covering most of their face) who I quickly realized was smoking something. I’ve never actually seen someone smoke on the subway but have always wondered why it isn’t more prevalent, especially because I live far up in Manhattan and it takes awhile to get to the more crowded areas. Another guy gets on, smells it too and yells, “OHHH HELLLL NOOOO! YOU SMOKIN’ CRACK! WHAT THE F**K MAN THATS CRACK YOU CAN’T SMOKE THAT SHIT ON A TRAIN!” I look at the person smoking with panic/horror on my face and they look at me the same. For some reason this morning the train was relatively crowded for being that early and everyone on that cart was basically passed out or near it. I threw my scarf over my face and basically ran to the opposite end of the cart so I could switch carts at the next stop. The smell wasn’t cigarettes or weed, so I have to assume the guy who said it was crack was right. He came down to the end with me and was yelling out to everyone, “You’re all high and you don’t even know it! All getting high on CRACK and don’t even know it!” No one flinched, however that isn’t unusual for NY. Once I got to the next stop and switched trains, that one had a homeless person on it that smelled so god awful I had to breathe into my scarf for the next 20 minute ride. Still, I’d rather smell filth than straight up crack. NYC, you never fail to amaze me.

I felt much better once I got to the gym and busted out 40 minutes of cycle practice. I can’t wait to get my first class over with! The nerves are torturous but I’m really excited.

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Backin’ up to the weekend…

Friday night = homework til late and a veggie filled dinner that I completely regretted Saturday morning. I ate a LOT of veggies Friday because I was craving them. My stomach does not enjoy them but I seriously needed them.

roasted brussel sprouts & asparagus, jalapeno chicken sausage, turkey bacon, toast with avocado & goat cheese
roasted brussel sprouts & asparagus, jalapeno chicken sausage, turkey bacon, toast with avocado & goat cheese

Goooood brain food!

Saturday morning = quick 25 mins of spin practice. Long day of work because of extended holiday hours. Met up with Johnny after for a nice dinner at a new place. We kind of eat at the same few places all the time and you know why? I swear every time we try a new place I’m disappointed and yearn for one of our regular spots. We went way downtown to Back Forty and John would like to mention that the burger he had was INCREDIBLE. The atmosphere was also great but the menu doesn’t have a ton of options (like literally not one chicken dish) so I went with a roasted squash salad and split fries with John. The fries were good but the salad, not so much.

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It’s romantic inside though, very dimly lit as you can tell.

John played around with his new camera and I’m kind of obsessed with the colors of my outfit in this one.

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That’s water, not liquor!

Sunday morning I got up to complete my second to last race of my 2014 marathon qualifications! It was brutal. It was only 20 degrees out with a lot of wind, making the “real feel” 8 degrees. Um, just ran last weeks race in shorts. I prepared the night before by purchasing this awesome Smart Wool neck gaiter from Jack Rabbit sports. It was $30 but I promise you worth it, as it helped me with my lung issue in the cold. You can wear it just as a tighter fitting scarf to cover your neck, or stretch it up to cover your nose/mouth/ears. It stayed put for most of my run and I let it down a few times to breathe the cold air and try to get used to it. The gloves I’ve had since last year, they are New Balance and have the fingertips that let you use your phone. Found them at TJ Maxx for $10. Lululemon bag not a necessity for cold running, but it sure is a necessity to carry my stuff around and still have a cute bag 🙂

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Just lookin’ like a bank robber. This is how I dressed for the run and it ended up being perfect. Running tights from Target years ago, orange tank top (sweat wicking so your sweat doesn’t make you more cold), Lululemon stride jacket. I was never too hot or cold and warmed up quickly. The only thing is by the end of running for 70 minutes (the race was 4 miles, ran 6.75 miles total) my fingers were frozen. The gloves aren’t thick enough for long distances.

As usual, Central Park was beautiful.

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I felt really good during the race but still had the continuing right hip flexor pain from mile 2 on. I had to stop and walk/stretch a few times which is now just becoming the norm for me. No bigs. I still finished in 43 minutes (10:43 ish pace) which is fine by me 🙂

I had to head straight into work after a very fast shower (seriously, such a buzz kill) so after another long day I wanted nothing but pizza and my bed. John and I had our usual Domino’s order (I’ve been getting cheeseless with onions and grilled chicken, SO GOOD!) and watched Breaking Bad. We’re finally into season 5! I was up too late though and desperate for sleep.

How was your weekend?

What do Monday’s look like for you? Sometimes I get Monday’s off and after working a weekend there is NO better feeling!