Man UP.

Hey party people!

Last week was pretty boring on the blog front because I didn’t do much except work, teach some Spin classes (NOT BORING!) and sleep. No running in like 8 days. And I don’t even care. This shitty, cold, exhausting winter has ruined me! I’m thinking I’m going to have to start using the treadmill even though it will take an hour to run 3 miles since I have to stop every 1/2 mile to stretch or my hips feel like they will break off. But this is a big year of races for me as I am now running the NYC Half March 16th (which means training needs to start THIS week or I’m toast), the Brooklyn Half May 17th, and then MARATHON training starts July 1st!!! I’ve said all along that I REALLY want to go into marathon training with a solid long distance base and stronger, so it’s time to man up and put this plan into motion. It’s obviously amazing that I have been teaching a lot of spin classes lately so I’m keeping my cardio up, but the only thing that will train you for running is running!

I was off from work this weekend but I got to teach a spin class Saturday morning and John came! It was so awesome to have him there to see me in my element. He has taken 2 spin classes with me a couple of years ago so he kinda knew what to expect, and it’s safe to say he still hates it 🙂 He did ask me if we could go back to yoga this Friday night though and I almost flat-lined. Making progress with him! I wasn’t feeling great yesterday so I basically did nothing but sleep and laundry but Saturday we ate some delicious food after spinning our butts off.

Brunch at North Square:

photo 4


One of the best brunches I’ve had in NYC. I had the brunch tasting which included 3 small pumpkin pecan pancakes, chicken apple sausage, potatoes, 2 eggs and a cheddar biscuit. I obviously couldn’t eat the biscuit because of the cheese but the rest of it was PERFECT. Seriously it was my dream food plate, a little serving of things I love all together. The sausage was really amazing and the pancakes were perfectly sized so I didn’t feel like I WAS a pancake after I ate them. John had the burger and it looked delicious and pretty big!

After some walking around and getting coffee, we had an early dinner at Umami Shoppu to warm up with some ramen. Ramen is such a perfect meal during the Polar Vortex that is upon us. I had the Spicy Butaniku ramen and it was just spicy enough. The ramen I get at Momofuku is actually TOO spicy and usually leaves me feeling sick. We also started with pork buns and they were delicious and so much less oily than Momofuku’s.

photo 2 (5)


photo 3



I am making an emergency stop at Trader Joe’s tonight because I NEED to get some healthy food and meal prep a little. I say emergency because TJ’s on a Monday night is generally a mad house and going right after work may result in violence. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, I may need bail money 😉 I want to get a little more creative with my food so I will post whatever I’m eating the rest of the week!

Has this terrible winter restricted your running? Or are you a champion and pushed through?

What is your ideal brunch meal?