Is It Next Year Yet?

Watching the NYC Marathon on Sunday has made me SO excited for me to run it next year! However that excitement has not yet turned into motivation because it’s now day 9 of not working out and I still have NO desire to 😦 I feel like a huge blanket of exhaustion is just covering me and I want to do nothing but sleep and eat some soup. I’m guessing the reason I feel so exhausted is due to the lack of working out. Funny how that works, eh? Ugh, I need to stop over sleeping and get my ass up. Just to keep it real I have to admit this for both embarrassment reasons and also just because it’s kind of a good example, but I woke up late today and still hurried down to the gym to see what I could fit in. The trains were of course delayed big time so I didn’t get to the gym until 7:30, had a horrible stomach ache for 15 minutes so… yeah, then had just enough time to run 1 mile. Well I didn’t even GPS track it because I only had 10 minutes so it was probably more like 0.80 miles. Better than 0 I know but that is NOT what I call a comeback.

Movin’ on… some pictures from our spectating on Sunday.

photo 1 (5)


That was the crazy crowd on 1st Ave and 63rd St. The runner’s are passing mile 16 here I believe.

photo 2 (3)


photo 3 (4)


One of my favorite spots to watch, where the runners come into Manhattan for the first time!

photo 5 (3)


Mile 25!

photo 1 (6)


The 1/2 mile left sign was giving me a stomach ache and anxiety. I HATE that part of any race so much. I am not good at pushing myself at the end of a race until I have about 25 feet til the finish line.

I definitely shed a tear when I saw Ali at mile 25. The fact that she has battled Crohn’s disease SO bad this year, was barely able to train and didn’t know for sure up til 2 days before if she would even be able to get to the start line and then still ran it sub-4. FREAKING amazing! I simply can’t wait for next year.

Since we were outside in the freezing cold for a few hours, we decided to head down to Soho and warm up with a cute little tea and scone date at Harney & Sons. We are so corny, we know.

photo 2 (4)


I had soy chai latte and John had something I just call soup in a cup. It tastes like grass, not a fan. The scones were just slightly flavored vanilla and I slathered them in that yummy jam.

In other news, I am full on obsessed with turkey chili. I haven’t made my own yet (read: so damn lazy) but I’ve been getting it at Fresh & Co for lunch and it’s SO FREAKING GOOD and pretty low calorie. I have a week off from work and besides going to Boston FINALLY to see my babes Mark and Lauren, we were too poor for a real vacation so my other fun will be making chili for the first time. I am a party animal.

Have you ever watched the NYC Marathon in person or on TV?

Have you ever made your own chili? If so what’s your favorite recipe? I like it super spicy and thick! (TWSS) 😉