Winner Winner!

Hosting giveaways for things I love is really so fun and rewarding. I’m super pumped to be giving away such a beneficial item such as PRO Compression socks and wanted to thank them again for allowing me to! The lucky winner is…

Kalyn! She blogs at Simon Says: Live! Congrats girl. I’ll send you an email! 🙂

In other news… I TOLD YOU that writing about my workout plans jinx’s (?) me. As soon as I posted yesterday… my knee started to ache really bad and it hasn’t in months. I iced it last night and didn’t run this morning, but it’s still really achy. Since it happens every so often I’m not freaking out about it, and I’ll continue to ice and foam roll tonight and try an easy run tomorrow. If it still is achy Saturday, I won’t race the 5K I’ll just be casually jogging it. No need to get a time goal just to get injured! Ugh, I swear that EVERY TIME I do any amount of speed work I end up in pain. I pushed the pace on my 4 miler yesterday and bam, pain. Really annoying when trying to get faster/ train for 9 races!

Other than that, it’s been a pretty uneventful day. It’s rainy and humid in NYC and I’m exhausted, despite sleeping a ton. The only thing I have to share is my delicious snack from yesterday afternoon.

photo (7)


That would be a coconut Chobani (2%, absolutely makes the difference) with coconut cinnamon cocoa roasted sweet potato chunks. Stop what you’re doing and make these. The coconut CHO is out of this world!

In terms of supplements/ vitamins you take as a runner/athlete- what do you use? I really need to start taking glucosamine chondroitin and fish oil, both of which are supposed to be great for joints.

Making A Comeback

Ah. Somehow it is already the last day of April. It has been a rough couple of months, and this poor blog has taken a backseat in my life which I do not like. Just like exercising and eating healthy, an effort must be made for things in our lives that make us happy and are good for us. Writing is good for me and makes me incredibly happy, so I am hereby making an effort to start blogging again! Hopefully any readers I might have will be happy by this decision; and if you are, comment! I would love to know who is reading and any feedback you might have.

I have been working out pretty consistently, and it’s been mostly HIIT on the treadmill, spinning, and Jillian Michaels. I haven’t ran more than 3.5 miles since March, because the pain in my left hip, knee and shin wasn’t getting better. With the minimal distance running, I was able to recover and am thinking I might be ready to attempt getting back into longer distances. Sadly, the half marthon I signed up for is this upcoming Sunday and while I would love to be crazy and attempt to run it, my hip and knee are still not 100% and I’m not sure how safe that would be. I’m still deciding, but I will most likely drop to the 5K and just have a fun run. I could probably run at least 8 of the 13.1 miles well, but I’m not sure I could finish 13.1 with no long run since January!

I still have the nagging 10 pounds I want to lose from the winter, but I have been better about mindful eating and I started Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 last week. I have done it about 4 times, and that’s my plan is 3-4 times per week on top of my running and spinning. My goal is to be toned up and feeling great by the greatest holiday of the year- PRIDE WEEKEND! If you know me, you know I still continue to talk about the craziness that was 2011’s Pride Weekend- a.k.a. my first weekend out in NYC last year after moving here. It’s June 23rd, and I am planning to look fabulous in hopefully very little clothing 😉 Gotta support my gays!

I will definitely be back later with pictures of food, and more details on my workouts! It feels good to be back 🙂