Happy Friday! (+YAY!)

Thank you guys so much for all the sweet comments on my Anniversary post! I’m glad you enjoyed the picture sequence and didn’t find my post too mushy 😉

As you know since I work in retail, Friday’s don’t mean the end of a work week for me but I do have Sunday off so that is something to celebrate! John is going upstate tonight to spend the weekend with his mom for her birthday and I am so bummed I can’t go. But alas, I have to work tomorrow. So that means I will be spending this evening going to hot yoga again AND tomorrow evening too! I will be eating my weekend pizza alone and that’s sad, but it does mean I get to watch all the Kardashians I want without John trying to suffocate me 🙂 Anywho, let’s go over some week highlights besides my lovely anniversary!

I actually forgot to post this but I had the best turkey burger of my life last Sunday night at Sullivan Bistro. It was topped with onions and blue cheese and the fries were unlike any I’ve had before. SUPER thin and crispy with sauteed onions throughout them. I have a serious love affair with onions and it’s probably why I don’t have many friends. Trust me, it’s worth it.

photo 1 (1)

I also received my new sneakers that I got for $15 on Amazon! That’s only because I traded in a textbook but so cool right? I actually had these last year but sent them back after not liking how much mesh there was but I REALLY have not been loving the Wave Precision 13’s I’ve been wearing at all. These are the Wave Elixir 8’s and they feel ALMOST as great as my precious 7’s.

 photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

Yep, still wearing shorts on any day above 39 degrees. So far they feel really good but my left foot is still feeling really wonky and overall I am out of running shape. My pace has been faster than it was in the summer/fall but everything feels hard. So much for “staying in half marathon shape” after all my fall races!

So on my lovely anniversary date when we went to get coffee after dinner, I treated myself and ordered a chai tea latte instead of just a normal coffee. I COMPLETELY forgot to order it with soy milk and drank the whole thing without realizing my mistake. I was up most of the night Wednesday and in pain all day and night with some of the worst stomach pains of my life, thanks to the dairy milk and also partially from the sugar since I never drink things like that. I can’t believe how sensitive I am to it now!

Besides my stomach pain, I taught a great spin class last night and was so happy when one of the students told me she was brand new to the gym and it would be her first class. I can proudly say that I made her feel comfortable and she stuck through a little more than half of the class before leaving, which I told her she could do. I would have loved for her to stay on the bike even if she couldn’t keep pedaling, which I also told her she could do, but I also know that other students would have been looking at her wondering why she wasn’t pedaling so the option to leave really helped her. I smiled at her a bunch of times during class and I REALLY hope I made an impact on her to come back! I will truly never teach a class where I intimidate or call people out. What is the point? We’re all there for a purpose but the main thing needs to be to have fun! And to feel motivated without someone screaming orders at you. I think I really deliver that. Jeesh, I just want to teach all day!! 🙂

Oh and my pre-workout fuel before spin was amazing. I watched the first two episodes of this season’s GIRLS (available for free here!) while chowing down on a bowl of banana oats with Biscoff, a splash of almond milk, and a tiny bit of crumbled carrot cake from my anniversary.

photo 5 (4)

photo 1

Perrrfect. We ended up throwing the rest of the cake away because the frosting was just TOO much.

And I began my day with a very chilly 3.7 mile run in Central Park. I underdressed for the first time during a winter run and it’s NOT fun. My ears were so cold and my sinuses are going to bug me all day now. I also got back to the gym to no hot water, so I had to take a cold shower. It was pretty awful, but what can ya do?!

The cold sucks but this sunrise does not.
The cold sucks but this sunrise does not.

And to save the best for last…

photo 4

I GOT INTO THE NYC HALF MARATHON!!!!!!!! They reopened the lottery and I got in this round!!! It was completely a surprise because I had forgotten all about it, then I saw someone post about it on Instagram and quickly logged on to my NYRR account and boom! Boom to my credit card too, because I wasn’t ready for that expense 😉 It’s the priciest race I’ve done so far ($117) but I am SO EXCITED!! Running through Times Square with no tourists around is going to be ahhhmazing. 

What has your week looked like?

Friday night plans?

Hump Day Check-In

We’ve made it to hump day! Woo woo. How are you doing with your lose the fluff meals? I’m proud to say I have made it here with some delicious, healthy meals and good workouts. Let’s hope I can keep it up for the rest of the week! Here is a look at what my last 2 days of workouts and meals have looked like.


4:30 AM wake up call to get to Soho to teach Spin. 

photo 2 (1)


I am fully aware that flavored coffee creamer isn’t very healthy, and I also don’t really care. I don’t dump 1/2 a cup in my coffee, but probably around 1-1.5 tbsp. I eyeball it but don’t go crazy. I’m not even a fan of hot coffee but it’s fast for me to make at home and it’s too cold in the mornings right now for me to handle iced coffee at 4:30 AM. That has to wait until 10:00 AM.

Workout: 1 mile treadmill run + taught 55 minute Spin class

photo 4 (2)


photo 2 (3)


1/2 cup quick oats, 1 tsp brown sugar, cinnamon, banana topped with 1 tbsp coconut peanut butter and 1 tbsp Crofter’s organic raspberry jam.


photo 3


I made my turkey chili into vegetarian chili just by leaving out the turkey, adding an extra can of red kidney beans and a bunch of chopped up bell peppers. I actually did this just to save money and total calories. It’s still SO good without the meat! Topped with avocado, Frank’s hot sauce and some Fage 2% plain greek yogurt. I also had a 100 calorie bag of Popchips to dip in this. Favorite meal ever.

Snack 1:

photo 4


Snack 2:

photo 5



photo 1 (1)


This was so, so good! A can of tuna mixed with 1/2 a small avocado and sea salt, steamed plain broccoli, sweet potato chunks and ketchup/mustard to dip. It makes it all taste like a cheeseburger 😉


I was off from both jobs for the first time in awhile! Would have loved to teach a class yesterday but no one needed a sub, so I slept in til almost 11 AM then had the same oats pictured above and coffee. I lounged around for awhile and then got hungry again around 1:30 and made this delicious pre-workout lunch.

photo 1 (3)


4 egg whites made flat, not scrambled, with some avocado pieces inside rolled up like a burrito, 4 pieces of turkey bacon, and whole wheat bread topped with Crofter’s raspberry jam. The salty-sweet combo of this lunch was the bombbbbbb.

Workout- 3 mile treadmill run + BodyPump class.

First BodyPump class in 5 months. Yikes. It was HARD, and I had to lower my weights a lot more than what I was up to in August before training for multiple half marathons took over my life. All that matters now is that I’m getting back into getting strong!


photo 3 (2)


It was so, so bitter cold yesterday. I came home from the gym and took a nice hot shower, then warmed up a bowl of my vegetarian chili topped with the usual suspects. Eaten in bed all cozied up is the ONLY good thing about winter.


photo 5 (1)

Keylime Chobani with 2 tsp Enjoy Life dairy-free chocolate chips, 2 tsp coconut peanut butter and some fat-free Reddi Whip that I shouldn’t be eating because well, it’s dairy.

And the prize- homemade almond milk hot chocolate.

photo 4 (1)


No good way to photograph that but let me give you the recipe! I modified it just a little from this recipe.

  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 10-15 drops chocolate stevia or regular stevia, or desired sweetener
  • 2 tsp Enjoy Life dairy-free chocolate chips (optional)

Pour all ingredients except chocolate chips into saucepan and heat on medium-heat, constantly stirring. I think I did this for about 4-5 minutes to get really hot but don’t let it come to a boil! The last 2 minutes or so I added in the chocolate chips so they would melt. I actually doubled the recipe so John could have some too and he liked it! That’s saying a lot since the boy lives on sugar. Top it with some fat-free Reddi Whip and it is the perfect winter night treat for less than 100 calories!

So there’s my last two days of workouts and food. I knew I would need a rest day after yesterday’s BodyPump class and it’s still too cold to run outside so I just slept in and am trying to stretch all day. The soreness is real, yo. Hoping to get in some running the next few days as the temperatures get warmer! I miss running outside so much. I don’t even know how I made it 3 miles yesterday on the treadmill, but I can tell you it involved stopping a few times to stretch out because it makes my hip so tight. Ugh.

What’s your hump day check in like?! Succeeding or having a little trouble? I feel like mid-week is when I start to feel like I’m a caged animal who hasn’t eaten treats in years. Stay strong!

Food + Race Rambles.

‘Twas another weekend full of food and racing, just the way I like it. If only I hadn’t had to work both days, it would have been the picture perfect weekend. A girl can dream, eh?

Let’s just dive right into the food. Regardless that my half marathon series is over until at least December but definitely January (I signed up for another 1/2 for the end of January, but have one on my mind for December) I am still carb-loading on Saturdays like it’s my job. Maybe one day it will be my job. Until then I will just have to use my own money to do so which is the not so fun part. ANYWAYS, the food.

photo 1 (1)


One of my very generous co-workers heard around the water coolers that I loved Biscoff so she brought me a jar. She is clearly an angel. I am proud to announce that it’s a few days after she gave it to me and there is still some left to last until at least tomorrow, and I also shared with John. YUP.

photo 5


Instead of eating it by the spoonful (okay I have 3 times) I’ve been putting it on my oatmeal and when it melts to form a pool my heart also melts. Those are FRENCH TOAST goldfish swimming on there. I love that I can add some sugary crunch to my oats for about 40 calories for 10 fishes. I am fully aware that this picture shows more than 10 fishies.

photo 4


Swooped into Whole Foods to get some soup and had to try a little piece of this grape, walnut & blue cheese pizza. It was really, really good but I picked off the walnuts. Didn’t like the crunch on a pizza. Love that you can get little samples or super small pieces at Whole Foods just to get a taste!

photo 2 (1)


John and I went to get pizza at Patsy’s Saturday night and he always gets an order of meatballs and I eat the sauce. I mean I dip my pizza in it too since I have to scrape off all the cheese, but I also eat the sauce with a fork. The chunks of tomato in it and the flavors are so good I can’t even describe it. YUM.

photo 3 (1)


Pumpkin pie froyo with fruity pebbles is life changing. John was gagging just looking at it. Do not ever trust his judgement.

photo 4 (1)


Pre-race Sunday morning. I am IN LOVE with this top. The brand is Mondetta and I got it at TJ Maxx. I’ll have to take a picture of it more close up but the details are so cute, especially on the back. It always feels good to run in something that’s cute 🙂

This was the Poland Spring 5 Mile Marathon Kick-off race. So weird to think that I ran this last year too! I have now been racing long enough to be doing the same race twice. Crazy. That also means it’s been a year since Hurricane Sandy too. How does time go by so fast?

photo 1 (3)


Hills on hills on hills.

The race has the same finish line as the NYC Marathon which is so cool.

photo 3 (2)

I ran this pretty hard and felt strong and really good for the whole race, except my right hip flexor/groin area was killing me from mile 2 on. It was hard to even lift my right leg to run, so I had to ease up on the pace a few times when I really could have gone faster. SO frustrating. I am giving up on ever being fast.

photo 5


So that’s what my RunKeeper app recorded but my official time was 50:38 for a 10:08 pace, which is exactly one minute slower than last year. Can we please just go by my app time, thanks. 🙂 I ran 1.5 miles to the race and 1.5 back for a total of 8 miles for the day.

photo 1 (1)


Yesterday was also my 1,000 day of logging my food on MyFitnessPal. I owe so much of my weight loss success to you, MFP! In all of these 1,000 days I have probably missed 3 days of full logging. Even on the bad binging days I used to have, every bite got recorded. Everyone has their own opinion of counting calories but it works for me 🙂

photo 5 (1)


Sunday ended with $5 mussels & fries at Brindle Room.



And pumpkin pie + roasted apples custard at Shake Shack. All with my love Johnny, of course. We got this great (but fuzzy since I enlarged and screenshot it) picture of us from my friend’s wedding last month.

photo 2


I kinda love him a lot. 🙂

How was your weekend? I wanna hear your workouts + delicious eats!

Slow + How I Carb-Load.

While I’ve been very aware that I have a half marathon this weekend and next, it didn’t really hit me until last night. I’m nervous but also have taken the approach to running that works for me… very laid back. I’d say I care about my pace somewhat and it would be great to run 9 minute miles “easy”, but I know I’m slow and ACTUALLY slow. Nothing annoys me more than reading blogs about runners who say their 8:30 minute miles are sooo slow. You KNOW that’s not slow. It may be slow for you and that’s totally fine because we are all different, but stop considering that slow. I can’t even sprint an 8 minute mile. Let’s keep it real. You have natural speed talent, OWN it. Be proud! I think it’s safe to say 11 minute miles are pretty damn slow but I’m pretty damn proud that I can run at all  🙂

My point to that is that I know I’m not going to win any race and while I think it’s great to compete against yourself, you never know how you’re going to feel on race day. I give myself too much anxiety thinking about all the outcomes of a race, and I think that’s one component of why it’s so exciting. But I tend to get too down on myself thinking that my paces are embarrassing… and then I remind myself that just 4 years ago, I was carrying 110 extra pounds and couldn’t even WALK a mile without dying. It’s not that I don’t go out there and run my heart out, but keeping a 10 minute mile pace for 13.1 miles, right now, would have me dry heaving by the 3rd mile. Maybe one day I’ll have some speed back, but it just isn’t natural for me right now. And I am okay with that, and that’s great since I’m the only person who HAS to be okay with that 🙂

I’m starting with this stuff because this week I felt so unmotivated to run at all. My 10 mile race last weekend was great, and then I stressed myself out about being so sore for the following days. I finally ran Wednesday and it hurt. Everything hurt. I took Thursday off, then when I got to the gym yesterday to run I was over it before it even began. I ran 1 mile on the treadmill, then did some upper body work because I didn’t have it in me to run 1 more foot. I thought about why I was so over it all day, and I realized that I’m making races too much about the outcome. I run because I love it and I have to allow races to just be a day of running that I had to pay for (WTF) and that happens to be with thousands of other people while getting water handed to me for free. Pretty sweet deal. So I have to stop worrying about my pace and enjoy the ride! The fact that I have the ability to run and the ability to run these amazing races is enough to make me happy.

Moving on to the good stuff. If you are new to running longer distances or races, I will share with you what seems to work the best for me when it comes to “carb loading.” If you are also new to reading my blog, first of all… thank you 🙂 Second of all, I have a little history with binge eating. It was a period of about 4 months of bad binge eating… I would eat normal all day, then come home and eat a ton and wake up in the middle of the night to eat. It was in between my lowest, unhealthy weight when I needed to gain some back and I lost control. I had restricted for so long that suddenly eating more became MUCH more, and I put on 20 pounds in those 4 months. I am thankful every day that I have overcome it but it did take over a year to really rid myself of it completely. How this relates to carb loading is that I HATE feeling overly full now, so when I got into distance running I thought it would be a little tricky to add extra calories and carbs the day before the race without that feeling. The trick is to start carb loading the 3-4 days before the race by adding in extra calories and carbs without overdoing it. Trust me, you do NOT want to wake up the day of the race (or a long training run) with a food hangover. If my race is Sunday, I start to add a bit more to my day starting Thursday.

Oats in a jar with some lovely flowers and reading material.
Oats in a jar with some lovely flowers and reading material.

photo 3

Thursday’s breakfast was oats in a jar with a few scoops of apple butter. I eat oats every morning, but on this day I added in another banana (well, ate it on the side) and these scoops of apple butter.

Yesterday’s lunch was amazing. I had to go to the Upper East Side to get my race stuff for Sunday, and since Panera Bread is up here and I am never up there I decided to grab it for lunch.

photo 3 (1)

I ALWAYS get the greek salad with grilled chicken (which costs more to add, of course) and once I got back to my desk I was beyond pissed to see that no grilled chicken had been added. SO PISSED. Luckily the pumpkin pie bagel I got to carb up with didn’t disappoint.

photo 4

I just had it toasted with nothing on it and it was perfection!

Last night John and I went to the great new restaurant in our neighborhood, Heights Tavern. It’s so great to have a restaurant in our neighborhood that’s really good and not entirely spanish food!

photo 5

I had grilled chicken, avocado & goat cheese on ciabatta with sweet potato fries. Nothing is oily and greasy there which I absolutely love!

Today’s breakfast was extra carby of course, since it’s the day before the race.

photo (2)

Just so happened to have another almost empty jar of Justin’s deliciousness, so I added in my heated up banana chia oats and added 1/4 cup of dark chocolate macaroon granola AND a mini dark chocolate mounds bar. Chocolate coconut heaven! I found that granola at TJ Maxx and it’s amazing.

As for lunch today, I will have a bagel and some Popchips with guacamole and dinner later is my pre-race ritual of cheese-less Domino’s pizza! I’m aiming for about 2500 calories today so even with the pizza I still need a snack of about 500 calories! Hard job fueling for a race, huh? 😉

One other thing… if I had ran more miles this week I would be eating a bit more than I am since I would need the extra fuel from burning more calories. I have this worked out for my own body and its’ needs, keeping in mind that I still want to lose a few pounds so there is no need for me to go out of control with calories! It’s a constant learning process and since it involves food… it’s pretty fun.

How do you fuel for races or long runs?


If you are just reading my blog for the first time after seeing my weight loss article on the FRONT PAGE OF WOMEN’S HEALTH MAGAZINE WEBSITE, hello newbies! Yes. This happened.


Just one correction.. I lost 110 pounds, not 90, so just a little editing error! Ha! No biggie.

I am beyond excited that you are reading my blabber and I hope you enjoy my endless pictures of oatmeal, my workouts, iced coffee, my boyfriend and other random NYC happenings. Let’s just dive right into that, shall we?

Last week’s running week was one of my highest in a long time, and I am so grateful with how great it felt. Some high mileage weeks- hell, some LOW mileage weeks- feel not so great, so I like to take a moment and savor the ones that feel this good.

photo (2)


I desperately needed to sleep in this morning so we’ll see if I have the energy to run after work. I got the pictures from the race Saturday and as usual, they are hilarious and hideous.

Clearly this was early on in the race when I was stoked to be racing.
Clearly this was early on in the race when I was stoked to be racing.
More serious and putting in werrrrrrrrk here.
More serious and putting in werrrrrrrrk here.

People who have great race photos.. how do you do it? I swear the photog’s get me as I’m gasping for air and limping. I won’t post the rest because they are SO hideous. Although if you’re really sad you can email me and I will email you them to make you smile. Because they will absolutely crack you up.

Today was an oatmeal for breakfast AND lunch kinda day, because I had 0 energy to grocery shop yesterday after work therefore no time to meal prep.

photo (3)


The place I get my delicious hazelnut soy iced coffee every morning has a delicious oatmeal bar so I decided to let them make me a bowl. Plain oatmeal made with water with banana slices, brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins and sprinkled with granola. I added Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter to make this the best bowl of oatmeal eveeeeeeeeeeer!

photo (4)


Bowl #2 for lunch many hours later. Clearly I’m craving CHOCOLATE big time today. This is my usual base of 1/3 cup oats, cinnamon & chia seeds microwaved up with water and a banana, topped with more hazelnut butter, roasted coconut chips from Trader Joe’s and 1 square of dark mint chocolate. REAL GOOD lunch right there. Lotta carbs. My fav.

The best part of having 2 bowls of oatmeal in a day is feeling completely satisfied til late snack time. I almost always eat a snack around 5:30-6 since I work til almost 7 and don’t get a chance to eat dinner til after 8. Sometimes my stomach is growling by 4 regardless of what I eat for lunch, unless it’s oatmeal. It’s a beautiful thing.

What meal could you eat twice a day?

What is your most filling lunch? Always looking for new ideas!

Do you have any good race photos?

Food Hates Me.

What a sad title! Well that’s what my conclusion is. My over-dramatic conclusion when it comes to my never ending stomach issues. I’m in a constant state of trying to be consistent with what I eat so as to not disturb my stomach and leave me constipated for weeks (yep. That’s the kind of IBS I have.) with terrible cramps, heart burn and nausea. The amount of toxins that get trapped in your body when you can’t go to the bathroom? Hello feeling like a huge pile of… well, what won’t come out of me. Sorry to be graphic, but it’s a pretty awful thing to go through. I know I’ve mentioned it on here but it’s something I’ve suffered with since I was born and was always told it’s just IBS, and there are different forms of it. No one ever seemed too worry when I couldn’t go to the bathroom for weeks at a time and my stomach was bloated and hard like I was pregnant. Well the last year it’s been bad, a lot. And now that almost everything I eat seems to bother me, I have to get it under control and see what’s really going on in there. I have an appointment next week for a GI doctor and I’m pretty excited (that’s sad.)

I think I’ve at least narrowed it down to the conclusion that I have become lactose intolerant. Over the last few weeks, I’ve cut out dairy a lot. No more whey protein in my oatmeal every morning, no greek yogurt, much less cheese. Then I added it back in a little bit. And my stomach went berzerk! I’m more sad about the greek yogurt than anything else. I’m going to still try and see if I have some earlier in the day if I can be okay. I had it later at night when I tried it and so it could have been a combination of anything else I ate that day.

That means a lot less of these guys:


I say less because let’s be real; I’m still gonna eat froyo sometimes. It’s worth the pain once in awhile.

I’ve been trying to switch up what I eat a little. Some based on my stomach issues, some based on boredom. I will never give up my beloved oatmeal, but making it at work in a tupperware container (for 2+ years now, not same container but in general!) has been just grossing me out lately. When I make it at home, it’s glorious and looks like this:

oats, wheat bran, egg whites, banana, chia seeds cooked and topped with pb, flax cereal & raw cacao coconut butter :)
oats, wheat bran, egg whites, banana, chia seeds cooked and topped with pb, flax cereal & raw cacao coconut butter 🙂

But in an attempt to switch it up, I tried a diced up sweet potato cooked in coconut oil & cinnamon, with 6 scrambled egg whites and crunchy peanut butter as an alternative. Banana and iced coffee not pictured.

photo (5)


It was so good! But didn’t fill me up like oatmeal does. Ugh.

Clean snacks like this have treated my insides okay:

Sodium-free rice cake with crunchy PB and banana
Sodium-free rice cake with crunchy PB and banana

Generally my afternoon snackage is a greek yogurt, which I am going to try and add back in. Chobani recently told me on Allie’s Instragram that CHO is 95% lactose free! And lactose is the part that drives my intestines crazy.

Hmmm what else makes me happy? This dude:

Small drink, big guy
Small drink, big guy

We have fun. We eat a looooot. Probably too much, but it makes us happy so whatever! This was at Momofuku, devouring ramen bowls and him devouring a way-too-small-for-a-man glass of some weird alcohol slushie. Yick.

Oh! We saw one of our favorite comedians Saturday night do a hilarious improv show. Nick Kroll. Such a funny dude. Improv (with the right comedians) is a delightful way to spend a night.

photo (7)


Check him out!

Alright, I’m coming at you guys with a few new things so stay tuned. Probably next week since I know most of you get to enjoy July 4th and the weekend. Not when you work in the fashion retail world, ya don’t. Have a hot-dog for me, ya’ll.

Do any foods hate you?

Better question..what foods do YOU hate? I am not picky at all but I hate steak/any form of red meat besides burgers which I can’t eat anyways. I also recently realized I hate spinach. I somehow have managed to choke it down the last couple years, but no more. Maybe juiced or blended in a smoothie sometimes. Eat what you love!

CLICK Protein Espresso Giveaway!

If you’re close with me, one thing you know about me is that I’m a coffee fiend. Iced coffee with soy milk, to be exact. It’s an every day necessity for me and it’s become less about the caffeine effect (let’s be honest, after years of drinking coffee it doesn’t exactly work like the first time 😉 and more about the amazing taste. When I heard about CLICK, the protein powder that actually contains espresso, I died a little. It had to be too good to be true right? I had seen it all over Skinny Runner’s blog and figured she wouldn’t lie about such a thing (girl likes her coffee too, and I trust her cause she ain’t afraid to use some artificially flavored creamer in hers! haha)  Luckily the great people at CLICK sent me some to try myself. I picked out a container of the mocha flavor, and they sent along a shaker bottle and a packet each of vanilla latte and mocha decaf.

I dug into the vanilla latte packet on my way to see the Jillian Michaels tour and mixed it with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, about 1.25 cups worth.


Tasted awfully naughty, like it would have a whole ton of sugar and not a lot of protein. Turns out the packet (equivalent to 2 scoops out of the full size container) has 120 calories, 6 grams of sugar, and 15 grams of protein! Depending on what kind of milk you use you can have a great post-workout drink that could have 20+ grams of protein plus the pick-me-up delivered from caffeine!

photo (3)

See? Me with coffee = happy! Even in gross Long Island Rail Road bathrooms.

The mocha is delicious and definitely tastes like a sinful drink you’d get at the Bux! Fortunately for you you can save a lot of calories and sugar by using CLICK, not to mention money. One of my favorite ways to use the mocha flavor is actually not in the form of a drink! I introduce to you, mocha banana oatmeal.

photo (4)

This is my usual oat base (1/3 cup old fashioned oats, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds, 1/4 cup wheat bran, banana) with 1 scoop of the mocha CLICK. SO AMAZING! With melty cherry chocolate peanut butter on top? Dessert for breakfast ya’ll!

Last but not least, I tried the packet of decaf mocha as an afternoon snack. I don’t drink coffee after noon-ish anymore because it tends to give me a killer headache, so I love that decaf is an option when you want the protein and espresso taste without the caffeine boost. Tasted just like the regular mocha!

photo (2)

In the spirit of keeping it real let me add this: if you are a super “clean” eater, you probably won’t like that CLICK has a lot of ingredients in it. I don’t mind because everything else I eat tends to be pretty clean, and I do what I wanna do yo!

And because I love ya’ll and want you to experience the yummy-ness that is CLICK, I will be picking a winner to receive their own choice of flavor and a shaker bottle!

To enter, leave me a comment telling me what your favorite way to drink coffee is!

For additional entries:  

Go to Facebook and “like” CLICK’s page and leave a comment on their page telling them you are entering my giveaway (Artificially Balanced blog) and leave me a comment telling me you did! http://www.facebook.com/drinkclick

Follow CLICK on twitter: https://twitter.com/drinkclick and tweet about my giveaway! Come back and leave another comment telling me you did!

Also be sure to visit CLICK’s webpage. They have a great sample kit so you can try the flavors before committing to a full canister!

Contest will close Thursday May 23rd at 11:00 AM.

NOTE: You do not have to be a blogger yourself to comment and win! I appreciate and love all feedback so if you’re a reader and not a blogger, I’d love to see your comments on my posts! 🙂 

Sore Calves

It’s been a solid 3 weeks since I have done any strength training, but luckily Caitlin and I are back on track with 30 Day Shred as of this morning. Besides my thighs killing from the squats, my calves are so sore from all the jumping. Despite my complaining, i love feeling sore! 🙂

After Jillian I bundled up for my first real outdoor winter run ever! I was going back and forth between the treadmill or outside, but since it might rain this week and I will not run in the rain especially in winter, I sucked it up and wore the following:

Nike dry fit t-shirt
Lulu Lemon stride jacket
Under Armour vest
C9 running tights
Under Armour socks
Puma running gloves
Head/ear band

And obviously, sports bra, undies and my Asics. PS- I need to get fitted for new sneaks ASAP. I’ve had these since the summer!

mid- run, feeling fab!

That outfit was utterly perfect for a 15 degree run with minimal wind. The warm up was a bit rough on my lungs, but soon enough it felt great and I kept my pace sub-9, ending 3.5 miles with an 8:31 average pace. Super after not running for 4 days!

Today I am back on track, even though I have said it at least 24 times in the last few months, whether I need to hire someone to stop me from eating late at night or not! I am working on eating bigger portions and more often throughout the day so when I get home I’m not so hungry. It’s hard to find a balance on the days when I work out in the morning and at night, but much of it is mind over matter. I need to listen to my body more and only eat when I am actually hungry. I am testing out the “drinking water before I eat” theory that magazines love to throw around to fulfill any thirst needs that may be masquerading as hunger.

Breakfast: banana flax protein oats w/ new-to-me extra protein peanut butter (available at GNC) and black coffee

Lunch: spinach/feta/egg white wrap and coffee w/ a splash of half&half at Starbucks

Afternoon snackage: plain greek yogurt + frozen blueberries + crunchy PB

And unpictured cocoa roasted almonds ❤

I went to my fav spin class of the week after work despite my achey legs and had a blast! So much energy in this class! He has one thursday mornings that I neeeed to get to!

Dinner: Trader Joe’s chickenless strips (meatless monday!) spinach, broccoli, goat cheese, hummus, balsamic & vinegar & chickpeas

Those chickenless strips are not very good. Lesson learned 😉

NO after dinner snacking! I just brushed my teeth and am going bed. Success! Tomorrow morning = 30 Day Shred 1&2 + 60 min treadmill intervals! Ouch!! 🙂

feeling better & fiber

I let myself have the rest of yesterday to mope and feel sad, because far too often I don’t deal with my feelings right away. I dragged my butt to the gym after work and had a great 3 mile run that I wanted no part of, but I knew it would change my mood. It did! I realized after 1.5 miles that I had not worn deodorant all day. I sweat a LOT when I work out, but I never smell. This is good because I forget to wear deodorant quite frequently. Oops! Plus I got to tan again. Save me the cancer talk on tanning if you know what’s good for you 😉 I came home to John being a sweetheart and holding me forever. If you need a 20 minute hug while you cry like a crazy person, he is the right man. I got right into bed and he rubbed my back til I fell asleep. He is wonderful, in case you were wondering. I was up a few times in the night and felt sick, but woke up this morning feeling MUCH better! This week was more important to sleep and let the depression get out of my body rather than forcing myself to the gym at 5 AM. I was craving a big cold smoothie-in-a-bowl rather than oatmeal this morning (I knew I was going to eat oatmeal for lunch!) so I made one. Before:

frozen spinach, protein powder, frozen strawberries & frozen bloobs& unsweetened vanilla almond milk.


topped with fiber 1 twigs & crunchy peanut buttah

No coffee this morning, just a gallon of ice cold water 🙂 Caitlin met me at my apartment so we could walk to work this morning. It’s October and we were sweating. NYC weather is SO different than upstate, and it’s only 3 hours away from each other!

I didn’t take pictures of my food yesterday because I was thinking it was going to be a full-on calorie overload day again and I didn’t want the reminder. I have a very all-or-nothing mentality and I am working hard to get rid of that. I am proud to say, I took control and was only at about 1600 calories by last night after my run. I can eat more than that and maintain, but I needed a deficit after the days prior. I didn’t get hungry til about 10 AM at work yesterday thanks to my 2 AM meal, so I had a pumpernickel bagel with egg whites, bacon and cheese. I literally haven’t eaten a bagel on a weekday in over a year. Bagels to me are a lot of calories when I could have a 100 calorie sandwich thin and be fine. It was GOOD. I hadn’t brought food with me because I didn’t have my head on straight yesterday morning, so luckily our building has a cafe in it and the guys who run it are amazing. They have tons of healthy options and let us put our food and drinks on a tab if we want. I got a grilled chicken salad and a cup of BUTTERNUT SQUASH & APPLE SOUP. The best soup I’ve ever had. It was so comforting with how I was feeling and it was a really rainy day. I was full for the rest of the day so no snacks, and I was able to run with limited stomach pain. I’m used to running on an empty stomach so I knew it would hurt a little.

After the gym I had a quick protein shake. I wasn’t hungry, but a protein shake is fast and mine are less than 110 calories. I prayed I would wake up and feel at least a little better, and I definitely do. I decided to go upstate to see my family this weekend because they can make me feel awesome again 🙂 So I’m headed upstate tomorrow night! I always plan out the foods I want/need to eat while I’m there, and for some reason I am craving the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday more than anything in the world. So completely random. Mom, I know you’re reading this so if you’re feeling better Saturday, we have a Ruby Tuesday date where I will embarrass you by eating 8 plates of salad. My best friend Brenda (and Rob!) are upstate this weekend too, and even though we all live in NYC we never get a chance to see each other 😦 I’m planning on some nice chilly fall runs outside, snuggling with my grandma, and just enjoying my family and friends. Unfortunately John and I never get a chance to go upstate together because he works weekends. We are both really close to each others families, so it’s hard not going together.
Mid-morning today I had 3 egg whites and Trader Joe’s spicy pico de gallo and guacamole on a whole wheat sandwich thin. There may or may not have been a tiny bit of mold on the thin, but I picked it off and it was in the fridge overnight so I should be fine 😉

I had mentioned that espresso sounded so good, and for once I didn’t actually NEED it. 2 minutes later, my boss comes up and gives me an espresso shot and a nespresso chocolate that you eat as you sip the shot. He ROCKS! 🙂

Lunch time came and I had an oatmeal mess in the fridge that I hadn’t eaten the other morning, but I was really craving veggies. I had to pick up cinnamon at the grocery store on my break (I put cinnamon on basically everything), so I got some beets and red peppers along with my oatmeal. Great combo!

I LOVE my hot oatmeal mess in the mornings but my smoothie was so delicious this morning, and then my egg sandwich snack..  I feel like I’ve been eating breakfast all day. That is my ideal meal plan.

Tonight is possibly yoga, and my body could really use some good stretching. I am CRAZY sore from kickboxing still! I think some yoga and compression socks tonight will be good so I can run 5 miles tomorrow morning. The class is 7:45-8:45 which when you’re a crazy 5 AM runner it’s very late and could interfere with my dinner eating. We can’t have that! I’m craving “pasta” for dinner. I say pasta in quotes because I don’t like pasta at all, but I love the sauce and parm cheese. So my pasta is steamed broccoli and a chicken burger cut up with sauce and parmesean cheese! I think I’ll have a big salad monster on the side to ensure my fiber intake for the day is 2000 grams. Seriously, I should NOT have the stomach issues I do with how much fiber goes in my body. It apparently likes me so much it decides to stick around for days. Feel free to send sympathy cards to John as he deals directly with my gas but still loves me 🙂