Hair Woes.

Welcome to Hump Day, ya’ll! This week has flown by so far which is always great. I am ready for the next 6 weeks to fly by before we can welcome at least consistent 40-50 degree weather. I am so over this winter that I don’t have adequate enough words to express my feelings towards it. Literally all I have the energy to do after work is get into bed and fall right asleep, and getting out of bed for the gym unless I have to teach has been non-existent. Send me motivation, please and thank you.

Since I don’t have much to report on on the fitness front today, I thought I would post some things I am currently coveting and my big dilemma at the moment; what the frick to do with my hair. I am truthfully not a fan of my hair and almost never have been. I have maybe 10 good hair days a year. The texture of my hair has changed dramatically over the last decade and it leaves me increasingly more frustrated with what to do with it. I had naturally curly/wavy hair my whole life until the last two years. Suddenly it grows really fast, is much more straight than ever before, extremely snarly, and grows OUTWARD near my ears?? Last March I decided to chop off almost 11 inches after my hair wouldn’t even hold a curl anymore because it just sucks that hard. I loved it, but it grew out SO FAST because every hair on my body apparently grows at lightening speed. (TMI?)

Also, let’s face it. I don’t have time or the desire to do anything fancy with my hair 99% of the time. Since (when I am being consistent) I work out most mornings, I only have 30 minutes to shower and get ready at the gym to get to work. I will never sacrifice workout time to spend extra time on my hair. Ever. It just ain’t worth it to me, folks. I’m comfortable in my messiness, thank you very much. So whatever I do to my hair, it has to maintain a level of needing absolutely no product and being able to be dirty most days of the week. But when I DO want to get a little fancy (probably 10 days a year) I need it to cooperate. I’m also not sure I love my platinum blonde anymore but that I am willing to stick with since putting dark over it will most likely not come out very well and I don’t have the time or money to fix that. I will talk to my stylist when I get it done in a few weeks but here is what I am ultimately thinking I want.



No idea who this pretty gal is, it’s from Pinterest. This length is a litttttle short for me but I think I need something totally different to scare the crap out of me. How does one put their hair to workout when it’s this short? At my shortest length last year I could still put it in a ponytail but this doesn’t look like I could? Anyone out there who is good with hair please send suggestions and tips! I think I love this color scheme too. Similar to what I have now, but with a little more brown added which I love. This haircut also seems like it guarantees I’ll have to move to California so I’m fine with that as well 😀

Besides that hair, I also really want the Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf. It’s apparently sold out online and in all stores (is this true???) and I can’t afford to spend $80 on one on ebay but I sure do want one. You can wear it 10 different ways!

vinyasa scarf


If anyone has a Lululemon near them that has this, I will PayPal you to send it to me and throw in something yummy! 😉

I am not in need of new workout clothes but as usual I want them, so I ventured into Victoria’s Secret on my lunch break because some of their sport line was on sale. Turns out, it was 50% off the sale price! I can’t link to any of them because they aren’t on the website but I will take pictures and show you what I got. Pretty stoked to have gotten 3 tops (2 with connected sports bras) and a sports bra for $65 total! It would have originally been $165. Woop woop!

What’s your relationship with your hair? Love it or hate it?

great friends

My morning view on the way to the gym:

Breath-taking. I keep forgetting that it’s just about holiday season (probably because NYC has been having 60-70 degree days and it’s almost mid-November!) and my first one living in NYC! John and I would come to NYC the first weekend in December every year on a bus trip with the awesome women he used to work with (Alicia if you’re reading, I miss you!) and visit all the tourist traps, but the holidays down here are SO BEAUTIFUL!

I’ve been a little obsessed with Pinterest lately. It really is an awesome site if you want motivation and inspiration. I usually look up running and fashion pins, and this picture was so beautiful!

Haha i love that.

I’ve been eating my usuals so no need to bore you with pictures.. oatmeal, egg sandwiches, carrots w/ hummus, apples with peanut butter, (everything with peanut butter), veggies, tuna w/ goat cheese (my newest obsession), salads. Tuesday night I decided to try to roast some of the kale I had. Side note- I bought it instead of lettuce or spinach thinking I could use it for a salad… not so much. But it’s a big bag so I WILL use it, even though I don’t like it. Roasting it caused it to whittle like paper, but it had so much garlic and red pepper flakes that I ate it anyway. Ketchup made it tolerable. I’m using it in an omelet tonight for dinner because I hate wasting food, and it might just end up growing on me! Just not raw.

This week my workouts have been GREAT! I’ve gone hard everyday since Sunday. I’ve ran, elliptical-ed, spun, walked, and strength trained. I’ve been so much better about not stress eating, but I have definitely needed to keep my eating more than I was before the stress eating. I feel less fluffy than I have the last few weeks, but I think it will take a few more to feel back in shape. I’m listening to my body instead of just going by the calories I THINK I should be eating… it just isn’t enough, so I’m trying to ignore the numbers. It’s a hard process to try to convert into intuitive eating, because it definitely has caused me to gain a little bit which I had read was normal as you are learning to listen to your body. I know it will even out, and the stress eating was the biggest culprit. I semi-slipped last night, after I had oatmeal for lunch I wanted it again for dinner because I had a school project and had no time to cook, but I was feeling very stressed and ended up eating a few slices of toast with peanut butter and honey after. That’s my ultimate comfort food apparently. It’s healthy, but having had oatmeal for two meals already I didn’t need more carbs. I didn’t feel sick or even close to full, so I’ll accept that my body needed the energy to compensate for my extra hard workouts, and move on. Done and done 🙂

Speaking of school, I am really at a loss as to what to do from here on out. My major was fashion merchandising, but I changed it to just business administrative after realizing fashion is not really the industry I want to work in. Having a business degree leaves a pretty open door, but I truly don’t want to be a business major anymore either. I have wanted to be a health teacher since before I lost weight and got passionate about health and fitness, but I thought it would be more glamorous and fun to be in fashion. I have changed so much since high school, and I want to help and teach people about healthy living. I want to make people feel hopeful and not alone, and be able to manage and view healthy living in a whole new perspective. Being a health teacher and also personal training/ weight loss coaching on the side is my ultimate dream now. My dilemma is do I continue with the business program and get my associate’s since I can have it by next spring, or do I look into switching majors and probably losing credit for all of the classes I’ve taken thus far? I have to research and make a decision soon because my school work is slacking big time. I come home exhausted and miserable and I can’t put my all into my school work. It really sucks, because I made the Dean’s List the last two semesters. My head and heart are just not in it this semester, but I have made out a list of everything that is due for the rest of the month so I can make sure I know what’s coming and get some work done ahead of time. I can power through this and make the best of it.

I always think about how lucky I am to have great people in my life, but yesterday was one of those days that smacks you in the face with them and tells you that life is awesome because of them. I was feeling pretty down, but it quickly changed after Caitlin gave me a card she saw at  Trader Joe’s and bought for me! Inside she told me that I’m fabulous no matter how I feel, and that she is so glad we’re friends. I cried tears of joy because it was so sweet, and then laughed my ass off because the girl has an obsession with cards and I love it. Her and my other co-worker and great friend Erica wrote me two amazing, empowering emails that really helped and changed the course of my day from shitty to great! I ran a 5K on my lunch break and it felt like summer, but with amazing views of fall trees. It was pretty radical. It’s 2011 and I just brought back ‘radical’, get ready.

So even though life sucks a lot lately because I’m not in the place I want to be school and career wise, I am reminded so often that I have so many things to be happy about. Great friends, great family, legs to run with, a city that is beautiful and never dull, and a lifetime ahead of me to figure my shit out.

Do you count/track calories or are you an intuitive eater?

Have you ever switched majors or career paths?