Where to begin with my wedding post?! I truly cannot believe it has been almost 3 weeks. It actually makes me incredibly sad and I keep randomly crying at it all being over… yet the weeks leading up to it I kept breaking down in tears at how I wanted it to be over! It was honestly the most amazing few days before, during and after. I feel so lucky that everything went perfect and most importantly the people who helped us were so amazing. We are SO lucky.

John and I went upstate the Wednesday before the wedding to start decorating and tying any loose ends together. My mom came in the same day and we were able to go up to the venue and make sure tables were set up correctly and take an inventory on what else we needed to buy. I had been buying things and having them sent to my brothers’ house for months so we didn’t need much. Our wedding was very low budget butΒ came together SO perfectly because we kept it simple but stylish.

Thursday we did the bulk of the setup, once my step-dad and step-sister Amanda made it into town and had our centerpieces. We went with a very simple and affordable centerpiece: 3 rose gold spray painted mason jars filled with baby’s breath (the plan was fake ones but we ended up not being able to find much so we got fresh too). The table numbers were from Etsy and the holders also. The holders are HERE and so cute! The menu’s were designed by my brother’s girlfriend Keggen who I adore and printed by a long time friend at her printing business!Β img_0306Even though we had a buffet style reception, the menu’s really spruced up the tables and acted as a favor as well. Here is a close up of the menu.fullsizerender-4

We had a cute little candy bar set up as favors. I am not a very creative person but I feel pretty proud of this table. The different size plastic containers and candies are all from Party City, the ceramic letters and light up anchor from Target and the little baggies from Etsy! It was a cute and inexpensive way to do favors since hardly anyone actually keeps wedding favors!


We also hung tissue paper pom-pom things (here) in blue and white above the dance floor which you can kind of see in this picture. The huge balloons were inspired by a friend’s wedding earlier this year and were just used for our pictures, they weren’t actually on the dance floor for the reception.img_0308

Chalk board sign πŸ™‚


The morning of the wedding, John, my brother, Keggen, my mom, step-dad and I went to Party City super early to blow up the big balloons and while we were there I got sucked into buying the cutest bride and groom balloons ever, and a huge champagne balloons. I wish I could describe to you how happy they made me.img_0652

We tied the champagne bottle to the bar in the reception and the bride and groom to the sign of our venue.img_0309SO CUTE.

Thursday night John and I checked into our hotel (the DoubleTree in Binghamton which is REALLY nice for the area) and they have an amazing gym! Friday morning I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and did some upper body with Brenda. We went and got our nails done with Amanda, and I ran around town like a crazy person. Finally, it was time for rehearsal with everyone! We had such a good time at rehearsal that I didn’t even want that night to end! Amanda took beautiful pictures for us out on the golf course. My squad wore chambray shirts and against the scenery it looked SO cute.

Jimmy, Mark, Amanda, Me, Brenda, Sharde, Andrea <3
Jimmy, Mark, Amanda, Me, Brenda, Sharde, Andrea ❀
Keggen, Sharde & I :)
Keggen, Sharde & I πŸ™‚
My amazing Aunt Judy!! :)
My amazing Aunt Judy!! πŸ™‚
John's fam <3
John’s fam ❀
The golf carts were sooooo fun
The golf carts were sooooo fun
My love
My love

The morning of the wedding I woke up so excited and strangely calm (I am a super anxious person every other day of my life). I woke up around 6 and headed to the gym to find it didn’t open until 7. I was kind of bummed but I also felt the thinnest I had been in years and my dress was already a bit too big, so I didn’t stress it. After the trip to Party City and to the venue to make sure everything was set to go, I headed to my hair appointment! I get my hair done in Binghamton every few months at Salon TREND by Sherette Parker who is a hair genius. We had an idea for my hair that she executed so perfectly!fullsizerender-6I had some extensions in that I got to keep (if only I could figure out how to use them on my own!) and I could not believe it turned out so insanely perfect. I have never had an up-do done before so I was worried my hair wouldn’t cooperate, but she outdid herself!

Next up, I headed back to the hotel where John had migrated to his best mans’ room to get ready and all my girls and guys came to our room to watch me get ready. Andrea‘s sister Ally had everything set up for me when I got back to get right to work on my makeup! Champagne and music was flowing and we had a blast. Ally is AMAZING and I could not have been happier with my makeup. I am not a big makeup wearer and so I didn’t want anything drastically different than I normally look like, and she pulled it off 100% If you are interested in makeup, her blog is awesome and she wrote about what she used for me HERE.Β img_0324img_0341fullsizerender-7LOVED it! She is amazing!

First look with Amanda and my mom!fullsizerender-8So obsessed with my bridal look. My dress was from BHLDN and it was by the designer Vatana Watter’s. It was light, a champagne color and just my style. I added the belt, also from BHLDN, and the necklace is Kate Spade. I am all about the accessories so I was happy to find a dress that was simple and let me play up the necklace!

The ceremony was amazing. There are obviously too many pictures to share all of them, but I will share the highlights. My brother Drew got officiated to marry us and it was the best decision we ever made. He is HILARIOUS and the 3 of us have an awesome friendship. It was 100% authentic- meaning there was some inappropriate humor in there- and everyone was either crying or laughing through the whole thing. We wrote our own vows and kept them short but again, authentic and awesome. I am laughing in basically every picture!img_0332img_0335img_0328img_0326img_0345

Married! πŸ™‚

My amazing brother:fullsizerender-9fullsizerender-10fullsizerender-11

"pretending" i was heavy LOL
“pretending” i was heavy LOL


The most perfect day I could have ever imagined.

I want to give some shout outs to the local vendors (upstate NY) who made our day happen and made it happen in an extraordinary fashion. Our venue was Ford Hill Country ClubΒ in Whitney Point, NY and our coordinator was Mike Head who was absolutely phenomenal from start to finish. I cannot recommend this as a venue enough. The food was amazing, the space is a perfect size for 100-130 person wedding, the scenery is gorgeous and the price is so affordable. I am actually sad that we have no reason to go there or be in contact with Mike anymore! It was such a wonderful experience.

Our wedding photographer was Danielle of Saraceno Galleries in Binghamton, NY. She was so accommodating and straight forward- we were not able to afford an expensive package for photography and her packages are totally geared towards that- no crazy extras that you really don’t need. She is so down to earth and funny and was a blast to work with!

Our DJ was a friend of my mom and step dads up in Rochester, Michael Fox. He doesn’t have a website but if any of my upstate friends need contact info if you need a DJ, let me know! He didn’t complain about my crazy emails with crazy details about music and we had so much fun on the dance floor! He was even brave enough to read the dirty questions my friends asked during the Newlywed game… more on that another time. πŸ˜‰

And last but not least.. my wonderful mom and step-sister Amanda made all of the bouquets and boutineers and arrangements for the center pieces! My bouquet was AMAZING and I don’t have a close up of it right now but you can kind of see it in the pictures. Also, right before I walked down the aisle, my amazing Aunt Judy ran up to me and handed me a folded picture while whispering “DON’T CRY DON’T CRY”- it was a picture of my grandma on her wedding day. I, obviously, cried! It was one of the top memories I will have forever of my wedding day. So so special ❀

Next up- our honeymoon in Los Angeles and Las Vegas!

If you are married- what is your favorite memory of your day? Did everything go perfectly or were there some disasters?Β 

I’m Back. And Married!

Do you remember me?? Can we talk about how it’s been 11 months since I blogged and it FLEW by?! So much has changed and yet so much has stayed the same since we last spoke. It is my great hope that I can manage to find a little time a few times a week to write in this beautiful creation I gave birth to 5 years ago. This blog should be in Kindergarten! I can’t catch you up on 11 months of stuff (I mean, IΒ could– you know I could if you have been reading long enough) but I will try to give you the shortened version and then try to just pick up where we left off.

I will share 1-2 highlights for each month of 2016!

John and I celebrated 10 years together on January 15th!Β 238d630d-1336-48a5-a477-3e832fc43f0d

I fell in love with Barry’s Bootcamp in February. It helped me lost 16 pounds for my wedding and get into amazing shape. I took anywhere between 1-3 classes per week (some weeks none depending on schedule) and started to really clean up my diet the last 2 months before my wedding. The hype is real! (No pics from when I first started, boo!)

March: Had a few awesome highlights! First- I participated in Cycle for Survival with Andrea and a few other awesome gals! It was so emotional and inspiring. One of the best things I have ever done and we raised just above our goal!4d65b762-69d7-471f-8d00-f8654a879e7b

Second- I was interviewed for the Dr. Oz website to demonstrate how to properly set up an indoor cycling bike! I have been with New York Sports Club for over a year now and I LOVE it.7fe6970b-4336-4f5e-a206-ee6690ec31fa

THIS is the link for the article!

And 3rd- I turned 28 and had my birthday party at Sky Zone, a trampoline park πŸ™‚ 28 going on 8. NOT ashamed- it was SO. MUCH. FUN.e8987ab7-9505-4741-8e9a-58fbca67c050e25c29a5-a513-40c0-abcb-700065acd391

In April I joined an awesome team at a brand new cycling studio- Harlem Cycle. Our team has changed since the first group picture, but this is my head shot from the website. We are Harlem’s first boutique cycling studio and we ROCK! I love my team and the atmosphere is fabulous. I teach on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:30 AM!15017fdc-b5bc-4a35-8711-745be25cbcdb

I also got Schwinn indoor cycling certified at the end of April with Andrea! It completely changed the way I teach my classes and I am SO HAPPY we got it!fullsizerender

May was not that eventful apparently- I am scrolling through the pics on my phone looking for content! I will share this picture of Ruby falling asleep on me for the first time and melting my heart while babysitting her in May. If you are a new reader, Ruby is my God daughter and my best friends daughter!e79cab9b-0b59-40ac-99cc-e64eaed34c74

June: 10 year high school reunion!2cb8cf3d-d032-4c5b-a89f-11c2b3cbf144

July: MIAMI with Brenda!b3994aba-21fe-463e-bf55-f4f3ac9286e9

We went for a little pre-bach getaway for the two of us and ended up going to an awesome fitness event. We did a beach bootcamp thrown by Barry’s (!) and then an aqua cycling class!fullsizerender-1d1c94219-9e2f-4419-af9a-c05ae215ebbd

Relaxed at The Standard pool- heaven.Β 1678af52-158b-4670-9bd6-873d04d5166d

And of course- found the food.e6f176b5-2165-4c0a-9002-3f7390dc582c-1

August: Bridal shower & Bach party! Both absolutely amazing and memories I will cherish forever!


an old spin bike found by my mom :)
an old spin bike found by my mom πŸ™‚
just some of the wedding party!
just some of the wedding party!
always laughing!
always laughing!
bach party drink set up!
bach party drink set up!


Andrea! <3
Andrea! ❀
so. much. champagne.
so. much. champagne.

September– lots of prep for the wedding but we took a night off to see 2 of our favorite comedians perform their first Broadway show of Oh, Hello. It was HILARIOUS!img_0191img_0192

I also had an awesome makeup trial done in September by Andrea’s extremely talented sister Ally. Her website is here and I can’t wait to show you pictures of my actual wedding day. My makeup was exactly what I wanted!


I will do a whole post about our wedding this week! It feels great to be back in the blog world!

FILL ME IN ON YOUR YEAR. What have the highlights been for you?


Hey guys! Jeesh, cannot believe it’s been 4 months almost since I posted. I really enjoyed this summer (except not enough trips to the beach) and didn’t think about writing here often, but now that it’s my favorite season (FALL!) I’m a little more motivated to write. I am teaching Spin/Cycling again and want to get back to posting playlists, workouts, etc and just generally start blogging again. I miss you guys!

I’m not going to do a big recap of the last 4 months because we would be here all night, but I will do a few highlights.

My mom got married in July! She now lives in Rochester, NY and so we spent the weekend there. It was an absolute blast. For rehearsal dinner we were at a family member’s house and ate great food, drank a lot and laughed our asses off.

My brother and I!
My brother and I!


It was incredibly hot that day and the house we got ready at had no A/C (death) but somehow our hair still turned out great.


The food at the wedding was amazing, and we danced all night long.

Johnny and I!
Johnny and I!
John and my mom dancing!
John and my mom dancing!
My brother and our 2 new siblings!
My brother and our 2 new siblings!



So much fun
So much fun

I’m having the time of my life being an Auntie to my best friend Brenda’s baby. Completely obsessed with Ruby.

IMG_0231IMG_0271 IMG_0285IMG_0670IMG_0678

John and I just celebrated 1 year of being engaged this week!


We were upstate visiting family last weekend so to celebrate we went and got pumpkin pancakes because we are basic bitches.

Yep, fully aware of how annoying this picture is. I DONT CARE.
Yep, fully aware of how annoying this picture is. I DONT CARE.

My mom and stepdad and I went crazy in Target purchasing everything and anything pumpkin flavored. My favorite? Very surprising because I hate normal peeps, but these guys were amazing.

FullSizeRender (1)

We finally set a wedding date (July 16 2016) so we are well into our plans now! It’s going well so far and only seems mildly stressful. We went to a bridal show while upstate and ate so many samples of cake we were all grossly sick. That’s the way to do it right? Have I mentioned I need to lose 15-20 pounds before my wedding? Help.

My matron of honor and flower girl. My favorite humans!
My matron of honor and flower girl. My favorite humans!

It felt very weird to be wearing a ‘bride’ name tag. I was gagging! πŸ™‚

I started teaching Spin again. Like, a lot, again. I can never ease into anything in life… I took 4 months off and within 24 hours I had taught 3 classes. I am still teaching for 24 Hour Fitness (NYC clubs) but I also got hired at 2 new awesome places. I am teaching Sunday mornings at a small cycling studio called Simply Cycle Astoria (located in Astoria, Queens) and it is absolutely fabulous. I am also teaching for New York Sports Club now! This is huge. I have wanted to audition for them for so long. They have so many locations it’s crazy. I’ve been working for them for about 3 weeks now and I’ve already subbed 9 classes at almost all different locations. I am going to have 2 set classes starting next week but the subbing opportunities are plentiful.


Remember when I used to run a lot? Ha. I miss those days. Well, Brenda and I put off half marathon training for way too long (she like, pushed a baby out of her body and all and I was suffering from horrible anxiety for many many months) and when we started it was AWFUL. We got up to about 6 very slow miles and decided that now is just not the time to try to get in shape for a half marathon that was less than a month away. So right now my goal is running once a week. Literally. It’s the best that I can do given my spin schedule and the fact that I need to factor in sleep. Sleep is absolutely critical for me to not feel like my anxiety is drowning me (which at times it still is…) so at least a few mornings a week I have to choose sleep over getting up early for a workout. And for now, that’s okay. I’m not getting any younger so sleep in general is just an important thing to make sure I’m getting!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to in a nutshell. I am hoping to write here a few times a week (I know I know, I’ve said that a million times!) but my attitude I’ve basically had to adopt since dealing with anxiety is what happens, happens.Β 

What have you been up?! Fill me in on your lives! ❀

27th Birthday + Brenda’s Wedding + Baby Shower :)

First off, thank you so much for the love and support on my last post. You guys are SO awesome and supportive, and it’s even more awesome to receive that kind of support from people you have never even met before. That is very special and I appreciate it so much. ❀

Besides my birthday last weekend, I also want to post about my best friend’s wedding and baby shower that have happened in the last few months since I’ve been MIA! She is one of the most important people in my life so she is going to take up most of this post πŸ˜‰

Back tracking to my birthday celebration last weekend, I had a fabulous Saturday and Sunday ringing in my 27th year. 3 weeks ago I had no hope of feeling up for celebrating my birthday… time can be an amazing thing. Saturday during the day John took me to get bagels at our favorite spot, Brooklyn Bagel, then shopping and other girly crap πŸ™‚ I utilized my first blowout that came with my CYC package I posted about to get all done up for our nice dinner. The girl did such an amazing job and this was the express package where you go to them with dry hair and they just use dry shampoo and a curling iron. I am still so bummed that I wasn’t blessed with the art of how to do hair!


John took me to one of my favorite spots for dinner, a place I’ve only been to once for a work function but I’ve been thinking about it daily since! It’s a brazilian steakhouse called Texas de Brazil and you have to be prepared to eat until you are ready to die. This isn’t for portion controllers, ya’ll. They have 2 options- obviously the main option is to have the meat and the salad bar and then they have just the salad bar where they don’t serve you the meat. When I say salad bar I don’t mean like a grocery stores salad bar, I mean it’s basically a 4 course meal around a circle. I went without the meat because I can’t eat most of it anyways and went HAM on the salad bar.

round 1 of 97
round 1 of 97

So of course they have salad, but they also have shrimp, sushi, raw tuna, smoked salmon, all kinds of delicious herb-y olives and vegetables, potato salads, fruit, and the best lobster bisque and bread EVER. It’s all so fresh and delicious. Favorite place on earth. John ate so much meat and I ate so much salad+ that we were plotting how to leave the restaurant. Like an actual plot on how to move our bodies because we just couldn’t. Success.

Sunday morning started with taking a CYC class with Brenda and we both had such a good class. Afterwards, we met up with our other friends for a super fun birthday brunch at The DL which offers a $30 brunch with unlimited mimosas.

My ladies!
My ladies!
Brenda and her HUSBAND- oh yeah. And me and John :)
Brenda and her HUSBAND- oh yeah. And me and John πŸ™‚

It was so much fun and my friend Sharde is so great for throwing me yet another awesome birthday celebration!

Speaking of back-tracking; in the last few months that I have been off the blog world, my best friend who I have written about 2,000 times got MARRIED in January!! I’m sure I mentioned last year that she is PREGNANT with my baby niece πŸ™‚ If I didn’t, now ya know. I am sosososo excited to be an aunt in just about a month!! Her wedding was amazing and you’d never know we planned it in less than 2 weeks. It was Friday January 30th at City Hall and absolutely perfect.




Part of the amazing suite at the Waldorf Astoria!
Part of the amazing suite at the Waldorf Astoria!

Best wedding ever, no frills style!

We also had Brenda’s baby shower about a month ago as well for baby RUBY! πŸ™‚ Brenda’s other close friend Mandy and I planned the shower together and thank goodness for her creativity and artistic abilities because I have none! We had it at Sprinkles Cupcakes which has an awesome party room where you can decorate dozens of cupcakes- perfect for this kind of occasion or a kid’s birthday party!


Johnny the photographer :)
Johnny the photographer πŸ™‚
Brenda and her twin brother Brion!
Brenda and her twin brother Brion!
The soon to be parents!! :)
The soon to be parents!! πŸ™‚

Her due date is May 8th and I cannot wait to be an Auntie!! πŸ™‚

Any babies in your life or recent weddings?

Costa Rica Part 2: La Fortuna & Wedding

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on my wonderful engagement news post! We are so excited and I am quite overwhelmed (in a good way) at how much goes into planning a wedding on a very little budget πŸ˜‰ I will definitely be posting about it as we do this once I get caught up on this recap of Costa Rica! Read part one here.

I left off when we were leaving the first resort and driving to the second resort, Hotel Mountain Paradise in La Fortuna which is close to a 4 hour drive from Guanacaste. Keep in mind, the speed limit is MUCH slower than in the U.S. so the entire trip was only about 90-100 miles but took much longer than it would here. I was exhausted from laying on the beach all morning (tough life) so I slept most of the trip until we reached sight of the volcano!


This resort felt like we were staying at someone’s cabin. It was an adorable little community-type resort where all the rooms were in house/cabin’s. I don’t know how I forgot to get a picture of the inside, but the rooms are so cool. They are HUGE with crazy high ceilings and bathrooms bigger than my room in my apartment. If you go to their website you can look at the inside of the different suites.

IMG_6542 (1)

Our view from the back patio of our cabin:


The pool area:


Once we napped a bit and took showers, we headed out to a local restaurant for some authentic food!



Their little restaurants are called “sodas” and the food is so amazing and SO CHEAP. For all 11 of us, our bill was just over $100 including beers and drinks.

Our first full day at the second resort was extremely rainy and chilly, so we made the best of it by going straight to the rain forest and hiking it! It was a pretty amazing experience to say the least. The pictures do not do it justice. We had to ride a super old school bus up and into the starting point to hike, and the ride alone was the most adventurous thing I had ever done! (Clearly a city girl here)



hanging bridge!
hanging bridge!
The hiking crew minus Tyler taking the pic! :)
The hiking crew minus Tyler taking the pic! πŸ™‚


IMG_6583 (1)

Not sure if I mentioned this in my first recap but Costa Rica had coke “light” instead of diet coke and it was UNREAL. The best thing I’ve ever tasted. I literally only crave diet soda right after a sweaty workout (I don’t always give in, artificial sweetener police.) and so after hours of hiking this was the best reward ever along with salty plantain chips.


We had a quick lunch in town and bought more wine for the wedding. I don’t have a picture but John and his mom ordered hamburgers and it came out a burger with literally ham on top of it. It was hysterical at the time, and I am actually dying laughing thinking about it now.


After an amazing shower and some resting, we all met up again for the night before the wedding dinner. It wasn’t exactly a rehearsal dinner since Kate and Tyler didn’t get to see the venue beforehandΒ (they just had to trust their wedding planner who was ABSOLUTELY amazing) but it was nice to get both of the families together before the wedding. They set up a super special dinner fort us at a restaurant way up on this hill that overlooked the town and was very quiet. Sadly I can’t think of the name at the moment (since it’s been 2 months now!) but it was really special!


AMAZING salsa with plantain chips as an app
AMAZING salsa with plantain chips as an app
The beautiful bride & groom!
The beautiful bride & groom!
I had to wear glasses almost everywhere because of my allergies. Ugh.
I had to wear glasses almost everywhere because of my allergies. Ugh.


Cheers to family!
Cheers to family!

Saturday was John’s sister’s wedding day! After breakfast, I laid out by the pool by myself for a few hours since it was the only sunny day at that part of the trip. It was gorgeous!


Then we headed to Kate’s room to get ready for the wedding. She gave us these gorgeous silk robes to get ready in while we did our hair and make up and had John take our pictures.


It had rained for most of the afternoon really hard and just as it was time to go to the wedding, it cleared up! Woo! The wedding was held at one of the resort’s restaurants that was half inside, half outside.


The ceremony was nice and short and then we ate and drank!

Fruity salad starter
Fruity salad starter
AMAZING tropical pork. Best meal I ate the whole trip!
AMAZING tropical pork. Best meal I ate the whole trip!
Very light, whipped cheesecake for dessert
Very light, whipped cheesecake for dessert
Cuban cigars for gifts and Japanese fans (not pictured)
Cuban cigars for gifts and Japanese fans (not pictured)


Thanks to Kate & Tyler for planning an awesome trip and wedding!

The next morning was our last breakfast together and we said our goodbyes to the awesome waitstaff, especially this guy!


John, his mom and I had a long trip back towards the airport so we had a driver take us back who was awesome and let us make a few stops along the way. First stop was this awesome place we kept seeing a million signs for called Toad Hall. It’s a tourist place where you can eat and get souvenirs and also stay. We saw this cool bird, got some coffee and gifts and a fresh coconut off the street to drink from!


SO beautiful!
SO beautiful!

Once we got back near the airport, we checked into the Hilton that was a stone’s throw from the airport. It was our last night to just relax and unwind, so we had a delicious lunch then followed it up with some pool time.


fish taco burrito, mmmm
fish taco burrito, mmmm


Once the sun went down, we were absolutely exhausted so we went back to our room and just got pizza for dinner. Pizza Hut’s cheeseless pizza for me!

Can't go anywhere without my pizza.
Can’t go anywhere without my pizza.

Our flight the next morning wasn’t until the afternoon so me and John’s mom caught a few hours of pool time before packing up.


John and I hit up the last breakfast buffet and ate until we couldn’t move.



Best trip of my life. I WILL be back for you, Costa Rica. Next up: Cancun, Mexico in 2 weeks with my FIANCE! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

My Favorite Weekend.

This weekend was too good to put into words. The best one I’ve had in a long time and the happiest I have felt in so long. That’s what being around amazing people, running a bunch of miles, and eating delicious foods will do to you. One of my closest friends since elementary school got married Saturday and it was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to and probably will ever attend! I’ll keep the words short because this is a picture-heavy post! Enjoy πŸ™‚

I left for upstate Friday morning early so I packed a healthy, easy breakfast for the ride.

90 calorie Flatout wrap, Better'n PB, chocolate hazelnut butter and a banana
90 calorie Flatout wrap, Better’n PB, chocolate hazelnut butter and a banana

Had a quick pre-run snack when I arrived at my mom’s.

Wheat thins with honey peanut butter & un-pictured coffee with pumpkin creamer :)
Wheat thins with honey peanut butter & un-pictured coffee with pumpkin creamer πŸ™‚

Ran 5 miles of hills. This picture doesn’t do the hills of my hometown justice.

photo (4)

Refueled at my favorite diner with my mom and brother, Broadway Diner.

chicken gyro pita with the best fries ever!
chicken gyro pita with the best fries ever!

And a huge piece of baklava eaten in 4 installments.

photo (9)

My mom and I went shopping at TJ Maxx where I got some new workout clothes (all on clearance) like these adorable (and EXTREMELY comfortable) shorts.

photo (13)

Followed by inappropriate things in Wal-Mart with squash.

photo (10)

Picture takenΒ and encouraged by my mom.

Saturday morning pre-run essentials. I usually use PB but when in Rome (or my moms house)… use Biscoff.

Coffee w/ pumpkin creamer & stevia, small banana & 1/2 tbsp biscoff
Coffee w/ pumpkin creamer & stevia, small banana & 1/2 tbsp biscoff

Wearing my new shorts and a long sleeved shirt, I set out for 10 miles. I kept it super slow since I hadn’t ran more than 7 miles since April (!) and enjoyed every second of the cool air.

photo (2)

Picked up John and went to one of our old favorite breakfast spots, Corbin’s Cafe

CRAB benedict with homefries. The sauce was very light & they don't cook their food in oil! Love this place.
CRAB benedict with homefries. The sauce was very light & they don’t cook their food in oil! Love this place.

Then began the hour+ drive to Oneonta with my favorite people. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott which was about 20 minutes from the wedding venue, and it was a super nice hotel.

photo (17)

The 4 of us (best friend Brenda, her boyfriend Eddie, John and I) got dolled up and headed to the barn to see our friend marry the love of her life.

photo (19)

photo (4)

photo (3)

photo (22)

photo (21)


Brenda’s outfit: Jacket from H&M, dress from H&M, Chanel flats. My outfit: Jacket from Khol’s, dress from Francesca’s Collection, necklace is borrowed, ring from Forever 21, flats from Chanel.

Her wedding will most likely show up on Pinterest. It was perfection.
Her wedding will most likely show up on Pinterest. It was perfection.

We ate delicious BBQ food from Brooks House of BBQ in Oneonta.

photo (23)

We danced and drank wine. A lot of wine…

photo (27)

photo (24)

photo (33)

photo (26)


After the reception, we changed into comfy warm clothes and sat around a bonfire. We lit lanterns with “Love U” printed on them and released them into the sky. This was so beautiful.

photo (25)


The beautiful newlyweds!
The beautiful newlyweds!

So happy we were there to experience such an amazing wedding.

Sunday morning we went to our old hangover spot, Bagel Factory.

pumpkin bagel (!!) with egg whites & a tiny bit of pumpkin cream cheese with homefries
pumpkin bagel (!!) with egg whites & a tiny bit of pumpkin cream cheese with homefries

Lunch was a must have when I’m in Binghamton. Chicken speidie sub from Harry Tuft’s with their homemade blue cheese and honey mustard sauce.

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Followed by my favorite bubble tea spot.

Excuse the hangover puffy face.. this is a coconut black tea sweetened with honey
Excuse the hangover puffy face.. this is a coconut black tea sweetened with honey

And right before getting on the bus… I knew it would murder my stomach, but I had to have it. The cheesiest, sloppiest, soupiest pizza on the planet. Roma’s pizza, a childhood staple for me.

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Worth every ounce of pain (and gas) that accompanied me on the bus ride home. Sorry to those affected.

Congratulations to Rachel & Jeremy!

What is the best wedding you’ve ever been to?

Are there any foods you just HAVE to eat when you go back to your hometown? I ALWAYS come back to NYC feeling like a 300 pound blimp, but I rarely go up to visit anymore so I gotta get my foods in. Hey, I ran 15 miles this weekend so that probably got rid of most it πŸ˜‰