Labor-less Weekend

Happy Labor Day! Hard to believe this is really the end of summer, but this is the first time I’m not so sad to see it go. I love fall and I just can’t take much more humidity. Definitely getting old. This is also my first holiday weekend/holiday off in a LONG time. After working every holiday since I started my current job almost 2 years ago, I decided it was time for me to have one off and enjoy some family time. John and I headed to his moms house in PA Friday night and had a stress-free weekend which I desperately needed.

I started Friday by sleeping in, getting homework done for the weekend and running a great 5 miler. Upon arrival late Friday night, we devoured a pizza after not eating since early afternoon. I had planned to do an 8 miler Saturday morning so I carbed up, but I slept in and decided I would try it Sunday instead. Breakfast tasted much better up in the ‘country’ thanks to homemade strawberry jam.

cinnamon banana oats topped with homemade strawberry jam & melty vanilla almond butter
cinnamon banana oats topped with homemade strawberry jam & melty vanilla almond butter

We drove to Syracuse, NY to spend the day shopping at Destiny USA. This is the mall that I grew up going to because it was much larger than Binghamton’s dinky mall. They have expanded majorly and I was pretty impressed with their new store selection. The 90+ minute drive meant a Tim Horton’s iced cappuccino was in order to fuel me.

photo (58)

I ended up getting a dress to wear to one of my best friend’s wedding in a few weeks and a pair of Mizuno’s that have been sold out in my size everywhere! Once I try them out tomorrow I will post them and tell you what I think of them.

We ended up eating dinner at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill which is something John and I probably would have avoided at all costs seeing as how much we hate country music and everything that comes along with it. But I had heard they had good food and we all love some bbq, and I am now really glad we ate there! The food was super good, though the service was not. Be prepared to have a long wait (even though there were TONS of open tables) and another wait to be served. I had the pulled pork sandwich and it was the best pulled pork I’ve ever had!

photo (59)


The day ended with eating way too many Lindt chocolate truffles (coconut, sea salt, citrus- OH MY!) and a mean case of an allergy attack. My head was full of so much pressure and pain that I laid in bed until 7:00 AM until I finally fell asleep for a few hours. I’m really allergic to cats and John’s mom has a few of them, so I always take some allergy medicine and it still doesn’t help. But I LOVE being up there so it’s completely worth it! I have the BEST future mother-in-law ever 🙂

Before we left to catch our bus back to NYC, we had a cook out. This was truly the highlight of my summer since cook outs aren’t exactly prevalent in NYC. Cook-outs DEFINE summer for me, and of course makes me miss my grandma so so much. John’s mom did not disappoint and cooked up delicious chicken spiedies (what Binghamton is famous for) and fresh vegetables from her garden.

photo (60)


Team Salamida all the way.

And fresh fruit. The raspberries were JUST picked from her garden. Amazing.

photo (61)


My other favorite part of being up there? Her pug Lola.

Pugs & Pumpkins. LOVE!
Pugs & Pumpkins. LOVE!

I didn’t get my long run in but I’m heading out to get it done now. Another perk of having a holiday off!

How was your Labor Day weekend? Did you work or were you off?

What defines summer for you?