Playlist + Coconut Bagel

As promised in my last post, lemme give you the playlist of the week. It was a gooooood one. We jammed out really hard and I can’t wait to play it for my Sunday class! By the way, I was offered another permanent class at The Fitness Guru! I will now be adding a 6:30 AM Monday morning class to my schedule. So, so excited and really hope I’ll get a following at that time slot.

photo 2


Let me know if you guys want me to post the actual workout too, not sure if that’s boring or useful!

So after my class Tuesday morning, I stopped by Brooklyn Bagel to get a bagel and go straight home to bed. I left upstate with a cold and felt REALLY crappy before my class so I knew I needed to spend the rest of the day just resting and didn’t have much food at home. I got a – wait for it- TOASTED COCONUT BAGEL. With raisin walnut tofu spread, but that doesn’t even matter. I’ve never seen a coconut bagel anywhere in my life! It was so freaking good… especially enjoyed in my bed, right Erika? πŸ˜€

photo 5


By the way, if you go to a bagel shop and they offer tofu spread you should try it. Even if you aren’t lactose intolerant. It’s basically impossible to tell the difference yet the tofu is better. I’ve never had straight up plain tofu spread because I don’t like plain cream cheese, but the flavored ones are so great!

My body is craving veggies a lot this week so I’ve delivered. Last night I made a nice little vegan dinner for no reason other than this is all I had and was too hungry to wait for eggs to cook to put on this. Just diced up sweet potato cooked in coconut oil with broccoli, onion and some broccoli slaw stir-fry. Hot sauce and Cattleman’s honey mustard on it.

photo 3


Oh that sauce is probably not vegan somehow but anyways this was so good and wasn’t missing meat at all!

And this morning, I FINALLY RAN OUTSIDE!!!!!!! Like, got out of bed and ran. This is a miracle, ya’ll. I’ve ran outside a total of 5 times this year and am soooo out of running shape. I’m not going to believe my GPS when it said I was running 10:05 miles this morning because it felt like I was MAYBE running 11:30’s. Either way, I ran for 42 minutes and it wasn’t freezing and I was REALLY happy to be out there. Central Park looked gorgeous, and the sun just felt ridiculously amazing. Stopped after 2 miles to pee because I literallyΒ always have to pee 2 miles in, bad enough that I really do have to stop.

photo 1


The glorious bathrooms of Central Park. That winter running hoodie I have on is SO comfortable and sooo fluffy; it adds probably a good 10 pounds to me. Not that it’s heavy, but it is so unflattering haha It has a zipper on the left side where you can stuff a lot in it and it just kinda sits on your lower stomach. Not ideal, but it’s warm and was $15 at TJ Maxx. ‘Nuf said.

I’m just praying it will stay in the 30’s for the remainder of the winter. 30’s I can handle, and no more snow. PLEASE.

What is the best thing you ate this week?





I really like Tuesday’s. I’m off a lot on Tuesdays but now I have a permanent class at The Fitness Guru at 7:30 every Tuesday and I look forward to it so much! It will be awesome to go get my sweat on early and then have the rest of most Tuesday’s to do what I want (like hopefully teach more!). Anyways, Tuesday’s are pretty swell and Monday’s are usually noooot. I forced John to come with me to Trader Joe’s last night because I NEEDED to get some healthy foods into my fridge and more importantly, my body. I reviewed one of my favorite blogger’s recipes that are always my go-to when I need some inspiration to clean up my diet and to do so with foods I don’t always eat. Her blog is PowerCakes and definitely go over there and look at some of her recipes, old and new. I grabbed what I needed and headed home to do a late meal prep for the rest of the week. I made her AWESOME and protein packed tuna cakes to put on some kale salads. Recipe is here but I will type it for ya since I changed up the cheese because my belly hates lactose and all.

  • 1 can of albacore tuna (in water)
  • 1/2 an ounce of goat cheese (1/8 of a cup)
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed
  • Garlic powder/salt to taste- i also threw in some Mrs. Dash

Mix all of it together and scoop onto a sprayed pan to form 3-4 “burgers” if you will. I have to cook them on each side for 4-5 minutes so they hold up. I tossed them on some kale that I put in a container and shook with olive oil and garlic powder. This is the key to eating kale because I have HATED it before because it was way too sharp to eat. Let it sit in olive oil and it will become softer! I also pan fried some brussels sprouts and today I added some avocado and salt.

photo 1 (4)


I add salt to some of my food because I am a big time salty sweat-er. Like after every workout I have streaks across my face and chest so I make sure to replenish it (without overdoing it) otherwise I feel weak and headachey.

This morning’s spin class was amazing and we all worked so hard! I started with a 1 mile treadmill run since it’s all I had time for, and then we kicked butt in spin. The bikes at The Fitness Guru are so awesome. They are hooked up to a small generator attached to the front of each bike and you adjust your resistance electronically, not with the resistance knob. It tells you your total wattage for the class and we have a TV screen that shows how many batteries we charge during a class, too! I have heard to hit above 100 is pretty gnarly, so I feel really proud!!

photo 2

That was after my class so don’t think I had the resistance on 0 πŸ˜‰ The wattage is based on speed (RPM’s) and resistance so I end up burning close to 700 calories during a class and that’s just teaching! So amazing.

And one more amazing fitness feat in my life. I bit the bullet and signed up for monthly payments to get my CPT through NASM!

photo 5

I am excited and nervous because the information you study is SO scientific and thorough! I’m not sure the exact direction I want to go with because I don’t think I want to be a full-time trainer, but NASM offers a weight loss/nutrition certification to go along with this and I am planning to get that as well. I’d ideally love to combine both while still teaching and my ultimate goal is to be a motivational speaker. Woo hoo!

One last thing! I had this for dinner/dessert last night because I was meal prepping for over an hour and it was 10 PM and this sounded amazing since I roasted a couple sweet potatoes.

photo 4 (1)

Topped with coconut oil, coconut oil peanut butter, cinnamon and raisins. This will also be my snack in a couple of hours, minus the raisins because I forgot them. Oof. πŸ˜€

How is your Tuesday?!?!

Mooooooore Spin!

Hey guys!!

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I am in a REALLY good mood today, and sadly that’s rare these days. I’ve taught 2 spin classes in the last 24 hours and one of those was at a new gym that I got hired at over the weekend! πŸ™‚ The gym just opened in June and it is super gorgeous. It’s a small gym in DUMBO, Brooklyn near the F train and A train (for my New Yorkers) called The Fitness Guru.

photo 1 (2)

I’ve been applying to gyms and ads on Craigslist so that I can obtain more classes since I am still just a sub right now at 24 Hour Fitness. However, I hope that will change soon too! πŸ˜‰

So what’s up other than spinning my butt off? I’m really not loving running at all right now. So much so that I kind of don’t even miss it. I woke up Sunday morning with the intent to run 10 miles to see if I was in any kind of shape to run the half marathon this upcoming weekend, but I couldn’t even get out the door to do so. I KNOW a huge part of it is the weather and the fact that the treadmill just isn’t an option for me (I’ve mentioned before it very badly hurts my hips and therefore my knees, shins, foot, etc.) for more than 3 miles TOPS. I KNOW the weather shouldn’t be an excuse but my heart is just not in it right now. I am pretty sure I will not run the half this weekend because it’s kind of stupid to do so with only having 2 long runs under my belt in 2 months, but I may wake up Sunday morning and decide to give it a try. Really probably shouldn’t since the last few runs I’ve done have left my knee in pain, but I may be stupid. (This is me talking out loud)

Well while I hem and haw about that, let me give you a recipe for the amazing iced mocha I made which is sugar-free and dairy-free. I’ve been using too much of the flavored creamers recently and while they are fine in moderation, I should back away from using them every morning. I also really don’t LOVE hot coffee so if you’re crazy like me and drink iced coffees all year, you’ll love this!

  • 1 heaping tablespoon instant espresso (I use THIS one)
  • 2.5 (ish) tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder (I used a mix of dark cocoa powder and regular)
  • 1.25 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • Stevia or desired sweetener
  • Ice

Take the instant espresso and cocoa powder and put them in a cup or container of sorts. Add a little more than 1/4 cup hot water and mix thoroughly. Add in desired sweetener (I used 6 drops chocolate stevia and 2 packets of splenda) Put in the freezer for 10-20 minutes so it gets cold faster. Pour in cute, overpriced Starbucks tumbler and add in the almond milk and ice. Stir it up and sip away.

Said Starbucks tumbler.
Said Starbucks tumbler.

A cleaner coffee drink to get me out of bed πŸ™‚

Picked up a spin class for tonight! Woo hoo! Hopefully people will show up since when it snows in NYC, it becomes the apocalypse.

Do you prefer hot or iced coffee? Does it matter the season?

What form of cardio do you like better; spin or running?