I am so sorry to have neglected you guys. I thought my life would slow down after leaving Chanel and having more normal work hours, but all that has changed is that I am happier! I’ve been teaching so much- currently have 6 set classes a week plus I sub usually 1-3 more times- so I am exhausted alllll the time but in a good way. Add on that I am now starting my first official FULL MARATHON training plan and I seriously have no extra time. Well, I made time to watch all of season 2 of Orange is the New Black in 2 weeks, but that made for way too late nights and ended up being not quite worth it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me catch you up onย my last month of life.

My best friend Brenda and I had an amazing weekend in Miami about a month ago. We went for the WSSC Conference for Spin and just to get out of NY for awhile and hit the beach. I am terrified of flying and hadn’t flown in 5 years so I took an Advil PM and chugged 2 glasses of wine. We watched Bridesmaids the whole time while I squeezed Brenda’s hands every time I got scared (basically the entire 2.5 hour flight). I HATE FLYING. But boy is Miami gorgeous!

photo 3 (21)

photo 1 (19)

photo 5 (15)

photo 4 (20)

photo 3 (22)

The Spin conference was amazing and we took 3 classes total plus a class on how to properly fit people to the spin bike. We ate breakfast after the first session and then went across the street to a cafe with delicious food for lunch. After the last session, we snuck out onto the pool (we weren’t staying at the hotel where the conference was held) and it was SO gorgeous. There was an aqua zumba class going on that looked like so much fun too!

photo 1 (20)

photo 2 (26)

photo 5 (17)

photo 3 (23)

photo 4 (21)

photo 1 (21)

photo 5 (18)

photo 4 (22)

Once we got back to our hotel, we showered and got into bed where we stayed for the rest of that night. Don’t worry, we had no plans of actually going out in Miami… this is our version of heaven. Working out a ton, eating a ton, and resting a ton. We ordered food from the sports bar downstairs in the hotel and no picture but it was so, so good.

We woke up Saturday morning with no alarm which was such a treat for both of us, then got some coffee and breakfast and headed to South Beach! Miami’s public transportation is pretty awesome for how big the city is, and the bus we took was really easy to get around on. South Beach is GORGEOUS! I wasn’t even expecting the water to be so clear since it’s still America, haha. Clearly I don’t travel much ๐Ÿ˜‰

photo 1


photo 5

My first ever fish taco’s.

photo 2

And after the beach we went back to the hotel, ate, and slept. LOL I’m telling you, this is why we don’t have friends but each other. Sorry not sorry. Oh and this was me on the plane ride back Sunday morning. I did NOT do well on the flight black. God help me for my Costa Rica trip in a month which is 2x longer than Miami.

photo 4 (1)

I’ve barely been running at all which really stinks since I wanted to build at least a 2-week base before marathon training started for me this week. Well, I ran twice (one 1.5 miler and a 3.35 miler, wowza) and then did the Queens 10K. It was a GOOD race. I pushed myself way out of my current comfort zone and averaged 9:57 miles for a finishing time of 1:01:48, only 1 minute-ish off my PR time from 2 years ago. I also got to meet up with Andrea again and it’s always so great to see her cute face! ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 4

photo 3

In true Jen fashion, I refueled with nutella banana french toast and fries. Just so you aren’t worried that I’ve changed! ๐Ÿ˜‰

photo 2 (1)

Oh and I also met Joe Caputo from Orange is The New Black on the train to Brooklyn a couple weeks ago. He is my favorite character on season 2! He was SO nice and we talked for almost 10 minutes. Love NYC.

photo 1 (1)

So besides Miami and teaching Sunday-Friday for the last 6 weeks (usually 2 of those days includes AM and PM classes!!) I have really been doing nothing else. As you can imagine it’s exhausting, but I am really happy that I am out of that terrible disaster of a job I had at Chanel. While I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do, it’s great to have this time to clear my head and get a lot of teaching under my belt. This week officially started marathon training, too. How much exercise can one person take?! Haha I also need to fit in some strength training and yoga here and there, too. I mean it’s a good problem to have, but I really want to get back into blogging at least once a week specifically while I’m marathon training to keep a log of all this! So this is my unofficial I’m-back post. I’ve missed you all so much and I don’t want this to end! Bare with me.

WHAT HAVE YOU ALL BEEN UP TO??!! Fill me in!! โค โค

Happy Friday! (+YAY!)

Thank you guys so much for all the sweet comments on my Anniversary post! I’m glad you enjoyed the picture sequence and didn’t find my post too mushy ๐Ÿ˜‰

As you know since I work in retail, Friday’s don’t mean the end of a work week for me but I do have Sunday off so that is something to celebrate! John is going upstate tonight to spend the weekend with his mom for her birthday and I am so bummed I can’t go. But alas, I have to work tomorrow. So that means I will be spending this evening going to hot yoga again AND tomorrow evening too! I will be eating my weekend pizza alone and that’s sad, but it does mean I get to watch all the Kardashians I want without John trying to suffocate me ๐Ÿ™‚ Anywho, let’s go over some week highlights besides my lovely anniversary!

I actually forgot to post this but I had the best turkey burger of my life last Sunday night at Sullivan Bistro. It was topped with onions and blue cheese and the fries were unlike any I’ve had before. SUPER thin and crispy with sauteed onions throughout them. I have a serious love affair with onions and it’s probably why I don’t have many friends. Trust me, it’s worth it.

photo 1 (1)

I also received my new sneakers that I got for $15 on Amazon! That’s only because I traded in a textbook but so cool right? I actually had these last year but sent them back after not liking how much mesh there was but I REALLY have not been loving the Wave Precision 13’s I’ve been wearing at all. These are the Wave Elixir 8’s and they feel ALMOST as great as my precious 7’s.

ย photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

Yep, still wearing shorts on any day above 39 degrees. So far they feel really good but my left foot is still feeling really wonky and overall I am out of running shape. My pace has been faster than it was in the summer/fall but everything feels hard. So much for “staying in half marathon shape” after all my fall races!

So on my lovely anniversary date when we went to get coffee after dinner, I treated myself and ordered a chai tea latte instead of just a normal coffee. I COMPLETELY forgot to order it with soy milk and drank the whole thing without realizing my mistake. I was up most of the night Wednesday and in pain all day and night with some of the worst stomach pains of my life, thanks to the dairy milk and also partially from the sugar since I never drink things like that. I can’t believe how sensitive I am to it now!

Besides my stomach pain, I taught a great spin class last night and was so happy when one of the students told me she was brand new to the gym and it would be her first class. I can proudly say that I made her feel comfortable and she stuck through a little more than half of the class before leaving, which I told her she could do. I would have loved for her to stay on the bike even if she couldn’t keep pedaling, which I also told her she could do, but I also know that other students would have been looking at her wondering why she wasn’t pedaling so the option to leave really helped her. I smiled at her a bunch of times during class and I REALLY hope I made an impact on her to come back! I will truly never teach a class where I intimidate or call people out. What is the point? We’re all there for a purpose but the main thing needs to be to have fun! And to feel motivated without someone screaming orders at you. I think I really deliver that. Jeesh, I just want to teach all day!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh and my pre-workout fuel before spin was amazing. I watched the first two episodes of this season’s GIRLS (available for free here!) while chowing down on a bowl of banana oats with Biscoff, a splash of almond milk, and a tiny bit of crumbled carrot cake from my anniversary.

photo 5 (4)

photo 1

Perrrfect. We ended up throwing the rest of the cake away because the frosting was just TOO much.

And I began my day with a very chilly 3.7 mile run in Central Park. I underdressed for the first time during a winter run and it’s NOT fun. My ears were so cold and my sinuses are going to bug me all day now. I also got back to the gym to no hot water, so I had to take a cold shower. It was pretty awful, but what can ya do?!

The cold sucks but this sunrise does not.
The cold sucks but this sunrise does not.

And to save the best for last…

photo 4

I GOT INTO THE NYC HALF MARATHON!!!!!!!! They reopened the lottery and I got in this round!!! It was completely a surprise because I had forgotten all about it, then I saw someone post about it on Instagram and quickly logged on to my NYRR account and boom! Boom to my credit card too, because I wasn’t ready for that expense ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s the priciest race I’ve done so far ($117) but I am SO EXCITED!! Running through Times Square with no tourists around is going to be ahhhmazing.ย 

What has your week looked like?

Friday night plans?

2013 Recap- Obvi.

I’m a complete sucker for all things recapped and end of the year recaps make me giddy. I never said I was cool, okay? So here are my top 10 favorite moments/events/accomplishments of my 2013, not in any particular order because I don’t wanna make one memory feel inferior to another memory. Aren’t I sweet? PS this is going to be a long post with a lot of pictures of me. Feel free to stop reading right here.

I’ll start with a short recap of my workouts. I use DailyMile to log my miles but I also use my iPhone notes to recap every day of the year with what workout I did including rest days. I will probably seriously do this forever, because I enjoy it. Just like logging my food every day on MyFitnessPal, it’s not even entirely about weight loss these days. I can look up any day in the past 3.5 years and instantly be taken back to that day. It’s not just about the food or the workout for that particular day, it’s the memories that came along with the rest of that day. Does that make sense? Anyways, without further ado, here we go.

Running- 572 miles

Spin- 35 classes, including teaching 8 of them ๐Ÿ™‚

Yoga- 6 (um, woops)

Strength training/weights- 41 sessions

2014 fitness goals: run a lot more miles than that. A.k.a BE MORE CONSISTENT. Less excuses, Jen, less excuses. Stop being lazy and run. A tentative goal I just decided on after reading this is that I want to run 2014K in 2014. That equates to 1,251.4 miles. Since there’s no way in hell I could run 2000 miles in a year without breaking my legs, I will shoot for the kilometer version of 2014. With marathon training starting in the summer, I can definitely do this. Being more consistent will likely result in me getting a little faster, too. I want toย Spin more, or more specifically teach more! I am loving teaching so much. I NEED TO YOGA MORE. My God, 6 classes over 12 months?! Pathetic. I am aiming to at least double that number, but hopefully a lot more. With strength training I really surprised myself. Didn’t think I had really done 41 sessions of it, but that was also counting very short 8-10 minute arm workouts which why would they not count? Just a simple goal to strengthen myself even more in the new year.

Top 13: (not in order of favorites)

1.ย Running my 1st half marathon with my best friend.

The months of training together every weekend was the best part. Achieving a hard goal with someone I love so much was one of the best feelings ever. I love this girl with all my heart.

photo 1

2. Falling even more in love with my Johnny.ย 

We strengthened our relationship so much this year. We did a ton of fun things together, including so many comedy shows I can’t even remember. We really made sure we made time for each other. He reminds me to think positively every day and makes me laugh even when I’m so mad at him that I want to punch him. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings us! And no, that will not be a baby.

photo 3

photo 4 (1)

photo 5

3. Being in Women’s Health for my weight loss story.

Basically no words for how amazing it was to be chosen for it, have a photo shoot for it, and see my mug all over a magazine ๐Ÿ˜‰ It brought me a TON of views to my blog and I love all of the comments I receive telling me they found my blog because of my article!

photo 4

4. Deciding, at the very last minute, to complete NYRR’s 9+1 program to qualify for the 2014 NYC Marathonand actually completing it, despite having an injury 3 days before my final race.

1st race of 9.. Percy Sutton Harlem 5K
1st race of 9.. Percy Sutton Harlem 5K
2/9- 4 mile race for autism
2/9- 4 mile race for autism
3 of 9- Bronx 10 miler
3 of 9- Bronx 10 miler
4 of 9- Grete Gallop 1/2 Marathon (2nd half marathon!)
4 of 9- Grete Gallop 1/2 Marathon (2nd half marathon!)
5 of 9- Staten Island 1/2 marathon where I had a HUGE PR!
5 of 9- Staten Island 1/2 marathon where I had a HUGE PR!
6 of 9- Poland Spring 5 Miler
6 of 9- Poland Spring 5 Miler
Fulfilling my volunteer credit at the marathon expo
Fulfilling my volunteer credit at the marathon expo

(Sadly I have no selfies or anything from race 7 and 8 but they happened, obvi)

And the final race:

9 of 9- Ted Corbitt 15K
9 of 9- Ted Corbitt 15K

4 months of training and races, a wonderful volunteer day, and a lot of pizza later and I am qualified for the 2014 NYC Marathon. One of my top 3 proudest achievements.

5. Watching one of my greatest friends get married.ย 

photo (5)

I just re-read that post and teared up. She is due with her first baby this March and I am so excited to meet the little guy. Love you Frach!

6. Really appreciating the real friends I have, even though distance separates some of us.

I got to see most of the people that are truly my real friends at least once this year and it was great! It’s been really hard to find real friends in NYC. I’m lucky enough to have Brenda and John here but it’s proven difficult to find other people that I have things in common with and who want to build a real relationship. It’s tough! But I’ve heard it all my life that it gets harder to make friends as you get older. The few new people I became close with I am thankful for, though. And my brother is one of my closest friends which I never thought would happen! I love him to death and although we are really different, we’re still getting closer as we get older. I really hope 2014 will bless me with at least one new good friend that actually likes to do the things I like to do! When you stop partying to better your life, like I did, you see who sticks around and sadly I did lose some people. Their loss.


7. Eating so much good food and developing a better relationship with it.

2011 and 2012 I was dealing with a horrible eating disorder, which if you’ve read my blog for long enough you know all about. After losing 110 pounds, I still thought I needed to lose a lot more and since my body was already at a super healthy (and borderline underweight) size, I had to nearly starve myself and work out for hours a day to keep losing weight. I looked terrible, lost hair, my period, etc. It was a time period more imprisoning than being overweight. Once I finally got help and started to eat more, I went way overboard and started binge eating for months and months. I gained weight in all the wrong places because of it and felt so miserable in my skin, once again, until this year. I found a comfortable medium between loving to work out but being okay with resting whenever I want to without feeling insanely guilty and eating what I want. I was in really amazing shape this summer and fall and while I’ve gained a little this month from all the dang sweets, I know that I can get back to feeling great without deprivation or anything extreme. I love to eat healthy, and I am so much happier eating pizza all the time by fitting them into my macros after a few doses of the healthy stuff, of course. If I could marry pizza, I would.

photo 1 (4)

8. Becoming a Spin teacher!!


I got certified in March and finally got a part-time position in November. I am excited to see where I can go with this! It’s so much fun creating playlists and seeing the look on my classes faces when they hear a song they love. I also love the look on their face when they really don’t like me during a heavy hill climb. ๐Ÿ˜€

9. Finally completing my Associate’s degree.

Not something I talk about too often on here except for mentions of homework here and there, but school is something I have struggled with completing. Not for lack of intelligence but lack of time and money. I graduated high school in 2006 and went right to community college in my town and worked full-time. After 1 year I decided I would wait awhile because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and work was more important to me since I had no other choice but to support myself as I moved out of my parents house at 19. I finally decided to go back in 2010 but had to again take my time and take some semesters off, and long story short I am finally done with my Associate’s degree. It’s kind of embarrassing that it took so long, but in the end it’s my life and I have way more work and life experience than most people my age. I’m not sure what my path for school will be from here so just taking it day by day!

10.ย Cooking more and hosting my first Thanksgiving!

I thought at 25 it may be about time to start actually cooking once in awhile and trying recipes. I didn’t cook a lot or anything, but I did make many batches of the best turkey chili ever, a buffalo chicken soup that’s to die for, and I cooked all of our Thanksgiving food! One of my main goals for 2014 is to cook more and not eat out so much. The last 2 months i’ve barely been in my kitchen out of pure laziness.

And there we have it. Another year is gone and another one is on the horizon. I have realized that I am not Type-A enough to have a laundry list of resolutions that I will actually stick to. I think it’s important to constantly want to improve yourself and get more out of life and that’s what I am going to strive for!

I hope you all have an amazing New Years Eve and I want to hear what some of your goals are!!

9+1= DONE!

What started out as a worrisome, anxiety-ridden weekend turned out to be a great one! I went to sleep literally crying Friday night, telling John that I really did not think I could run the race Saturday morning. I was still in a lot of pain and very swollen. We kept my leg elevated for a couple hours while we watched TV and I just went to sleep hoping for the best. I was basically planning on getting out of bed, wincing in pain, crying myself back to sleep and hibernating until this morning. Thanks to my guardian angel, I woke up Saturday with close to no pain and walking didn’t hurt at all!

I still wouldn’t know for sure if I could finish the whole race but I was definitely going to try. I foam rolled, grabbed a coffee and water, and got a cab to the start line. Usually races in Central Park start near the 72nd transverse which is very easy to get to on both the west and east sides, but this started way over on 102nd and 5th Ave. NOT easy for me to get to, so I splurged on a cab. It was absolutely freezing. 20-ish degrees, wind chill definitely made it feel closer to 10 degrees. This is what I love about runners; we all know we’re completely crazy but it feels so right.

photo 2

photo 3

We chose this over being in our warm beds.

This race was probably my favorite of all 9 races I completed. Sure, I PR’d big time at the Staten Island half marathon after running a half the weekend before and a 10 miler the weekend before that. But this one showed me just how strong I really am, both physically and mentally. I haven’t been running much at all the last month and a half so 9.3 miles would have been tough even without injuring my calf. Mentally and emotionally I wish I could share with you just how drained I really am. The things going on in my personal life are pretty much awful and drained doesn’t even touch on what it makes me feel. Hurting my calf was more than just a setback, it was seriously crushing to me. I worked so hard these last few months to qualify for next year and running helped me deal with all that is going on. If it weren’t for running in the mornings, I would not have been able to get out of bed due to sheer soul-crushing depression. I thought about all of that and imagined leaving it all out there on the road with every passing mile. Running these races were the only things I could control this year and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be running. Frozen feet and frozen hands included. ๐Ÿ™‚

It snowed the whole race and was so beautiful. It felt like no time had passed at all before we reached the 9 mile mark.

photo 4


And of course the most supportive and loving person in my life, John, was at the finish line freezing his butt off to be there for me, and to be my photographer.

photo 5


9.3 miles in 1:45:46, 11:20 pace. Pretty darn good for multiple walks, stretches & a calf strain!

Brunch afterwards with John, Brenda and Eddie. All I wanted was a fat-ass breakfast of REAL pancakes, eggs, bacon and toast. Crushed it.

LOVE the Ted Corbitt 15K shirt from the race!
LOVE the Ted Corbitt 15K shirt from the race!

Officially have guaranteed entry to the 2014 NYC Marathon!!!!!!!!!!

If Monday Were a Person…

photo (4)

This has had me dying laughing all morning. What a Monday already and it’s only noon. As usual, I haven’t been getting more than 5 hours of sleep the last few nights for the sake of getting up early to workout and practice some cycle routines since- did I even mention this?! – I got the job I auditioned for last month! I still haven’t taught yet because the process is taking awhile to get started, but I want to feel prepared so I have been trying to fit in at least 20 minutes of practicing a few songs in the cycle room. Anyways, I get on the subway at 5:45 this morning and sit down across from someone (not even sure if it was a man or woman because they had a huge jacket with the hood on and something covering most of their face) who I quickly realized was smoking something. I’ve never actually seen someone smoke on the subway but have always wondered why it isn’t more prevalent, especially because I live far up in Manhattan and it takes awhile to get to the more crowded areas. Another guy gets on, smells it too and yells, “OHHH HELLLL NOOOO! YOU SMOKIN’ CRACK! WHAT THE F**K MAN THATS CRACK YOU CAN’T SMOKE THAT SHIT ON A TRAIN!” I look at the person smoking with panic/horror on my face and they look at me the same. For some reason this morning the train was relatively crowded for being that early and everyone on that cart was basically passed out or near it. I threw my scarf over my face and basically ran to the opposite end of the cart so I could switch carts at the next stop. The smell wasn’t cigarettes or weed, so I have to assume the guy who said it was crack was right. He came down to the end with me and was yelling out to everyone, “You’re all high and you don’t even know it! All getting high on CRACK and don’t even know it!” No one flinched, however that isn’t unusual for NY. Once I got to the next stop and switched trains, that one had a homeless person on it that smelled so god awful I had to breathe into my scarf for the next 20 minute ride. Still, I’d rather smell filth than straight up crack. NYC, you never fail to amaze me.

I felt much better once I got to the gym and busted out 40 minutes of cycle practice. I can’t wait to get my first class over with! The nerves are torturous but I’m really excited.

photo 5 (1)

Backin’ up to the weekend…

Friday night = homework til late and a veggie filled dinner that I completely regretted Saturday morning. I ate a LOT of veggies Friday because I was craving them. My stomach does not enjoy them but I seriously needed them.

roasted brussel sprouts & asparagus, jalapeno chicken sausage, turkey bacon, toast with avocado & goat cheese
roasted brussel sprouts & asparagus, jalapeno chicken sausage, turkey bacon, toast with avocado & goat cheese

Goooood brain food!

Saturday morning = quick 25 mins of spin practice. Long day of work because of extended holiday hours. Met up with Johnny after for a nice dinner at a new place. We kind of eat at the same few places all the time and you know why? I swear every time we try a new place I’m disappointed and yearn for one of our regular spots. We went way downtown to Back Forty and John would like to mention that the burger he had was INCREDIBLE. The atmosphere was also great but the menu doesn’t have a ton of options (like literally not one chicken dish) so I went with a roasted squash salad and split fries with John. The fries were good but the salad, not so much.

photo 4 (1)

photo 5 (2)

It’s romantic inside though, very dimly lit as you can tell.

John played around with his new camera and I’m kind of obsessed with the colors of my outfit in this one.

photo 1 (5)
That’s water, not liquor!

Sunday morning I got up to complete my second to last race of my 2014 marathon qualifications! It was brutal. It was only 20 degrees out with a lot of wind, making the “real feel” 8 degrees. Um, just ran last weeks race in shorts. I prepared the night before by purchasing this awesome Smart Wool neck gaiter from Jack Rabbit sports. It was $30 but I promise you worth it, as it helped me with my lung issue in the cold. You can wear it just as a tighter fitting scarf to cover your neck, or stretch it up to cover your nose/mouth/ears. It stayed put for most of my run and I let it down a few times to breathe the cold air and try to get used to it. The gloves I’ve had since last year, they are New Balance and have the fingertips that let you use your phone. Found them at TJ Maxx for $10. Lululemon bag not a necessity for cold running, but it sure is a necessity to carry my stuff around and still have a cute bag ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

Just lookin’ like a bank robber.ย This is how I dressed for the run and it ended up being perfect. Running tights from Target years ago, orange tank top (sweat wicking so your sweat doesn’t make you more cold), Lululemon stride jacket. I was never too hot or cold and warmed up quickly. The only thing is by the end of running for 70 minutes (the race was 4 miles, ran 6.75 miles total) my fingers were frozen. The gloves aren’t thick enough for long distances.

As usual, Central Park was beautiful.

photo 4 (2)


I felt really good during the race but still had the continuing right hip flexor pain from mile 2 on. I had to stop and walk/stretch a few times which is now just becoming the norm for me. No bigs. I still finished in 43 minutes (10:43 ish pace) which is fine by me ๐Ÿ™‚

I had to head straight into work after a very fast shower (seriously, such a buzz kill) so after another long day I wanted nothing but pizza and my bed. John and I had our usual Domino’s order (I’ve been getting cheeseless with onions and grilled chicken, SO GOOD!) and watched Breaking Bad. We’re finally into season 5! I was up too late though and desperate for sleep.

How was your weekend?

What do Monday’s look like for you?ย Sometimes I get Monday’s off and after working a weekend there is NO better feeling!

Autism Speaks 4 Miler.

Yesterday I completed race 2 of 9 for my 9+1 NYRR requirements for the marathon next year. I ran in the Autism Speaks 4 mile race in Central Park. My plan was to run 5 miles before the race to make it a 9 mile long run because I haven’t been running more than 5 miles in a month and I have 2 half marathons next month. Ummm yeah, need to get on that. But I was up really late doing homework (on a Friday night?! so rude) and overslept so I only had time to do about 1.2 miles before and the same after because I had to, of course, work after the race.

I did my usual pre-race rituals which include a cheese-less, jalapeno & onion pizza from Domino’s the night before.

photo (10)

You can see how small the pieces are so yes, I eat the entire thing. And am not even close to full afterwards. It works out perfectly but yikes, it doesn’t photograph very well. Sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

I was SO tired when I had to wake up Saturday morning, but I drank some coffee and had 1/2 of a really small banana with 1 tsp peanut butter. I never change these rituals, regardless of the length of the race!

It was a beautiful day for a race, only complaint being that the women’s race didn’t start til 9:00 AM and the sun was pretty hot at that point. At the start I met this adorable woman Christine who was so sweet and I felt like I had known her for years! Love people like that ๐Ÿ™‚

photo (11)

At the start, we realized people were cheering and snapping pictures of Jimmy Fallon!

photo (13)

He ran in the women’s race and you can watch a video of him speaking here. Pretty cool! I zoomed in like the creeper that I am…

photo (1)

I ran quite a bit for me this week and Ripped in 30 killed me as usual on Wednesday so my quads and hamstrings were really sore. I had no real desire to ‘race’ but I started to feel competitive a few minutes into the race when we hit the 1st hill and I saw people slowing down and walking. This always makes me want to scream “TRAIN ON HILLS!” because it gives you such an advantage. I’m obviously no pro-runner, but I know better than to go out fast to conserve energy for the hills and for the end of the race. I had a good playlist blaring and felt REALLY good in terms of my legs. My stomach however, not so much. I just tried to ignore it and also ignore that I was really thirsty. In a short race I won’t stop at the water stations, but I do usually have a bottle of water with me. I had already drank most of it before we started so I just pushed on. The west side of the race has about 3 hills that are loooooong. Once the downhills come, my knee starts to feel off and so I had to slow down the last 3/4 of the last mile, and I really couldn’t sprint to the finish because it was making my foot feel so tight. Anyone have any ideas what that’s about? Seems to only happen when I’m running fast and doesn’t kick in til about 2.5 miles in.

Anyways, I knew my 4 mile PR from 2 years ago was 37:50 and I wasn’t going to beat that but I wanted to come in under 40 minutes. My official time was 39:23 with a 9:51 average pace. Super happy about that! It felt HARD the whole time, but taking into account the hills (and my stomach cramping) I’m really cool with the time. With my warm-up and cool-down miles I totaled 6.46 miles for the day.

Right after I crossed the finish line, I saw Beth! No picture but she was so, so sweet and off to finish the rest of herย 20 mile run. I shutter at the thought of me doing that a year from now!

I worked til 6 then went to dinner with John before we went to see a comedy show. We ate at a bar in Chelsea called Smithfield NYC which is a sports bar with a REALLY great menu. I was so surprised by their healthy choices and ended up having the best salad.

photo (17)


HUGE bowl of lettuce, red onion, dates, kalamata olives, goat cheese, pine nuts, grilled chicken and parm cheese all chopped up. This didn’t even need dressing because the goat cheese, dates and red onion flavored the entire thing! If you’re near Penn Station, this is pretty close and a really delicious place to eat.

After dinner, we headed to the Metropolitan Room to see one of my old friends in a comedy show! I don’t have any pictures but I am SO PROUD of her and she is hysterical. Go to her Facebook page and show her some love!

Once we got home, I was so exhausted that my whole body hurt. I simply can’t function on 5 hours or less of sleep a night for multiple nights in a row and NOT get sick. So I slept in instead of running 9 miles this morning, and I’m fine with it! I’ll make up for it next weekend and make an effort to get much more sleep this week!

Did you run any races this weekend? If not, what were your workouts?

What’s the most delicious thing you ate this weekend?

Percy Sutton Harlem 5K

Is there seriously anything better than finishing a race that you met or exceeded your time goal for and feeling the runner’s high all day?! I really don’t think so. I even had to come right to work after and I’m STILL having a great day after!

One of the best parts of this race was that it was only 10 minutes or less from my apartment, directly off my subway line. I woke up at 6:00 A.M., laid in bed for another 30 minutes then got up, drank water and an iced soy espresso, foam rolled and was out the door. I got there a littleย too early for once in my life but enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous/perfect/amazing Saturday morning.



I got my bib and t-shirt and sat on the grass for awhile with an hour to kill. I ended up having to use the porta potties 3 FREAKING TIMES. The nerves, which I barely felt compared to my other races in the past, I guess did me in. It was absolutely disgusting (the porta potties, as they always are) and I hate having to use them but ya do what ya gotta do. I ate a small banana about 40 minutes before the start, did some warm up drills and jogged a little bit, then got into my corral.

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I look like complete poop but I was tired. Also, I will never be someone who has amazing hair that looks good in a pony tail. It drives me crazy. Anyways! Go time.

As usual, I spent the first mile weaving in and out of people who should have started in slower corrals. No offense since I’m not exactly speedy gonzalez but know your speed and understand that people who are faster don’t want to waste time trying to get around you. The first mile was also really, really hilly. I did great on those because I train in Central Park, so I was able to get up and around a bunch of people and settle into my “groove”. Wearing my heart rate monitor, I had planned to keep it between 160-170 and figured that would bring me somewhere under a 10 minute mile for the shape I’m in right now. Um, no. The hills, hotness, direct sunlight, and nerves had my heart rate almost never below 170! It felt uncomfortable but not AWFUL so I never really slowed down. I looked at my RunKeeper app a few times and somewhere around 2.5 miles I realized I could go sub-30 minutes which was my goal. My heart rate was already 180 something or I think I could have sprinted and got it closer to 29 minutes, but I was SO happy with coming in at 9:40 average pace miles!

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The race was great. The course was beautiful and I neverย knew Harlem was so gorgeous and historical looking! My left leg didn’t bother me during the race at all, but I’ve been in pain all day with my hip down. I’m going to ice, foam roll and compression again tonight and aim for 7 miles tomorrow morning, super slow, before ALLIE comes to spend the day with me!! Tonight John’s taking me out for Thai food to celebrate followed by froyo, so this is basically the greatest weekend ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you are having an amazing weekend! Have you ever ran a 5K?