Just a Great Weekend

Hi loves! I hope your weekends were as fun as mine was. I really made sure to enjoy every minute of it and was able to do almost all of my favorite things with some of my favorite people. No complaints there! Friday night was low key and I was asleep by 10, and then slept until almost 10 AM. Needed it. I went to meet with a woman who owns a cycle/yoga studio to possibly pick up some classes and we ended up chatting for hours! She is awesome and I’m hoping I’ll be able to have some classes there.

John met me afterwards and I was HANGRY. We stopped and had brunch somewhere on the Upper West Side and I had eggs benedict ’cause it sounded real good. And it was.

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Followed by lunch dessert, some warm fresh cookies from Insomnia Cookies. Yes, this is a cookie shop that is open until 4:00 AM and serves totally fresh cookies all day and night. Janae, is this your dream? 🙂

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John had the bottom huge one which was smores and I had the double chocolate mint and chocolate chunk. I ate less than half of each and gave the rest to John. They are super rich cookies so just a couple of bites is plenty! We went back home for a little bit then headed to the 7:00 hot yoga class. Who are we, going to work out together on a Saturday night?! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I think it was the hottest vinyasa class I’ve ever taken and we were both drenched. I’m also still sore which is awesome.

Sunday morning I got up hoping to fit in 5 miles before teaching Spin but I overslept (what else is new) and only had time for 1.5 on the treadmill. I’m seriously failing hard at training for my spring half marathons which are starting in 6 weeks. Yikes! Brenda came to take my class which I love so much! She had to help me switch my bike halfway through because my seat kept sliding up (like as in the seat was literally pointing up in the air) and let’s just say it bruised me up good. I kept thinking I could just ride it out, literally, but it was violating me if you know what I mean. Ouch!

We showered quickly after class and grabbed brunch at Grey Bar before meeting up with the boys at the Museum of Natural History. It was so nice to have a little alone time with Brenda since we’re always insanely busy and usually meet up with the guys with us too. The food was super good and we have some plans to create a little business together. More on that when we know more!

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Fried egg, bacon and avocado sandwich and fries. Put back those 800 calories I burned!

Museum of Natural History was awesome. We saw a 25 minute planetarium space show that was mind blowing. It also made me extremely dizzy haha No pictures in there but here’s some from other parts of the museum.

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You need an entire day to see the whole museum and I would rather stand outside naked in the cold than spend an entire day at the museum. I do NOT have that kind of patience! The boys went to get food at Shake Shack and Brenda and I got froyo at 16 Handles, our old stopping grounds.

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Then it was Superbowl party time. John and I headed to the Upper East Side to party at my friend Alyse’s apartment with some of her awesome friends. We seriously had so much fun just eating a ton of delicious food, playing with her adorable puppy and playing the best card game of all time. A.k.a didn’t watch the game at all.

potato chip brownie!
potato chip brownie!

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Such a fun weekend.

How was your weekend? Superbowl plans? Workouts? Food? Tell me all about it! 😀 

Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity?? OMG it’s so inappropriate, and that’s why I love it.