Umami Burger + Heart Rate Training.

This was sure one heck of a treat week. I’m feeling a little fluffy so Monday will definitely be bringing back more stable eating habits! ‘Cause let’s face it… it’s the freakin’ weekend, baby ima bout to have me some fun. And by fun I mean running then stuffing my face.

Last night John and I waited an hour for a table at the super popular, California-based burger joint Umami Burger. It finally opened in NYC a week or 2 ago and we were dying to try it. I haven’t eaten red meat in a LONG time and really shouldn’t/can’t eat it unless I want serious stomach troubles, but corn/anything containing corn seems to bother me worse than red meat ever did, so I had to pass on the veggie burger as it is corn based. I decided to say “YOLO” and get the burger everyone raves about; The Truffle Burger. I said a prayer as I placed my order for a REAL cheeseburger and begged God to let it not bother me too bad. We also ordered onion rings, thin fries and sweet potato fries (not shown) because we are extreme fatties.

photo (9)

The truffle cheese and glaze? Literally no words besides AMAZING. The burgers here are a great size, pretty small compared to a lot of other places we’ve been here and the portions of onion rings and fries are on the small side too, so we didn’t leave feeling like we were going to puke. No, we of course headed to Big Gay Ice Cream to round out the night, and round out our bellies.

vanilla soft serve in a Biscoff lined cone with WAY too many sprinkles. I had to scoop a ton off.
vanilla soft serve in a Biscoff lined cone with WAY too many sprinkles. I had to scoop a ton off.

The verdict on Umami Burger:  It’s definitely worth trying, however if the wait is longer than an hour I don’t think it’s that worth it, but I also have little to no patience. Get the truffle burger and the sweet potato fries. Out of the little tray of dips they bring you, I only liked the middle one which was some kind of hot sauce.

As for my stomach holding up after eating red meat, cheese, AND ice cream all in one night? I was fine, but had to make an EMERGENCY bathroom stop during the first 10 minutes of my run this morning. But, it could have been worse 😉

I finally got my butt up to run this morning and it felt GREAT! My new heart rate monitor I wrote about yesterday made me feel alive again. I think I really love the method of heart rate training when it comes to running. From my Spin instructor certification I learned quite a bit about heart rate monitor training and where my percentages fall. This blog post is a really good broken down and pretty easy way to understand and figure out your own. My easy or normal-ish pace I’ve been running all summer without a heart rate monitor was pretty far under what my easy run pace really is, according to my heart rate. Humidity has played a HUGE roll in it this summer too, and this morning the humidity was pretty mild so any pace felt significantly easier. I ended up running 3.5 miles at about 40 seconds faster per mile than I have been, and that is pretty awesome. I did pick up the pace a few times for some intervals, because I swear I can’t help it on 90% of my runs. Unless I’m seriously dragging ass, I usually find myself feeling great after 30 minutes and want to run a little faster for a few minutes at a time. Wearing a heart rate monitor helps keep me in the zones I need to be in though. I’m most especially looking forward to wearing it to BodyPump to see how much I burn in there and if I’m mainly in my fat burning zone.

It’s funny how the return of working out after 5 days off is either brutal, or it feels amazing. Super thankful that today’s return felt amazing! Could have also been the fact that Macklemore was performing in Central Park this morning, and I ran up to it just as Thrift Shop started playing! I only have a video of it so check out my Instagram to watch it!

Today I resumed more normal eating habits with LOTS of greens.

The engineers at work love me and feed me lots of food. Luckily today was green food.
The engineers at work love me and feed me lots of food. Luckily today was green food.

HEAVEN! That is not my office, thank God, but it is the engineers office. I hang out with them on my lunch break every day and they make me laugh like I’m in high school again. They also gave me:

photo (13)

I actually really loved this and that’s saying a lot since I kinda hate green juices. This was just kale, apple and lemon. I drank half and called it a day.

After the weekend it’s definitely time to reel it in with healthier eating! 🙂

What are your weekend plans?

Do you workout/train with a heart rate monitor?