Crunch Wrap, Bad Run + Good Run

Yesterday was a pretty up and down day for me. Exactly 2 weeks before my period, obviously known as PMS, I really have a day where I am just a monster. I don’t even want to be around myself let alone other people. I woke up excited because I got to record a podcast on my weight loss story that the awesome Sam from reached out to me to do! He will let me know in a few weeks when it will air and I will make sure to post it to all of you!

After the podcast high wore off a few hours later, I just started to get into a terrible mood. I could barely concentrate on my homework, I felt gross and had no motivation to run whatsoever. I finally pulled myself together and went for a run around 3, but around 1:30 I came up with this delicious creation.

photo (2)

Not pictured is the 90 calorie Flatout wrap I used, but I sprayed the pan with coconut oil spray and threw on the wrap with the following inside:

  • 1 tbsp Better’n Peanut Butter
  • 1.5 tsp chocolate hazelnut butter
  • 1/2 smashed banana
  • cinnamon

I let it heat for a minute or so on medium heat and kept the wrap open so I could see when the PB’s started to melt. I folded it over gently for another few seconds then opened it back up and transferred it to a plate. I added 1/4 cup of crunchy cereal (technically John’s crunchy cereal…), folded it up and Voila!

photo (3)

photo (4)

Sooooo good! I like using the Better’n PB to bulk it up because it’s only 50 calories per TBSP, and then using a smaller amount of a real nut butter. Unfortunately when I left to go running, 1 mile in I had crazy bad cramps and had to call it quits less than 1.5 miles in. The exact reason I run in the morning on an empty stomach. Running in the afternoon just doesn’t work for me!

So I came back from the run feeling extra pissed off. I did some more homework and then met John for dinner at one of my favorite places that I’ve written about 300 times, Grey Dog Cafe. I had their amazing turkey club where they use real, mouth-watering turkey on their homemade 9-grain bread, with goat cheese and bacon. That cured my bad mood pretty quickly, along with my cute date of course. John went above and beyond and got a ridiculously sized piece of pecan pie, and the 4 bites I had of it left me feeling like a beached whale. How he eats these things and remains a toothpick? The world may never know.

photo (6)


Those few bites fueled me up for a great run this morning. Funny how one day you can barely make it 1 mile before throwing in the towel, then the next day 7.5 miles breezes by and feels amazing each step.

photo (7)


photo (8)


photo (2)


I’ve struggled with stress eating/ PMS eating this week so have to work on cleaning it up and taking the time to meal prep next week. Nothing too crazy, just have been a little too lazy and carefree and sometimes that means I’m not even eating enough but definitely not the best things. Meal prepping makes all the difference in the world, or at least mine. Left to my own devices, I’m getting food out and it always turns into more calories/food than I really need. Know what I mean?! But damn, those pecan pie bites were goooood.

What was your best run or workout this week?

What was the last indulgent, delicious thing you ate?

Food Hates Me.

What a sad title! Well that’s what my conclusion is. My over-dramatic conclusion when it comes to my never ending stomach issues. I’m in a constant state of trying to be consistent with what I eat so as to not disturb my stomach and leave me constipated for weeks (yep. That’s the kind of IBS I have.) with terrible cramps, heart burn and nausea. The amount of toxins that get trapped in your body when you can’t go to the bathroom? Hello feeling like a huge pile of… well, what won’t come out of me. Sorry to be graphic, but it’s a pretty awful thing to go through. I know I’ve mentioned it on here but it’s something I’ve suffered with since I was born and was always told it’s just IBS, and there are different forms of it. No one ever seemed too worry when I couldn’t go to the bathroom for weeks at a time and my stomach was bloated and hard like I was pregnant. Well the last year it’s been bad, a lot. And now that almost everything I eat seems to bother me, I have to get it under control and see what’s really going on in there. I have an appointment next week for a GI doctor and I’m pretty excited (that’s sad.)

I think I’ve at least narrowed it down to the conclusion that I have become lactose intolerant. Over the last few weeks, I’ve cut out dairy a lot. No more whey protein in my oatmeal every morning, no greek yogurt, much less cheese. Then I added it back in a little bit. And my stomach went berzerk! I’m more sad about the greek yogurt than anything else. I’m going to still try and see if I have some earlier in the day if I can be okay. I had it later at night when I tried it and so it could have been a combination of anything else I ate that day.

That means a lot less of these guys:


I say less because let’s be real; I’m still gonna eat froyo sometimes. It’s worth the pain once in awhile.

I’ve been trying to switch up what I eat a little. Some based on my stomach issues, some based on boredom. I will never give up my beloved oatmeal, but making it at work in a tupperware container (for 2+ years now, not same container but in general!) has been just grossing me out lately. When I make it at home, it’s glorious and looks like this:

oats, wheat bran, egg whites, banana, chia seeds cooked and topped with pb, flax cereal & raw cacao coconut butter :)
oats, wheat bran, egg whites, banana, chia seeds cooked and topped with pb, flax cereal & raw cacao coconut butter 🙂

But in an attempt to switch it up, I tried a diced up sweet potato cooked in coconut oil & cinnamon, with 6 scrambled egg whites and crunchy peanut butter as an alternative. Banana and iced coffee not pictured.

photo (5)


It was so good! But didn’t fill me up like oatmeal does. Ugh.

Clean snacks like this have treated my insides okay:

Sodium-free rice cake with crunchy PB and banana
Sodium-free rice cake with crunchy PB and banana

Generally my afternoon snackage is a greek yogurt, which I am going to try and add back in. Chobani recently told me on Allie’s Instragram that CHO is 95% lactose free! And lactose is the part that drives my intestines crazy.

Hmmm what else makes me happy? This dude:

Small drink, big guy
Small drink, big guy

We have fun. We eat a looooot. Probably too much, but it makes us happy so whatever! This was at Momofuku, devouring ramen bowls and him devouring a way-too-small-for-a-man glass of some weird alcohol slushie. Yick.

Oh! We saw one of our favorite comedians Saturday night do a hilarious improv show. Nick Kroll. Such a funny dude. Improv (with the right comedians) is a delightful way to spend a night.

photo (7)


Check him out!

Alright, I’m coming at you guys with a few new things so stay tuned. Probably next week since I know most of you get to enjoy July 4th and the weekend. Not when you work in the fashion retail world, ya don’t. Have a hot-dog for me, ya’ll.

Do any foods hate you?

Better question..what foods do YOU hate? I am not picky at all but I hate steak/any form of red meat besides burgers which I can’t eat anyways. I also recently realized I hate spinach. I somehow have managed to choke it down the last couple years, but no more. Maybe juiced or blended in a smoothie sometimes. Eat what you love!


It’s been a day full of randoms.

First of all, I got to the gym last night after working up all the energy I had left in me and was actually excited to run/spin. I grabbed my sports bra and tank out of my gym bag, and realized I never packed leggings or shorts. I was so overtired that I actually almost cried, and took that as a sign that I needed sleep. I never even ate dinner because I came home and totally crashed on my futon without unfolding it and still in my work top. I got my pants off, but not my top. Weirdo.

Fueled by lots of coffee, I made it to the gym this morning to sweat buckets to Ripped in 30 Level 2. It hurt so good. Followed that up with a 3.35 mile run in less than 27 minutes, even though my legs were super tired and shaky from Ripped. I had to stop once during the run and take super deep breaths for a few minutes because I had the worst side stitch pain I’ve ever had. It was scaring me it hurt so bad, but I breathed and stretched and ran my ass back to the gym.

I was planning on having a plain Chobani greek yogurt with Kashi cereal, banana and PB but I took one bite of the yogurt and wanted no part of it. Breakfast is my favorite thing in the world and I’m always ravenous since I work out first, but this just sounded awful at that moment. I was saved when one of my co-workers gave me the small little raisin pita that comes in one of the Starbucks boxed meals they sell. So I ate that, super random, with a banana and peanut butter and some iced coffee. Something is weird with my appetite and taste the last couple of weeks. I am used to eating the same boring things every day but not getting sick of them, so not sure what’s up. If I ever stop liking bananas and peanut butter, please be worried.

One wonderful part of my day: being on JANAE’s BLOG! Her post today is about her making a quick little trip to NYC and having us NY bloggers/blog-lovers meet up again! We all met up back in November when she was here running the marathon and it was a blast! SO excited to see her again and her little baby bump! 🙂

Dinner tonight was super good, and I’ve been making sure to eat lots of veggies and fruits since I wasn’t feeling great last week and definitely am lacking in energy this week. I made grilled chicken, sweet potato with mustard, and brussel sprouts with egg whites and organic ketchup. Lots of protein!

One last random: while running in Central Park this morning, this guy flew past me running in Kangaroo shoes! You can just see it barely because I had to sprint after him to get a picture. I can’t imagine how fun these would be to run in, however I would make it 10 feet before I would fall on my face!

You can see them more clearly HERE. I was cracking up watching this guy bounce around!

Would you ever run in Kangaroo shoes?


It’s a gloomy, rainy, humid in January day here in NYC. It’s in the upper 50’s! I was sweating walking to work because I am obviously dressed in layers seeing as how it’s January… So weird.

Sleep never felt so good last night. I woke up once and shut off my alarm because sleep was more important than making it to the gym this morning!

I made a smoothie last night for a quick breakfast this morning because I had an early meeting. In the mix:

Frozen peaches
1/2 banana
1/2 cup plain nonfat greek yogurt
1/2 + a few splashes more of light vanilla soy milk
3/4 scoop protein powder

Blend, and apparently don’t freeze for the next morning. It sat out of the freezer for over 3 years before I could have it and it was still like a slushie! A yummy and healthy slushie, but a little weird to be eating it with a utensil out of a shake cup.

Lunch was good but soggy. I saved my lunch from yesterday to have today, which was sprouted grain bread with guacamole, egg whites and cheese plus a side of butternut squash and edamame. The sandwich was really soggy which totally grosses me out… I ate it anyways obviously.

I’m going to try the new flavor of Lunabar later before the gym, which is honey pretzel peanut! Sounds so good. I have 4 miles to run at the gym after work, followed by tanning and having a relaxing night in with John. Crazy friday night, as usual. What can I say, my couch and sleep trumps being out in the cold and having a hangover!

Sore Calves

It’s been a solid 3 weeks since I have done any strength training, but luckily Caitlin and I are back on track with 30 Day Shred as of this morning. Besides my thighs killing from the squats, my calves are so sore from all the jumping. Despite my complaining, i love feeling sore! 🙂

After Jillian I bundled up for my first real outdoor winter run ever! I was going back and forth between the treadmill or outside, but since it might rain this week and I will not run in the rain especially in winter, I sucked it up and wore the following:

Nike dry fit t-shirt
Lulu Lemon stride jacket
Under Armour vest
C9 running tights
Under Armour socks
Puma running gloves
Head/ear band

And obviously, sports bra, undies and my Asics. PS- I need to get fitted for new sneaks ASAP. I’ve had these since the summer!

mid- run, feeling fab!

That outfit was utterly perfect for a 15 degree run with minimal wind. The warm up was a bit rough on my lungs, but soon enough it felt great and I kept my pace sub-9, ending 3.5 miles with an 8:31 average pace. Super after not running for 4 days!

Today I am back on track, even though I have said it at least 24 times in the last few months, whether I need to hire someone to stop me from eating late at night or not! I am working on eating bigger portions and more often throughout the day so when I get home I’m not so hungry. It’s hard to find a balance on the days when I work out in the morning and at night, but much of it is mind over matter. I need to listen to my body more and only eat when I am actually hungry. I am testing out the “drinking water before I eat” theory that magazines love to throw around to fulfill any thirst needs that may be masquerading as hunger.

Breakfast: banana flax protein oats w/ new-to-me extra protein peanut butter (available at GNC) and black coffee

Lunch: spinach/feta/egg white wrap and coffee w/ a splash of half&half at Starbucks

Afternoon snackage: plain greek yogurt + frozen blueberries + crunchy PB

And unpictured cocoa roasted almonds ❤

I went to my fav spin class of the week after work despite my achey legs and had a blast! So much energy in this class! He has one thursday mornings that I neeeed to get to!

Dinner: Trader Joe’s chickenless strips (meatless monday!) spinach, broccoli, goat cheese, hummus, balsamic & vinegar & chickpeas

Those chickenless strips are not very good. Lesson learned 😉

NO after dinner snacking! I just brushed my teeth and am going bed. Success! Tomorrow morning = 30 Day Shred 1&2 + 60 min treadmill intervals! Ouch!! 🙂

NuGo obsession

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling exhausted after getting back into the city late Monday night. I somehow managed to trek downtown to bust out Level 2 of 30 Day Shred with Caitlin, but wasn’t feeling so hot during or after. I decided to use a sick day because hey, my last day is Friday and if you don’t use ’em ya lose ’em. Sweaty and tired, I crawled back into bed and got a couple more hours of sleep. Actually, I made a spinach protein smoothie to refuel from my workout and chugged it down quick before my return to slumber. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to spend a day with John as it was his day off! After a shower, I chowed down on a bowl of protein oats with a sliced apple instead of a banana, peanut butter and sugar-free syrup.

It was reaaalllly good and it felt great to enjoy a hot breakfast with hot coffee in my kitchen and not at my desk. I met John on the lower east side after he got his hair did (ha) and we wandered the rainy streets and found solace from the rain in a little bakery named Panya. John loved up on a 8000 calorie danish of some sort, and I enjoyed a hot americano. It’s a little Japanese bakery and they have some delicious looking bread, treats and food that I want to try at some point. We also hit up the East Village location of my fav store, Buffalo Exchange, and I found a vintage Yves Saint Laurent blazer! It’s not my style, but I am hoping to sell it on eBay or make a stop at a store that I have been dying to shop at: Second Time Around, which you may recognize from the show Fashion Hunters on Bravo. It’s an upscale consignment shop which is my idea of a good time.

After a pit stop at Trader Joe’s, I made up a quick (late) lunch before spin class. I was pumped for spin class all day, which makes me so excited! I really didn’t think I’d like it, but I’m falling for it. Lunch was a reduced carb whole wheat wrap with tabouli, egg whites and fat free feta with cukes, celery and hummus. Super delicious and great fuel.

I hit up a 1.75 mile run on the tread before spin class. When the instructor was adjusting my seat for me she asked, “Did you already work out?” Apparently the massive beads of sweat already dripping from me gave it away. She looked at me like I was nuts and yeah, I am. Already my butt hurts less after spinning my heart out for 50 minutes! She played great music and was really enthusiastic, plus this class was completely full unlike my first one where there were only about 8 of us.

Favorite part of this class: when “Empire State of Mind” came on and Alicia Key’s belts out “NEW YOOOORK!”, everyone in the class was trying to sing/scream and it reminded me how lucky I am to be a New Yorker. The pride of it all is moving, as corny as that might sound! But since it’s been a dream of mine for 20 years, it felt pretty euphoric 🙂

I finally hit up a little healthy market on the corner of my gym’s street and found some gooooood stuff.

Justin’s brand peanut butter (honey flavored) was on sale and I have been wanting to try it. My favorite peanut butter I used to buy upstate (1st natural PB I got hooked on!) was on sale, and my new favorite protein bars. Seriously, Nugo bars are my new favorite food/thing in the world. The first one I tried was the chocolate pretzel with sea salt when I was upstate over the weekend and I literally had to hold back tears this thing was so good. It seems that something that good could never be healthy, but they are definitely Jen(that’s me) approved. Every bite had a touch of sea salt and if you are crazy about salty/sweet combo’s, these will swoon you. The next one I tried was from the NuGo slim line, and I ate the roasted peanut with dark chocolate bar.

PERFECT post-workout refuel bar. Stats: 190 cals/ 7 grams fat/ 21 carbs/ 9 (!) grams fiber/ 2 grams sugar/ 15 grams protein. I am making an effort to eat within 30 minutes of a hard workout, and these are just what I needed. I also love the fact that there are no artificial sweeteners in these because my stomach can’t digest them. Last night I fueled through 3 finals with the help of coffee and NuGo’s peanut butter cup bar. This bar is not part of the slim line so there is a bit more sugar, but it comes from natural sources such as delicious dark chocolate. I was full for 3 hours, which coincidentally happened to be how long my finals took 😉 Get yourself some of these bars- you will NOT be disappointed!

At the end of my finals, I needed a quick bite- it was too late for dinner, so a Chobani pineapple Greek yogurt topped with Once Again crunchy peanut butter was the perfect fit.


What’s your favorite kind of protein bars? What things do you look for in a bar (calorie wise/low sugar/etc)?

1st spin class!

Yes, I finally took my first spin class. After what seems like forever of putting it off, I dragged my extremely stressed out and frazzled ass there last night. But first, what’s really important… delicious food. Particularly, the delicious food I ate yesterday.

I slept in and got to make one of my favorite breakfasts: protein pancakes. The recipe I use is basically just my oatmeal mess but with added egg whites and made into pancakes. I used mostly wheat bran in yesterday’s batch which came out amazing. Topped with banana, peanut butter and sugar free syrup. Egg-nog flavored coffee on the side.

Kept me full until I had a little snack at 1. Greek yogurt with raspberries.

And a new-to-me protein bar that I am really digging. No funky protein taste, only 120 calories, very low sugar.

After eating this, I had an unpleasant conversation at work which left me upset and therefore with a crippling stomach ache that lasted for over 2 hours. Anxiety flares up my stomach issues like no other. After lots of water and a few hours, I finally ate my real lunch. Left over ahi-tuna, spinach, sweet potato & mustard.

I skipped my walk home to take the bus (ew) and make sure I got my ass to midtown in time for spin class. I chomped on a giant pear on the way.

I am 96% sure the guys sitting next to me were taking a picture of me on their iPhone while I was eating this. Their phone was up in the air and I know I pull the “I’m just texting” when I’m really taking creepy pictures of people.

I was nervous to say the very least about spin class. I got an amazing deal for a 2-month membership at Gold’s Gym and my plan is just to take a few spin classes and finally try Body Pump before I decide if it’s the gym I’d like to join since I’ll be working in midtown shortly 🙂 I warmed up with 10 minutes on a Precor elliptical (WAY better than any other I’ve used!) and then got into the room early. The instructor was an awesome girl who showed me how to adjust the bike according to my height and how the resistance knob works. The bike was very basic and definitely uncomfortable, which I had anticipated. The class had about 10 of us total, some men and some women. I took a picture of the room to send to Caitlin to prove I was there since I have chickened out of going about 89 times.

I’m creepy. Anyways, the music started and we were off for a bike ride. I was sweating within 5 minutes. Drenched by 10! I loved the seated sprints, semi-liked the standing jogs in position 3, neutral about the standing jog in position 2… HATED THE JUMPS! The 4 second count jumps weren’t so bad, but the 1 second and the 1/2 seconds? Forget it. I did as many as I could but just made sure that even if I had to sit back I kept peddling. At first I was really shocked by how weak my legs appeared to be; I run all the time and do tons of squats and lunges via Jillian Michaels, but I couldn’t hold a sprint or a jog in the standing position for the full 30, 45 or 60 seconds until halfway through the class. Just like that, I fell in love about halfway through. I haven’t ever in my life sweat that much for anything. The floor around my bike was literally drenched, as was everyone elses. It was AMAZING! The music was fun and I was totally singing along, and before I knew it she announced that it was the last song. Seriously, 50 minutes flew by like nothing. Again, this picture can’t even touch on how sweaty I was.

I love running, but I am planning to have an affair with spinning. Don’t be hurt running; it will only strengthen our relationship in the end 😉

It more or less feels like I had the roughest sex of my entire life (that’s probably TMI, but if you know me you know anything goes and comes out of this mouth!) and sitting at my desk all day hasn’t been fun. But it’s been a reminder that I’m stoked to get better at it and plan on returning tomorrow for a 5:00 class. Working out that late on a Saturday? I must be in love.

Dinner last night is not pictured because I inhaled it. I had 3 egg whites and 1 fried egg on whole wheat toast with organic ketchup, and another piece of whole wheat toast with goat cheese & honey. So simple but so good. Unfortunately even though my endorphins were high, I gave in a bit to the stress I had had that day and ended up eating a few whole wheat wraps with peanut butter, bananas and honey plus a small oatmeal cookie from Trader Joe’s. Nothing crazy, but not needed because it was eaten after dinner when I wasn’t hungry. First time in a week giving in to stress eating though, so I’m making progress!

Today I overslept thanks to my late night workout (I was up most of the night unable to sleep, I have to get readjusted to night-time workouts!) so I thought I’d make today my rest day. Turns out, my legs wanted to run 2.08 miles on my lunch break so I let them have what they wanted. 9:36 pace in a winter fashion coat because I was just anticipating to walk? I’ll take it. Sorry that my cute coat is now a little sweaty inside though…

Tonight is consisting of Caitlin, Erica and I taking on NYC. We are eating dinner at Angelica’s Kitchen and bringing a few bottles of wine because they are a BYOB! I love that concept. We are planning to get pretty wasted and celebrate my new job, Erica’s boyfriend coming home from Alaska SO soon, and Caitlin’s general fabulous-ness and her trip to Germany next week. I have 4-5 miles to run tomorrow if the hangover isn’t so bad, but I’m not holding myself to it. Tonight is about being 23, living in NYC, and pretending like booze is water. Once in awhile, this is needed.

Are you a spinner? What is your favorite thing about spinning?

Food Rut

Food is one thing I do not get bored with. I eat protein oats (sometimes made into pancakes) with a banana and peanut butter every morning except Sundays (my bagel day) and look forward to it all of those days. Give me greens, sweet potatoes, goat or feta cheese, fish or chicken and some mustard and I can create lunch and dinner. Greek yogurt, apples, protein bars, nuts, veggies and hummus more than satisfy me for snacks. So even though my ingredients don’t often change, I love my eats and find someway to spruce them up here and there. You may call it a food rut, but I call it food happiness. I am obsessed with vegetables.

Lunch yesterday:

Beets, feta, egg white, red pepper
Chicken, mushrooms, spinach, sweet potato & mustard
Starbucks Americano (perfection) & Kind bar for snack

My dinner last night was epic. I had John grill me a fillet of ahi tuna before I got home and I loved how it was really plain tasting but also really delicious. I piled it on spinach, sweet potato, goat cheese, garlic powder & a lovely little dressing I whipped up.

Balsamic vinegar, whole grain dijon mustard, spoonful of honey. Breathtaking.

I sliced up some cucumber and put the  rest of the ahi tuna pieces on top with some balsamic. To me, it looks like little pieces of sushi and I felt like a chef. To you, it probably looks like tuna on cucumbers with balsamic dumped on a plate. Agree to disagree.

This is why I someday want to work with people trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Had I known I could create delicious, filling, healthy meals like this? I would have given up McDonald’s long before 2 years ago. Healthy eating is DELISH.

I also came home to a friendly little package from Brooks Run Happy University.

Bag, Running fuel (which I have yet to use!), ear buds, and chafing prevention tools. I also have never had chafing, so i must be a beginning runner? Anyways, this made me super happy after (another) stressful day. I only have one pair of Brooks and they are pretty hardcore. I get compliments on them everywhere. They are downright badass.

I’m still getting used to them as they are very minimalist and I feel my shins and calves working super hard when I run in them. But leopard print sneakers that also say speed demon on them? I’m a badass.

After dinner, John and I went to the laundry mat. It was a wild hump day. Ahi tuna and laundry. We are still in our honeymoon face, obviously 😉 When we got back, it had been a whole 2 hours since I ate so bedtime food was needed. I have no shame in how much I can wolf down.

Into my new GNC blender/juicer combo (AMAZING BLACK FRIDAY DEAL!) went:

– 1/2 cup pumpkin

– 1/2 banana

– 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

– 1/2 scoop banana protein powder

– cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice

– ice cubes

Topped with… peanut butter. Yum yum yum. Pretty stoked that I have a blender that can blend ice now. I can’t wait to try out the juicer part!

Do you get stuck in food ruts? Do they bore you or do you love it?

I just really like routine, even when it comes to food. I won’t eat a bagel or even crave one unless it’s a Sunday. Weirdo.

Do you have any vegetable/fruit juice recipes I should try?

I know I want to try some carrot/ beet blends! Help a girl out 🙂

weekend re-cap

Happy (belated) Halloween! I dressed up as Rachel Zoe for work yesterday & for Caitlin’s party Saturday. I didn’t have to spend a dime since fur vests and huge sunglasses are staples in my wardrobe 🙂 This weekend was fun and a little bizarre to have a snow storm in October! Back track to Friday… I’ll let the pics do the talking!

baby food as a snack? delish.
biggest pear ever. not pictured: peanut butter (duh)
I look horrible but had to post it because it looks like "fart" is behind John (it said earthlings?).
5 Napkin Burger date- veggie burger on multi-grain w/ extra pickles & sweet pot fries! ❤
all bundled up for pumpkin froyo at 16 handles!

It was a pretty wild (and indulgent!) Friday night and we were in bed by 11. We slept until noon Saturday which I haven’t done in years, and woke up to a white out snow storm! I love snow especially now that I don’t have to drive in it. I walked to the grocery store to get breakfast ingredients which included eggs, fat-free reddi whip, pumpkin and LIFE CEREAL! It’s one of my favorites, it was on sale and I haven’t had it in at least a year (name brand cereal is very expensive in nyc!). I made John whole wheat french toast and some pumpkin oatmeal protein pancakes with warm diced apples for me 🙂

With plenty of fat-free reddi whip

We watched a marathon of Arrested Development and spent the whole day cuddling while it snowed 🙂 You can work up quite the appetite being lazy, so I had a huge bowl of Life cereal with a banana and peanut butter.

Slept some more, then got ready to head to Caitlin’s halloween party! She had an amazing spread of mini carrot cake cupcakes, chips, hummus & veggies and CAKE POPS DIPPED IN PEANUT BUTTER CHIPS!

Rachel Zoe!
Rachel Zoe and Capt Morgan.. missing his Diet Coke!
my sexy lumberjack girlfriend
my 3 favs!

We drank lots of wine and decided not to go out in the snow storm. John and I picked up a piece of pizza on the way home thanks to the alcohol, and it was amazing! Not for my waistline, but whatever.

drrrrrrrunk pizza

I slept a whopping 3 hours before I was wide awake and watched Fashion Hunters on Bravo… Love that show! I decided to get grocery shopping out of the way and walk off some of the alcohol. I got off at 116th st and on my walk got invited to breakfast with Caitlin and her friends, so I went on down to 51st and had a delish $3.50 breakfast at Galaxy. I had egg whites, 7 grain toast & potatoes. Aka perfect hangover food!

I spent the rest of Sunday walking around the Upper West Side and ended the day with a coffee date with John at Bourbon Coffee on 14th Street. If you live in NYC or visit, try to go there. They made my pumpkin spice latte with REAL pumpkin instead of gross sugary syrup! They also have the most amazing dessert called a “Jedhi bar” which is a layered cookie bar of graham cracker, dark chocolate, coconut and coffee/cocoa powder. We get it every time and share it. My phone had died at this point since I walked all day, so no pic.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling super stuffy, so I made a big green monster smoothie with some egg whites for breakfast.

Due to the snow storm Saturday, the power, internet and HEAT was out at work. Apparently Jersey got a lot more snow than NYC. Yet we still stayed doing absolutely nothing for 7 hours. Luckily I had snacks but I wasn’t able to eat my oatmeal for lunch because we had no hot water or microwave. I had a big apple with peanut butter, and a greek yogurt mixed with PB2, fiber 1, a banana and peanut butter. AKA not enough food for me.

We ended up finally leaving at 4 instead of 6, and Caitlin and I had BIG plans of hitting the gym… but our growling stomachs got the best of us. Not to mention we’re both fighting a cold courtesy of hangovers and freezing cold temperatures. We were starving for chinese, so we found a place in her neighborhood for some take out and headed back to her place to watch Sex and the City and chow. I learned my lesson with the fried chinese I had upstate, so I got steamed chicken with steamed broccoli with absolutely no oil, and a side of steamed vegetables.

It was so good and now I know I can eat chinese and have it be healthy! We also indulged in some dark chocolate since it was Halloween and all. We went walking around her neighborhood and I continued on a stroll up the Upper West Side and got to enjoy some costumes. I walked a lot Sunday and Monday but it was my only real exercise. Obviously this weekend was super indulgent and void of vegetables, so I was happy to hop back on the running train this morning!

Sorry for the crazy long post, I have to stop being so busy shoveling food in my mouth on weekends and make time to blog! 😉