Vacation. Need.

Warning: random blabberings ahead. Only way to describe my need for a vacation is just, NEED. This week did me in on all fronts and I am beyond exhausted. I was expecting some good news on Friday and when it got postponed, I had a breakdown. A private one, until I texted my brother who always makes me laugh hysterically. Not only did he make me crack up, but he also Venmo’d me a very specific amount of money to get some froyo to make me feel better. photo 2

So sweet, right? It cheered me up a ton but on my way to Orange Leaf, I got sucked into Pinkberry. The horror. I haven’t had Pinkberry since I first moved to NYC over 3 years ago, because it just wasn’t close to as good as the others and not to mention it’s not self-serve. This was a new location and the signs for the chocolate chip cookie drew me in. I planned to just get a taste but the flavor was SO good. I may have to incorporate them back into my froyo rotation.

photo 1 (1)

Waffle cookie, cookie dough, almond roca (DELICIOUS), coconut flakes and thin mint crushed cookies made this the best bowl of froyo of my week. I’m such a fro-hoe.

ANYWAYS- about those vacations I need. This is the best year ever because I am going to Costa Rica in August and Mexico in November and neither trip cost me an ounce of debt because I had saved up for them both. But I started thinking that I really needed to get away before August. Like, REALLY NEED TO. I want to rip my hair out on a daily basis thanks to stress and since it doesn’t seem to be getting warm here anytime soon for me to take a quick hour trip to the beach, I started to do some research. Every year at the end of May, there is a conference held for Spinning in Miami, the WSSC Conference where you can earn the points needed to keep you a certified Spin instructor. I started thinking that hey, Brenda and I could go down for 1 day of the conference and then stay another day for the beach and maybe we both wouldn’t go completely crazy in the next few weeks? She agreed, and my co-worker/friend Sharde also decided that she will tag along, but without the spin part. So, a mini girls vacation in a manageable distance of time was born.

photo 4

Those are the classes that Brenda and I are signed up to do at the conference. I am looking so forward to learning how to become a better instructor! Equally as excited to lay on the beach and finally see Miami! What am I not looking forward to? Flying. I haven’t flown in 5 years and I am PETRIFIED to say the least. Any tips or fellow scaredy cats out there? I’m gonna need some Xanax.

Just to prove that I still do eat my veggies, I have to share with you the salad that I am completely obsessed with that I need to recreate on my own because I can’t keep spending $13 on lunch every day.

photo 3 (1)

Chop’t is officially the best salad joint in the city. Expensive as hell, yes, but the salads are gigantic and the mixes are the bomb. I get the cobb with grilled chicken, chopped up bacon, avocado, blue cheese, tomatoes, romaine, red onion and I sub the hard boiled egg for roasted broccoli. They give you a couple of thin pieces of flabread and I get the tex-mex ranch dressing on the side to dip. The way they chop it all up together (hence the name) makes every bite so flavorful!

I have been so great about mindful eating the last few months, but I definitely let it slip a little this week and honestly? It’s okay! This will happen. The thing I feel the best about is that it isn’t making me frantically open up the MyFitnessPal app and start obsessively counting calories again. I actually don’t think I ever even did a post on how I stopped because I didn’t want to jinx myself, haha. I used it for 4 years and would recommend it to ANYONE to assist in your weight loss journey, or even weight gain if that’s what your goal is. But I needed to know that I could maintain my weight on my own and start to build a better relationship with food, and I did it. And of course there is going to be setbacks here and there because this is it. For life. I’m in it forever, and that means failures. I’m dragging my tired ass to Trader Joe’s after work tonight to get some healthies for the next few days until I go out of town to Binghamton. And then after my half marathon next weekend, I am going to eat either a burger or chicken wings and then die. And then come back to vegetables. Sounds good. Give me a week.

Other random things? I haven’t strength trained since January and my glutes and hip are suffering. I also run once a week if that and I really miss it. Teaching spin 4 early mornings a week (and then going into work until 7 PM or later) is making running next to impossible to fit in, but at least it’s so much fun to teach. I do miss the serenity that a lone morning run brings you. If only there were more hours in a day. Once I get my life figured out here (hopefully THIS WEEK) I will have to make more of an effort to strength train though before I need a hip replacement before I’m 30.

What was your last vacation? I haven’t taken an actual vacation in almost 4 years!

Ever been to Miami?

Are you scared of flying?

Deliciousness + A Lot of Spin

How is it already Thursday?! This week has FLOWN by because I have taught Spin every single day since last Friday! It’s been a crazy non-stop week, that’s for sure. I welcomed today’s rest day with open arms and sadly one extremely sore and pained hip and glute 😦 I need to spend a lot of time foam rolling the next few nights before the More/Fitness Half Marathon on Sunday that I’m obviously ill-prepared for. Brenda and I ran for 1 hour and 25 minutes last Sunday before my spin class and I was seriously dead the last 15 minutes. Where am I supposed to fit running in when I’m teaching spin so many mornings?! So many things are up in the air right now and I’m hoping to have it figured out by next month and hopefully that includes a big change. 🙂

Backing up to last weekend because it was so awesome, on Sunday after my long run and Spin class, I met up with my good friend Alyse and her awesome roommate and other friends that I love for a belated birthday brunch. Alyse is the sweetest! She took me to ABV which has my favorite eggs benedict in the world and amazing iced coffee; pretty much my two favorites. photo 1

The hash browns take it to a whole new level. A whole new level of caloric insanity, I’m sure 😉

After brunch we stopped by Dough Loco, a doughnut joint that Alyse had told us about that we had to stop at. No one else really had room for a doughnut the size of their head except me, and I’ll blame that on the fact that I did almost 3 hours of cardio before hand. So, a blueberry doughnut was part of my refueling, natch. photo 2


We hung out at Alyse’s apartment for awhile before John and I split to hang out down in the East Village for awhile before his belated birthday dinner. We went to Brindle Room because it’s John’s favorite and the food is so delicious. We had beer battered pork belly for an appetizer and it was ridiculous. So, so good. photo 4

I had the happy hour $5 mussels and fries for dinner because… $5. And they are GOOD. photo 5

Followed up with froyo at a new-to-me place that I am now obsessed with and thankful it’s so far downtown I won’t be running there more than once on the weekends, Yooglers. So many awesome flavors and SO.MANY.TOPPINGS. HELLO, POPTARTS AS A TOPPING!!!!

photo 3

AND oatmeal squares, aka my favorite cereal but it’s $8 a box here so I never buy it?! Actual heaven.

Included in that weekend was teaching spin Friday morning, Saturday morning, Sunday morning (+8 mile run), then bright and early Monday morning. I also taught Monday night and came home to a great dinner late Monday night. I needed some healthy grub after all the junk from Sunday! photo 1 (1)

Sweet potato with goat cheese & raspberry preserves, egg whites, baguette with smashed avocado, and my first attempt at a poached egg that I overcooked by… a lot. It was still good! Followed by a bowl of my current cereal obsession, strawberry frosted mini wheats with vanilla almond milk. photo 1 (2)

Tuesday morning after I taught spin, I came home to finally take a glorious nap and try to regain some energy. Around 2 I thought I should probably go try to find some food so I went to a place in my neighborhood I have seen but never had the chance to try. It’s basically a cafe with all kinds of salad, sandwiches, etc and it’s directly across from Columbia hospital. The food is SO fresh and much more affordable than places in midtown! I got a turkey sandwich on this delicious tomato foccacia bread and a huge feta salad. photo 4 (1)

photo 5 (1)

So good.

And my healthy dessert I’ve been having every night this week with no guilt: photo 4 (2) Even if you don’t have an allergy to dairy, these are worth eating. So Delicious brand coconut almond bars for 170 calories each, topped with vanilla almond butter. Of course the almond butter is optional but… not really. 😉 They have the exact consistency of real ice cream but only 10 grams of sugar which is really good for a dessert. They are a little pricey but worth it if you can’t eat the real deal!

And finally last night, I taught back-to-back spin classes which is only the 2nd time I’ve ever done it. I must say, teaching twice in a day isn’t bad when it’s spread out but back to back is pretty brutal. By the end, I was light headed and was completely depleted of everything! photo 2 (3)

I ate a banana right away then a quick protein shake and some Popchips with 1/2 an avocado for dinner. Not even remotely fancy when trying to prepare dinner at 9 PM and SVU is about to start! Did anyone watch last night? I am so happy that guy finally offed himself. He was so creepy.

How has your week been with workouts and food? My sweet tooth has been off the charts lately, woops.

New York Rangers + Balls

Today is going to be a 2 post kinda day because I have some words about The Biggest Loser’s winner. I want that to be a totally separate post, so this one is to show my super fun night last night at my first New York Rangers hockey game! I bought tickets to it for John and I for our anniversary and the game was last night. This was my first Rangers game and first time ever at MSG which is just crazy huge and awesome inside. Also, everyone was REALLY friendly. I was scared. That is not normal in New York 😉

Walking to our section and I yelled out "Holy Shit"
Walking to our section and I yelled out “Holy Shit”
I suck at pictures but this was the view from our seats. Really not bad for being up high!
I suck at pictures but this was the view from our seats. Really not bad for being up high!
During the first score for the Rangers. Love that everyone stands up and goes crazy!
During the first score for the Rangers. Love that everyone stands up and goes crazy!

Hockey is pretty cool but let’s be real, I was bored out of my mind by the 2nd quarter? Inning? What the heck is it even called in hockey? I started to make John take selfies with me and although he looks happy he was really annoyed with me. 🙂

photo 4

And best of all, 2 of my favorite people in the world were sitting just 2 rows behind us and since the seats beside us were empty, they came down to party. No picture of Joyce (why didn’t we do this!) but Sam is the coolest girl ever.

photo 2

photo 1 (1)

photo 3

They went to the gift shop to get me this bunny! They are the greatest. Please excuse my extremely puffy face as I woke up from a nap about 20 minutes before I had to be there and I had an extremely painful dentist appointment Monday night. Also, that coat is very unflattering but it keeps me warm so I choose to look like a snowman.

John and I were starving after the game so we had a late night date at The Meatball Shop. As usual, it was delicious and I couldn’t finish it all. They give you a TON of vegetables when you order the “kitchen sink” salad and the balls are really filling. I started with a market salad which had romaine, kale, fried shallots, sprinkled parm cheese and shallot vinaigrette.

photo 5 (3)


Then I had the special balls of the night which were buffalo chicken in blue cheese. Also known as my favorite thing in the world. Next time I’d ask for the sauce on the side because this was WAY too much blue cheese, even for me.

photo 1 (1)


The stuff at the top right did not get eaten nor did the carrot salad. I wasn’t feelin’ it at all. John had regular balls and the most amazing mashed potatoes. Ever. I took a few bites and they were so creamy I could have died. I’m sure there was at least 3 pounds of butter in them, natch.

photo 2 (1)


Friggin’ comfort food at it’s finest. I’m so ready for this fat winter to be over! I seriously

Have you ever been to a NHL hockey game? MSG?

What’s your favorite (not so healthy) comfort food?

Small Changes.

Happy 2014 you guys! I hope this year is terrific for you and myself as well. I think great things are brewing for me and I just have to put in the work to make them happen.

New Years Eve was spent with Brenda, Eddie and John at their apartment. We ate Domino’s and I drank about a teaspoon of champagne. We watched recaps of the funniest moments of 2013 and just laughed and talked. We were home by 1:30 AM and it was glorious.

My first ever New Year’s Day workout. It felt awesome.

photo 3

I have been hungover for every New Year’s for the last 8 years I believe. No more. Next year I am planning to do the midnight run in Central Park. On the train ride home from Brenda’s we saw so many runners leaving the park and I was pretty ragey that I didn’t do it.

The run was followed by brunch with my friend Alyse and her awesome roommates. We brunched at Riverpark which is a very fancy (for me) restaurant by the famous chef Tom Colicchio. The brunch prices were totally normal so I would recommend trying it for a fancier feel! We started with cinnamon doughnuts to share.

photo 4

So many dishes looked great but most of them had cheese and other things I would have had to sub out so I just went with the safest option, the wild mushroom frittata.

photo 5

AMAZING iced coffee, too!

I probably should have woke up early to run this morning but since I have 2 classes tomorrow and my legs are REALLY sore from my 6 miler yesterday, I slept in and am really aiming to eat healthier today. It’s a serious challenge after 2 months of being overly lenient in my food choices. Since I was also running less the last 2 months, I feel pretty fluffy and my pants aren’t fitting how I’d like them to. My mindset in the past would have been to restrict, or be too strict with how I would eat to reset my body (and mind, too). My will-power to be like that just doesn’t work anymore. And I don’t think that it’s a bad thing! In order to make changes that will stick, most people respond well to small changes. I know for me it’s really the only thing that will work. How do I do that? Here a few tips that work for me and hopefully will help you get back to healthier choices.

1. Obviously meal prep is important, useful and really does work in theory. You save money, calories and for me- a trip to the crazy streets of Midtown East in search of food for lunch and therefore a bad mood. But for me, after weeks of eating less-than-healthy foods, I seem to keep craving them. Were you eating a lot of breakfast sandwiches or french toast or pastries? Maybe you can keep eating those foods but make them yourself so you are saving the calories. Right now, oatmeal is just not doing it for me. If I make it at home on the stove and eat it right then it’s still great but for some reason making it in the microwave at work makes me gag now. Probably because I’ve been eating the same breakfast for 2.5 years straight. Except the last few weeks, I’ve been eating bagels and croissants for breakfast so I’ve been spoiled! I had the next best thing that I whipped up last night; healthy muffins and a big ol’ iced coffee.

photo 1 (1)

I’ll call them banana chocolate chip muffins. The chocolate chips I used are dairy-free mini ones from the brand Enjoy Life and I found them at Whole Foods. They seriously taste exactly like real chocolate chips, without the stomach ache for me. Win. Make these:

  • 2.5 cups oat flour (just grind oatmeal in a blender or food processor, about 4 cups worth)
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 mashed banana
  • 1 tbsp melted coconut oil
  • Cinnamon (as much as you want)
  • Optional: 3 tbsp chocolate chips

Heat oven to 350, mix all together and make either 6 large muffins or 12 mini’s. Bake for 15-20 minutes, turn on broiler for 2-3 minutes for extra crispness on top. They come out about 260-ish calories for the 6 count with the chocolate chips so omit those and they will be closer to 220. Pair with some protein like some egg whites and a fat like a little peanut butter on the muffin and it’s an amazing breakfast that doesn’t seem SO healthy 😉 Eat things you love, just modify them.

2. Make 2/3 meals healthier to start. Make at least your breakfast and lunch healthier, or your lunch and dinner. For me, if I eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, it’s actually easier for me to have a healthy dinner too. Why break the pattern, right? But if I start out the day with junk, I will be much less likely to eat healthy the rest of the day. After my healthy breakfast, it was easier to choose a good lunch today. I picked up a made-to-order salad at my favorite place and loaded it with vegetables and grilled chicken. It also had some crumbled blue cheese and a side of light ranch to dip my fork in, because that’s balance!



3. Honor your cravings in an alternate way. This is kind of similar to #1 but it’s what helps me the most. I work long hours, no less than 10 hours of my day is spent at my job and therefore just a breakfast and lunch aren’t going to cut it. Around 4 I start to get antsy because I still have 3 hours of work left and I just want to leave. Then comes the late afternoon snack attack. BE PREPARED. Don’t come empty handed and leave yourself vulnerable to office junk food. I did this the entire month of December and that’s why I feel fluffy now. Bring an apple or banana with peanut butter, a Larabar or whatever your favorite type of bar is, portioned out trail mix, a fruity greek yogurt, or some dark chocolate. I prefer a bulkier “snack” that’s basically just another meal calorie-wise. I don’t get a chance to eat dinner until at least 8:00 PM but often later if I work later or teach a Spin class after work, so around 5:30-6 I am starving. Depending on your calorie needs and when you eat dinner, you can judge how big your snack should be. Also, maybe you are a big time post-dinner snacker. Since I eat dinner so late, I don’t usually have a chance to eat more because I need to be asleep. You don’t have to give up your dessert, you just need to fit it into your calorie needs for the day.

4. When encountering junky food that ya know ya just don’t need right now, repeat to yourself: “I know what this tastes like already. I’ve had it before, and I can have it again.” I may be crazy for this one, but I swear it works for me. If you really stop to think about a food you are about to dive into that you don’t exactly need, seriously remind yourself that you know what it tastes like. You know it will be available to you again. Why not just wait? John’s mom made a ton of her amazing cookies and I’ve been picking at them every day since before Christmas. I finally stopped myself last night and remembered that I had been eating them every day and I know what they taste like. They are freaking amazing so it’s hard to say no even when talking out loud to myself in the kitchen, but I managed to not even open the ziplock bag. There just seems to be less of a “I NEED NOW” feeling when you stop to think that it isn’t the last time you will see the particular food.

Let me know if any of these tips work for you! They aren’t anything special or unique but we often just need reminders of the basics to set us straight again.

What small changes do you make when getting back to healthier habits?

Overindulgent August.

Happy Thursday!

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about food. Wait, what? Me think about food? Never. Did I mention it’s my favorite time of the month so along with back aches, chocolate is the only food group I want to shove in my face? Anyways, I had a pretty indulgent month of August which is funny because it started with the very 1st day of last month when my magazine article came out. John and I celebrated, with food, all weekend and it became a slippery slope that was pretty ironic considering my article was about LOSING WEIGHT. But I’m also a success story who has managed to keep all but about 15 pounds off for 3 years. Part of maintenance is fluctuating, and it’s taken me a long time to accept that. The choices I make on a daily basis are part of who I am now, and they are choices that I feel anywhere from 80-90% confident that I make well. Sometimes you have a few weeks where the not as great choices outweighed the good, but knowing when to clean up your act is the key to having real balance. With 8 more races in the next 3 months, I know that nutrition is one of the biggest factors in helping me achieve my goals along with proper training. Tack on my full-time job and my full-time school load and I really have to be on top of what I’m putting in my body to have the most energy. So this week it’s about getting back to the basics. No “detoxes” and no grueling 3 hour workouts to try and erase the month of August. That mindset is not healthy no matter who may be writing about it. The basics for me is really taking the time to food prep so that I have my own lunch and snacks with me at work. The basket of pastries at work are always going to be tempting, but I’m also pretty cheap (read: broke) so knowing that I already have food that I paid for with me is a big incentive to not fill up on calorie-dense foods.

This is one of the reasons tracking my calories and macro-nutrients daily helps keep me accountable. Even with my indulgences through August, I stayed within my maintenance calories and don’t feel like I’ve really gained anything. I love being able to fit in whatever I want to eat by tracking it ahead of time. I can stretch 1700-1800 calories into a looooot of food. Here’s a few things I’ve eaten this week.

banana chia oats topped with vanilla almond butter, roasted coconut chips and homemade dark chocolate. Almond joy oats!
banana chia oats topped with vanilla almond butter, roasted coconut chips and homemade dark chocolate. Almond joy oats!
Sweet potato, turkey bacon, jalapeno chicken sausage topped with a mustard/sriracha sauce
Sweet potato, turkey bacon, jalapeno chicken sausage topped with a mustard/sriracha sauce
Same as last pic but topped with a runny egg & organic ketchup
Same as last pic but topped with a runny egg & organic ketchup
My FAVORITE dinner right now.
My FAVORITE dinner right now.

This dinner is note worthy. Trader Joe’s roasted red pepper and tomato soup is the best soup I’ve ever had in my entire life. 1 cup is 100 calories and is more than enough! I add garlic powder and crushed red pepper, microwave for 2 minutes and eat it with some popped chips (healthier than oyster crackers!) along with the BEST bread I’ve also ever had. Trader Joe’s tuscan pane bread, 120 calories a slice and they are big, which I spray with coconut oil spray and throw in the oven at 400 degrees for 5 minutes or so then add garlic powder to. This will be my go-to dinner for the next 6 months. So easy and so cheap!

Light flatout wrap with dark chocolate pb, Better'n PB & mashed banana folded and heated on the oven. Great snack or dessert!
Light flatout wrap with dark chocolate pb, Better’n PB & mashed banana folded and heated on the oven. Great snack or dessert!
Almond milk banana "ice cream" topped with dark choc PB, Better'n PB, and cinnamon cookies
Almond milk banana “ice cream” topped with dark choc PB, Better’n PB, and cinnamon cookies

Last night John and I went to a new restaurant in our neighborhood that was REALLY nice, especially for our ‘hood. It’s a big tavern that had a lot of energy for a Wednesday night! I really wanted a little dessert after, so I got a nice big salad for balance.

photo (4)

TERRIBLE lighting and I should have used my flash. But it was a southwestern cobb salad which I removed the fried green tomatoes from and took out the yolk of the eggs to save some calories. I ended up using their homemade hot sauce as my dressing and couldn’t finish the whole thing which means it was HUGE. I seriously can eat a lot of food in one sitting, so this was notably huge.

I had to save room for what I was really craving which was a pumpkin cheesecake italian ice!

photo (6)

After seeing Hungry Runner post it on Instagram, I couldn’t believe there was a Rita’s in the city! This is their “cream ice” which is their Italian ice blended with just a little bit of milk. I asked ahead of time and the woman said they use just a splash of milk, and you can tell since it melts extremely fast into just ice. I got a little whipped cream on top, and it was the perfect hump day treat! 😉

This week’s workouts have been good so far with a 5 mile run Monday, 4 mile run Tuesday and level 1 of Ripped in 30 yesterday. I hadn’t done it in about 4 months and I was blown away by how strong I’ve gotten from BodyPump! I still got a super sweaty workout in in 30 minutes, followed by a ton of homework. Today is a rest day and tonight will be filled with a lot of homework as well. I have a 4 mile race Saturday morning but need to do a long run so I’ll be doing 5 miles before the race starts to hit 9 for the day! Therefore, no time goal for the race but I’m REALLY excited that 4 of the miles will be with a ton of other people! 🙂

Do you calorie/macro count? 

What are your ways of “cleaning up your act” after indulgent eating?

Running & Pizza

What a great weekend. What a great end of a week that was full of lots of hours of work and events for work. Lots of great food was eaten, a great run was had, and people I love were seen. Greatness all around.

Friday morning started out with Jillian Michaels & Caitlin, as most of my mornings do, and a 4.45 mile run. Friday night I had dinner at one of the only bad restaurants I’ve encountered since moving to NYC. Actually, there was one other, but this one really takes the cake. The plan was to go to trusty Blockheads which is pretty much the most popular place to go to in the summer since it has a huge area for outdoor seating. The margarita’s are cheap and the food is great, but the entire city had the same idea it seemed since the wait time was 2 hours. We walked up 9th Avenue, sure to find another place with similar stats, but unfortunately stumbled upon a place that I can’t really say anything good about! El Azteca had no wait, but still managed to make us wait almost 15 minutes to be seated. Drink orders were taken another 15 minutes later, food another time later, and by the time we actually got our food almost an hour had gone by. The chips and salsa were good, but the entree’s were nothing special, in fact they were tasteless for the most part. I ordered on the healthy side, going for the “stuffed avocado” which was 1/2 of an avocado over lettuce with baby shrimp and a spicy tomato sauce. Somehow, the entire dish had no flavor. The sangria I had was watered down, and overall the service was just bad. So if you’re looking for a good mexican restaurant, this is not the place to go!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to run my first long run in months. I met up with my boss and a charity team she is signed up with to run the NYC marathon. I am interested in joining a team myself to have entry into some of the half marathons and eventually the full marathon. I ran 2 miles myself to get there to get warmed up and then just about 7 miles with the team. It was super hot Saturday morning so I felt a little dehydrated through the run, but we stopped a few times at the water fountains and I took a few bites of my first ever GU! I have never ran long enough to need calories during the run, I just try to make sure I eat something good and carby the night before because I can’t stomach anything before a run. The sun was zapping my energy so I shared a packet with my boss and I think it really helped me make it through the last 2 miles! I definitely felt like a real runner 🙂 The miles ticked by and I was so excited that I was able to talk with her through the whole run which really shows that all of the spinning I did throughout my injured winter paid off with my aerobic ability! At the end of the run, we all stretched as a group in Central Park and I made my way home for lots of water and some blueberry banana protein pancakes! Amazing way to start a Saturday 🙂


topped with peanut butter & sugar free syrup, obviously


I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Brenda and walking around the city for over 4 hours. I had froyo, did some shopping, and eventually had dinner at one of my favorite pizza places in the city, Vezzo. One of my favorite activities in the summer is dining outside and Vezzo has a nice little outside seating area. I started with the most delicious salad, which has beets, goat cheese, red onion and pistachio’s with a rich balsamic dressing.

They have a big variety of pizza’s and one amazing way to try them is to get a personal sized pizza and have a different kind on each side. The personal sized pizza is perfect, and the crust is extremely thin. I tried one side with mushrooms and truffle oil and would not recommend it; I had wanted to try truffle oil for awhile and it is NOT good! The other half was bbq chicken.

Good, but it’s my second mistake of not just ordering good ol’ plain cheese pizza. You can’t go wrong with classics! The only place that knows how to do toppings is my beloved Nirchi’s upstate. To my fellow Binghamton-ers: chicken spedie pizza and honey mustard chicken pizza?! Amazing. Still, pizza is just always good even when it’s not great, ya know?

I went walking some more after dinner and it was a gorgeous summer night. This picture I took near 34th street, near Macy’s, and the sky looked crazy!

I love you, NY.

Yesterday I slept in a little, worked all day then came home, ate pizza again (no shame) and watched the 2nd Sex and the City movie and fell asleep super early. For some reason I was exhausted, and I’m thinking it must have been from the 9 mile run and hours of walking from Saturday. I was up bright and early this morning for Jillian Michaels and ran 4 miles that felt SO GOOD! One key to a great run for me? To eat pizza the night before 🙂 Seriously, it really is the best way for me to carb-load!

The rest of the week will be super clean eating (no more pizza) to feel great for my favorite weekend of the year: PRIDE WEEKEND! Cannot wait to celebrate with my gays!

How was your weekend? Any great runs? Any pizza?

New Chobani + Whole Foods

I finally found the new flavor of Chobani this weekend. Apple cinnamon. It tastes even better than it sounds.

It is the perfect amount of sweet in my opinion because it’s not too sweet at all! I am already dreaming of ways to use it.. in healthy muffins? With oatmeal? In a smoothie? I am so excited! Because of the added sugar in the flavored kinds, I only have them once in awhile and they are such a healthy sweet treat!

This morning I woke up very reluctantly and so exhausted, but I tend to skip Monday AM workouts lately. I always go to my favorite spin class on Monday nights, but since every weekend is ever so indulgent, an extra cardio sesh can’t hurt. I did some of 30 Day Shred level 2 with Caitlin and some moves of my own, but I’m getting bored to death with the shred and think it’s time to try a new dvd!

My legs are screaming from the 9 miles of hill running yesterday! I did 35 minutes of torture on the elliptical… I can’t express how much I hate that machine. I was on resistance levels 8-16 and going fast for every few minutes, yet still couldn’t get my heart rate higher than 150. That’s like a jog for me. It was still better than nothing, but I am skipping my spin class tonight because my quads have suffered enough! But I cranked up the tunes and cranked out 4.35 miles.

Breakfast today: plain greek yogurt + frozen blueberries + Kashi go lean high protein twigs + banana + PB. Plus a soy misto from Starbucks. This combo held me over for over 5 hours!

Lunch was so random. 2 hard boiled eggs with ketchup + greek yogurt + cocoa roast almonds + apple + PB. So so filling because this had a ton of protein!

I skipped my afternoon snack of a Clif mojo bar since I’m skipping spin. Tonight’s dinner was courtesy of Whole Foods, I was craving salad bar so bad. My favorite salad at Whole Foods is this:

The combination of figs and red onion is amazing! I really don’t like pasta or rice, but wheatberries are an amazing grain. They are really filling and I love that they are a little more versatile than rice. I’ve heard people use them as a breakfast dish, instead of oatmeal.

My salad mess was lots of this, plus chicken marinated with pineapple, red sauce and peppers, beets, butternut squash, kale, sprouts, and a few pieces of tofu that I ate while waiting in line… oops 🙂

I was just too exhausted to even think about making anything for dinner. I’m going to bed no later than 10, so I need to go make my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Work out plan for tomorrow = weights and run in the morning and possibly a spin class at night. Let’s hope my legs are less sore tomorrow!

Perfect Day Off

After breakfast, blogging, and a lot of coffee, I headed to the gym to run. It was a beautiful day out, but I wanted to do speedwork/intervals so I opted to take my run inside. I made up this workout (minutes: speed)

0-2: 4.1
2-5: 6.0
5-7: 6.4
7-8: 6.0
11-12: 7.0
12-13: 6.1
13-14: 7.1
14-15: 6.1
15-16: 4.1
16-17: 7.2/ 7.5 (30 sec/ 30 sec)
17-18: 4.1
18-19: 6.1
19-20: 6.3
20-21: 7.5
21-22: 6.2
22-23: 7.7
23-24: 6.0 / 4.0 (30 sec/ 30)
24-25: 4.1
25-26: 6.5
26-27: 7.5
27-28: 8.0
28-30: 4.0
30-32: 6.1
32-33: 8.0
33-34: 6.0
34-35: 8.0
35-36: 4.0
36-37: 6.2
* I was at about 3.75 miles here*
Sprint to 4 miles! I made it in 39:23, which is an avg pace of 9:50. Its slower than my usual outdoor pace, but running after the sprints were a killer! It was a challenge not to walk after each one.

I cooled down with a 1/4 mile walk in about 4 mins. Legs are jello- hopefully sugar free jello 😉

Wearing my heart rate monitor, I burned 436 calories! Thats more than I would burn at a steady state 4 mile run- this is why interval training is so effective at burning fat. I kept my heart rate between 135-185 (a littttle high but those 8 MPH sprints were hard!) but even during the walking intervals my heart rate didn’t drop below 135. The active recovery intervals (still running after the sprints) ensures your heart rate to stay up!

So. Sweaty.

I met up with Alyse after for lunch where I had an enormous salad. Spinach, beets, tomatoes, feta, grilled chicken & egg whites with balsamic and a splash of honey dijon. I have been craving salt the last few days which is SO much more controllable for me than a sugar craving. I am really staying away from anything with added sugar as I am determined to kick that nasty habit I picked up!

I just finally TANNED and now I’m heading to spin class. I walked around the city all afternoon and it was so nice out. Such a great day off! I just snacked on a dark chocolate + peanut protein KIND bar so I can power through class!