Don’t End, Weekend.

I get really sad on Sunday’s because I just don’t want the weekend to end, even when I have to work. I have felt pretty under the weather this weekend but had to push through and teach 2 spin classes and finally get my ass in gear with a long run to prepare for my spring half marathons. That of course takes lots of food to fuel so here’s a look at what I’ve been chowing down on since Friday!

We saw on Scout Mob that this italian restaurant called Three of Cups on the Lower East Side had a 50% off deal up to $25 off, so we went down on Friday night to eat up. I had the grilled calamari to start and it came with a really spicy marinara sauce which was great.

photo 4 (1)


I also had a panzanella salad which is one of my favorite types of salads, but it was pretty bad so I only had a few bites of it. The pizza was DELICIOUS though. It had a really smoky taste to it almost like it was grilled.

photo 5 (1)


Lots of iced soy lattes were had. Also, a homemade poptart at Birch Coffee. 100000 times better than a real PopTart, I swear!

photo 4 (2)


Fantastic 6 mile run with Brenda. Of course because it was with her the 6 miles literally flew by and felt like we were running for maybe 20 minutes at the most. Looooove that!

photo 5


Followed by one of the most awesome spin classes I’ve taught thus far. I was endorphin high from the run and just had a ton of energy even though my legs were toasted. I felt like my ques were perfect (still learning!) and everything just flowed really well. Let me share with you the playlist since I haven’t in awhile!


There is some repeats from other playlists because the songs are just too good. I was also wearing my new favorite sports bra and top that I got from Victoria’s Secret big sale.

This is me forgetting that my flash is on. Let it be known I am NOT a selfie expert.
This is me forgetting that my flash is on. Let it be known I am NOT a selfie expert.

I had to go right into work after my class but this morning on my way to the gym I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and grabbed a donut that I have been wanting to try as my reward after my 2+ hour workout. I burned almost 1,200 calories during it so a 400 calorie donut as a treat is just right. It’s the cookie dough donut and I BEG you to try it. I am NOT a donut person at all, like they just don’t do anything for me but this is life changing.



I balanced that out with a nice big veggie filled salad. I was actually totally craving a crunchy cold salad so this is not for penance 😉

photo (1)


That about wraps it up.

Oh, I also am so sorry I lied to you guys and didn’t end up posting my thoughts on The Biggest Loser finale. I am actually still working on it and will post it soon, just be warned that I decided to get really personal in it and that’s why I want to keep working on it in hopes that it will help someone going through what I went through.

What did your weekend look like? 

Do you like donuts? If yes, favorite flavor or shop to get them at? The big debate in upstate New York is Dunkin Donuts vs. Tim Hortons. I LOVE Timmy Ho’s for their iced caps but I’d say DD’s takes the cake for donuts. Er, takes the donut for… the donut. Ha 🙂

Weekend Necessities (+PRO GIVEAWAY!)

Oh Sunday night… why must you come upon us so quickly? Another weekend in the books. I have a few weekend necessities that without, my weekends just don’t feel right. They include:

photo (51)

Pizza. This was at Patsy’s, one of my favorites.

photo (52)

Froyo. YOGURTLAND has opened in NYC! I alerted Janae of this on my Instagram because now she has even more reasons to come to NYC!

photo (8)

At least 1 run. This one happened to be long (for me) and glorious.

photo (53)

Bagels. This was at Brooklyn Bagel. So so good.

And most importantly, relaxing. I don’t really have a picture of me relaxing because I wouldn’t want to frighten you but it includes me with no makeup, wild hair, mismatched and way-too-big-for-me comfy clothes and best of all: compression socks.

Living in NYC, I walk all over every single day. I have a desk job, so sitting all day is bad for circulation and health in general. I do my part to stay active, eat healthy most of the time and compression socks help me with the other parts; comfort and circulation. I was beyond ecstatic when PRO Compression, aka the compression sock company you see all over blogs these days, sent me over a pair of their Marathon socks to try out. Hello, worn by Skinny Runner and STUFT Mama, my idols! I couldn’t wait to get them on, and I’ve been wearing them to bed every night for the last week.

please ignore my messy floor
please ignore my messy floor

Comfort barely begins to describe what they bring to me. These PRO Compression socks are crucial for me to wear after logging many running and walking miles. You can also wear PRO Compression socks DURING exercise! You can feel the difference in less fatigue and it’s amazing!

It’s kinda hard to describe what they feel like on. I remember thinking compression must be uncomfortably tight and I wouldn’t like them, but you really have to see for yourself and fall in love with them.

And 1 of you lucky readers will be able to! PRO has allowed me to give one of my beautiful readers a pair to put on their legs! Just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite way to relax on the weekend is. For additional entries, please go to PRO’s Facebook page and like them, then leave me another comment telling me you did. You can also head on over to their Twitter, follow them and then tell me you did! You have until Thursday August 22nd at 11:00 AM EST to enter!

In the mean time, you can also purchase a pair at 40% off using my coupon code PCBLG. The code is good for the marathon socks and the calf sleeves!

Also: you do NOT have to be a blogger to enter any of my giveaways! So comment, comment, comment! 🙂