When Running Is Hard.

We’ll get into what to possibly do when running seems so hard in just a moment! (Why do I sound like I’m on TV?)

So after the half marathon Sunday which is utterly exhausting in and of itself, I went to work and then out to celebrate with John. We walked around for quite awhile after dinner and then I started to have an anxiety attack inside Trader Joe’s (I tend to have them when I’m overtired) so we knew it was bedtime for me! I am seriously an infant. I didn’t get much sleep and had to wake up at 4:45 AM to catch a 6:10 AM bus up to Binghamton for just a few hours to get my hair done. I got to Port Authority and found out that I stupidly booked both tickets LEAVING from Binghamton, not NYC. So I had to wait for 2 hours until the 8:00 bus left. Being exhausted and moody and sore and sweaty in Port Authority is probably the definition of hell on earth.

All was worth it though because I got to the salon where I love to go and was greeted with foils and wine.

photo 4


I don’t have an after picture right now but I went a lot blonder with some layers. If you are in the Binghamton area I highly recommend Friends & Company salon! If I travel 4 hours just to get my hair done, you KNOW it’s an amazing place.

I had just a minute to spare before I went right back so my brother and I went to get my favorite salad at Broadway Diner.

photo 5


Greek salad with grilled chicken, honey mustard on the side. The only thing missing was their french fries that are life changing but I figured I needed no more grease in my belly after the burger the night before.

It took me til today to feel caught up on sleep but it was well worth it!

So the other day on Facebook I saw this great quote posted from Competitor Running that I follow on there. It made all the sense in the world to why running seems difficult OFTEN to me lately, and I believe it’s from being a little too inconsistent and taking too many days off in between runs.

“I sometimes hear people say they don’t like running, but I think most people are never in good enough shape to really enjoy running. If you try to run consistently 30 days in a row — give or take a few days off during that span — there is something special that happens and all of a sudden you start feeling good and really enjoying it. But if you only run once or twice a week and are taking several days off, you’re always fighting getting in shape.” – Jenny Barringer Simpson

I would not suggest running 30 days in a row to anyone because you’re asking for an injury and for burn out, but I too often take 3-4 days off due to oversleeping and just plain laziness that my pace suffers and it feels like I can’t breathe well. This might not be the ONLY contributing factor, but I want to safely be able to run 5 days per week. This is also not just about pace but how I feel overall when running. There are definitely some days where a run feels incredible and “easy” but it isn’t often for me lately. I’ll admit my allergies have been the worst they’ve ever been for the last 6 months so breathing in general has not been easy, but I think I am also a tad bit lazy. I love sleep, what can I say!




Of course you have to listen to your body and distinguish a real need for rest from just being lazy. This is where I fall short because by nature I am a lazy bum! No shame in my game. But consistency is really key in improving in anything, so of course this can be applied to any exercise!

So after this half marathon on Sunday, the rest of my races for the year are shorter except for a 15K in December. I want to run more days per week but keep them to 3-5 miles with a longer run on weekends, probably 8 or 9 miles max. I will also up my strength training and get back to Bikram yoga now that I won’t have to worry about severe soreness hindering a race 😉 Ready to switch it up!

How many days per week do you run or workout?

Sweet Potato Hash

It’s been a pretty blah, boring week. Nothing of note to report on. I’ve had a headache every day and been an emotional mess thanks to my monthly friend, so I’m just hanging by a thread. My 4 mile run yesterday was my first one since my 10 mile race on Sunday and it did NOT feel good at all. I think I felt something pop in my left hip during the last 2 miles and my hip hurt the rest of the day. That trickled down to my knee and my foot so I decided to take today off and rest. I guess this is my taper? I’m planning to run tomorrow but definitely not Saturday. I’ve also been stress eating too much candy/sugar this week but the positive in that is that it is nothing compared to my old ways of stress eating! But still, I didn’t need 2 snack size dark chocolate mounds (which are amazing by the way) and a dark chocolate Reese’s before bed last night. It did taste damn good though 😉

I’ve been so lazy about dinners lately, but one delicious meal I made for dinner on Tuesday was a hit. I tried to recreate the hash I get at brunch with what I had on hand. The result was fabulous and I’ll definitely be stocking up on what I need to make this for dinner a few times a week!

photo 1


Sweet Potato Hash:


  • 1 sweet potato, chopped up
  • Diced up onion (however much you want) & green onion/scallions
  • Red bell pepper, diced up
  • Whatever meat you want… I used a chicken sausage
  • 1 Egg
  • Hot sauce/ketchup (optional)

I sauteed the sweet potato, onion and bell pepper in coconut oil. I put the sweet potato chunks in for about 5 minutes by themselves first because they take awhile to cook. Toss them all in garlic powder and any other spice you want. Cook up the meat in a separate pan and toss in with the potatoes/onions/peppers for another minute or 2. Fry up an egg, plate the hash and throw that runny egg on top. Top with hot sauce, ketchup, whatever your heart desires!

I love hash for dinner because you can throw in whatever vegetable and protein you want on it, plus it really doesn’t take long at all. If you’re like me and love to eat breakfast for every meal, this is perfect. A regular potato works too, I just love the sweetness of a sweet potato against the salt.

What is your favorite easy dinner to make?