Crunch Wrap, Bad Run + Good Run

Yesterday was a pretty up and down day for me. Exactly 2 weeks before my period, obviously known as PMS, I really have a day where I am just a monster. I don’t even want to be around myself let alone other people. I woke up excited because I got to record a podcast on my weight loss story that the awesome Sam from reached out to me to do! He will let me know in a few weeks when it will air and I will make sure to post it to all of you!

After the podcast high wore off a few hours later, I just started to get into a terrible mood. I could barely concentrate on my homework, I felt gross and had no motivation to run whatsoever. I finally pulled myself together and went for a run around 3, but around 1:30 I came up with this delicious creation.

photo (2)

Not pictured is the 90 calorie Flatout wrap I used, but I sprayed the pan with coconut oil spray and threw on the wrap with the following inside:

  • 1 tbsp Better’n Peanut Butter
  • 1.5 tsp chocolate hazelnut butter
  • 1/2 smashed banana
  • cinnamon

I let it heat for a minute or so on medium heat and kept the wrap open so I could see when the PB’s started to melt. I folded it over gently for another few seconds then opened it back up and transferred it to a plate. I added 1/4 cup of crunchy cereal (technically John’s crunchy cereal…), folded it up and Voila!

photo (3)

photo (4)

Sooooo good! I like using the Better’n PB to bulk it up because it’s only 50 calories per TBSP, and then using a smaller amount of a real nut butter. Unfortunately when I left to go running, 1 mile in I had crazy bad cramps and had to call it quits less than 1.5 miles in. The exact reason I run in the morning on an empty stomach. Running in the afternoon just doesn’t work for me!

So I came back from the run feeling extra pissed off. I did some more homework and then met John for dinner at one of my favorite places that I’ve written about 300 times, Grey Dog Cafe. I had their amazing turkey club where they use real, mouth-watering turkey on their homemade 9-grain bread, with goat cheese and bacon. That cured my bad mood pretty quickly, along with my cute date of course. John went above and beyond and got a ridiculously sized piece of pecan pie, and the 4 bites I had of it left me feeling like a beached whale. How he eats these things and remains a toothpick? The world may never know.

photo (6)


Those few bites fueled me up for a great run this morning. Funny how one day you can barely make it 1 mile before throwing in the towel, then the next day 7.5 miles breezes by and feels amazing each step.

photo (7)


photo (8)


photo (2)


I’ve struggled with stress eating/ PMS eating this week so have to work on cleaning it up and taking the time to meal prep next week. Nothing too crazy, just have been a little too lazy and carefree and sometimes that means I’m not even eating enough but definitely not the best things. Meal prepping makes all the difference in the world, or at least mine. Left to my own devices, I’m getting food out and it always turns into more calories/food than I really need. Know what I mean?! But damn, those pecan pie bites were¬†goooood.

What was your best run or workout this week?

What was the last indulgent, delicious thing you ate?