Hot Yoga + Dinner Party

I feel like I just had one of the best weekends ever. It was a perfect balance of fitness, food, friends and a ton of fun (and only a little work 😉 ) which I feel like never happens. I ended the week strong with staying on track and eating all of my meals at home Monday-Thursday and with some great workouts. Friday night I planned to go to my first hot vinyasa class (I’ve done Bikram, didn’t love it) and John agreed to come too! We went to Yoga to The People which offers $5 hot vinyasa classes at their 38th St location!! They fill up VERY quickly, so we got there a little early and snagged the last 2 spots. The room was less hot than bikram but I still was absolutely drenched just a few minutes into the class. I freaking LOVED it. I haven’t practiced Vinyasa in so long and the soreness in my back, shoulders and abs are insane. John liked it, too! Yay!

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We followed that up with pizza in bed. I had a long run Saturday morning and what better way to refuel from hot yoga? This was literally my dream date night. I love my soulmate 🙂

Medium no-cheese pizza with grilled chicken and onions. Beyond amazing.
Medium no-cheese pizza with grilled chicken and onions. Beyond amazing.

Saturday morning: 8 mile run through the crazy fog of Central Park. IN SHORTS! 😀

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photo 4

photo 5

photo 1 (3)

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I had an awesome meeting with someone at noon at a Starbucks in Brooklyn so I had to shower quick and tried a new-to-me drink that STUFT Mama used to drink. Bare with me: Iced venti soy green tea latte with no classic syrup, 2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla, and a shot of espresso.

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SO good. I estimated the calories at 250-ish since I nixed the classic syrup and it cost almost $7 so I will not be purchasing these much unless I plan to get a 3rd job at Starbucks.

After my meeting I met John for brunch at… you guessed it… Brindle Room. We’re so predictable but it’s hard to try new places when you find a place that’s so perfect. I did however try a new dish there instead of my usual, which was Shakshuka. I didn’t know until I just looked it up but it’s an Israeli dish and really healthy! It’s just a base of spiced tomato sauce, poached eggs, feta cheese crumbles, scallions and parsley. At Brindle Room it’s served with grilled sourdough bread.

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Here’s a link to a great recipe for it. I think this may become a new dinner for me!

After brunch we stopped at Trader Joe’s wine shop and then back home so I could whip up an apple crisp for the dinner party we were going to. My good friend Sharde at work is an amazing event planner and host, and she had a dinner party at her apartment last night. She is a freaking amazing cook! She went all out and set up gorgeous tables with centerpieces that had flowers and goldfish in them.

photo 4 (1)


photo 5 (1)


photo 4 (4)

Her menu included baked chicken breasts (stuffed with mozz, tomato and basil but I had mine plain since cheese… boo), asparagus, caesar salad, potatoes, pasta salad and bread.

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While I wanted to dive straight into the bowl of caesar salad and eat all the chicken, I saved room for wine. Lots. Of. Wine. I hadn’t drank since September so I’m in struggle city today with a killer hangover. But it was worth it because we all had so much fun!

shots! i sat these out... it was best.
shots! i sat these out… it was best.
aren't we pretty?
aren’t we pretty?

photo 4 (3)

the hostess!
the hostess!
wine. too much wine.
wine. too much wine.
loves them!
loves them!

Great, great weekend. Ready to tackle another healthy week tomorrow!

What were the highlights of your weekend?

Have you ever done hot vinyasa or bikram? Like it/love it/hate it?

Great Friends.

Have you ever gone through a time in your life where you realized if you didn’t have amazing friends there, you probably just couldn’t get through it? Or even in a happy time, great friends make everything that much more great. Saturday night I realized this (for the 903943th time) after a particularly awful day- 12 hours of work on a Saturday I mentioned it before but seriously.. it sucked- where I wanted to just go home and sleep. But that was not going to happen since it was my best friend Brenda’s birthday celebration! I knew once I got there and had a glass of wine I’d have a good time, but I was still expecting to be a Debbie Downer because I was so exhausted and mentally wiped out from work. Well, I was wrong. It was one of the best nights out I’ve had in a long time, besides the amazing wedding last weekend!

It’s next to impossible to not have a blast when Brenda is your best friend. 🙂

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photo 2


photo 3


hahaha my face! I was warning people that my singing voice is NOT good
hahaha my face! I was warning people that my singing voice is NOT good

If you’re in NYC looking for a fun karaoke bar, go to Iggy’s on 76th and 2nd Avenue.

So since I had ran 9.5 miles, worked 12 and partied all night, just those 2 glasses of wine woke me up with a pretty disgusting hangover at almost noon. DEAD tired, but we headed to Brindle Room for some brunch action. This has become our favorite brunch spot. Highly recommend coming here if you’re in NYC or visiting!

photo 5


This is the smoked pork hash with poached eggs and grilled sourdough bread with olive oil. There are no words for how delicious this is. Already planning to go again after my 10 mile race this weekend!! 🙂

It was a beautiful fall day so we walked all over, and ventured into Brooklyn. John wanted to go see a guitar expo and since we were in Brooklyn (a rarity) I demanded we find Ample Hills ice cream shop. Almost 90 minutes later (a few train transfers and delays) we finally made it. The line was long as 2 (1)

Check out their website for the crazy flavors they offer.

Yes, I know I can’t eat ice cream without massive amounts of pain but I hadn’t had ice cream in months so I figured this would be worth it. And worth it, it was.

photo 1 (1)


We had the popular flavor “Salted Crack Caramel” in a pretzel cone. The ice cream is SO rich, we really should have shared a cone but we ended up not able to finish either of ours. The pretzel cone was overkill since the ice cream was salted, but a sweeter ice cream would be to die for in the pretzel cone. I ended up in a LOT of pain for the rest of the night after this, so it was one of only 2 things I ate all day yesterday. Lactose intolerance: you really suck.

I’m teaching a little boot-camp style class (unofficially) outside with some of my co-workers tonight after work so I will post the workout I came up with tomorrow! I’m so excited to do this!

What delicious things did you eat this weekend?

My Favorite Weekend.

This weekend was too good to put into words. The best one I’ve had in a long time and the happiest I have felt in so long. That’s what being around amazing people, running a bunch of miles, and eating delicious foods will do to you. One of my closest friends since elementary school got married Saturday and it was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to and probably will ever attend! I’ll keep the words short because this is a picture-heavy post! Enjoy 🙂

I left for upstate Friday morning early so I packed a healthy, easy breakfast for the ride.

90 calorie Flatout wrap, Better'n PB, chocolate hazelnut butter and a banana
90 calorie Flatout wrap, Better’n PB, chocolate hazelnut butter and a banana

Had a quick pre-run snack when I arrived at my mom’s.

Wheat thins with honey peanut butter & un-pictured coffee with pumpkin creamer :)
Wheat thins with honey peanut butter & un-pictured coffee with pumpkin creamer 🙂

Ran 5 miles of hills. This picture doesn’t do the hills of my hometown justice.

photo (4)

Refueled at my favorite diner with my mom and brother, Broadway Diner.

chicken gyro pita with the best fries ever!
chicken gyro pita with the best fries ever!

And a huge piece of baklava eaten in 4 installments.

photo (9)

My mom and I went shopping at TJ Maxx where I got some new workout clothes (all on clearance) like these adorable (and EXTREMELY comfortable) shorts.

photo (13)

Followed by inappropriate things in Wal-Mart with squash.

photo (10)

Picture taken and encouraged by my mom.

Saturday morning pre-run essentials. I usually use PB but when in Rome (or my moms house)… use Biscoff.

Coffee w/ pumpkin creamer & stevia, small banana & 1/2 tbsp biscoff
Coffee w/ pumpkin creamer & stevia, small banana & 1/2 tbsp biscoff

Wearing my new shorts and a long sleeved shirt, I set out for 10 miles. I kept it super slow since I hadn’t ran more than 7 miles since April (!) and enjoyed every second of the cool air.

photo (2)

Picked up John and went to one of our old favorite breakfast spots, Corbin’s Cafe

CRAB benedict with homefries. The sauce was very light & they don't cook their food in oil! Love this place.
CRAB benedict with homefries. The sauce was very light & they don’t cook their food in oil! Love this place.

Then began the hour+ drive to Oneonta with my favorite people. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott which was about 20 minutes from the wedding venue, and it was a super nice hotel.

photo (17)

The 4 of us (best friend Brenda, her boyfriend Eddie, John and I) got dolled up and headed to the barn to see our friend marry the love of her life.

photo (19)

photo (4)

photo (3)

photo (22)

photo (21)


Brenda’s outfit: Jacket from H&M, dress from H&M, Chanel flats. My outfit: Jacket from Khol’s, dress from Francesca’s Collection, necklace is borrowed, ring from Forever 21, flats from Chanel.

Her wedding will most likely show up on Pinterest. It was perfection.
Her wedding will most likely show up on Pinterest. It was perfection.

We ate delicious BBQ food from Brooks House of BBQ in Oneonta.

photo (23)

We danced and drank wine. A lot of wine…

photo (27)

photo (24)

photo (33)

photo (26)


After the reception, we changed into comfy warm clothes and sat around a bonfire. We lit lanterns with “Love U” printed on them and released them into the sky. This was so beautiful.

photo (25)


The beautiful newlyweds!
The beautiful newlyweds!

So happy we were there to experience such an amazing wedding.

Sunday morning we went to our old hangover spot, Bagel Factory.

pumpkin bagel (!!) with egg whites & a tiny bit of pumpkin cream cheese with homefries
pumpkin bagel (!!) with egg whites & a tiny bit of pumpkin cream cheese with homefries

Lunch was a must have when I’m in Binghamton. Chicken speidie sub from Harry Tuft’s with their homemade blue cheese and honey mustard sauce.

photo (30)


Followed by my favorite bubble tea spot.

Excuse the hangover puffy face.. this is a coconut black tea sweetened with honey
Excuse the hangover puffy face.. this is a coconut black tea sweetened with honey

And right before getting on the bus… I knew it would murder my stomach, but I had to have it. The cheesiest, sloppiest, soupiest pizza on the planet. Roma’s pizza, a childhood staple for me.

photo (32)

Worth every ounce of pain (and gas) that accompanied me on the bus ride home. Sorry to those affected.

Congratulations to Rachel & Jeremy!

What is the best wedding you’ve ever been to?

Are there any foods you just HAVE to eat when you go back to your hometown? I ALWAYS come back to NYC feeling like a 300 pound blimp, but I rarely go up to visit anymore so I gotta get my foods in. Hey, I ran 15 miles this weekend so that probably got rid of most it 😉

1st spin class!

Yes, I finally took my first spin class. After what seems like forever of putting it off, I dragged my extremely stressed out and frazzled ass there last night. But first, what’s really important… delicious food. Particularly, the delicious food I ate yesterday.

I slept in and got to make one of my favorite breakfasts: protein pancakes. The recipe I use is basically just my oatmeal mess but with added egg whites and made into pancakes. I used mostly wheat bran in yesterday’s batch which came out amazing. Topped with banana, peanut butter and sugar free syrup. Egg-nog flavored coffee on the side.

Kept me full until I had a little snack at 1. Greek yogurt with raspberries.

And a new-to-me protein bar that I am really digging. No funky protein taste, only 120 calories, very low sugar.

After eating this, I had an unpleasant conversation at work which left me upset and therefore with a crippling stomach ache that lasted for over 2 hours. Anxiety flares up my stomach issues like no other. After lots of water and a few hours, I finally ate my real lunch. Left over ahi-tuna, spinach, sweet potato & mustard.

I skipped my walk home to take the bus (ew) and make sure I got my ass to midtown in time for spin class. I chomped on a giant pear on the way.

I am 96% sure the guys sitting next to me were taking a picture of me on their iPhone while I was eating this. Their phone was up in the air and I know I pull the “I’m just texting” when I’m really taking creepy pictures of people.

I was nervous to say the very least about spin class. I got an amazing deal for a 2-month membership at Gold’s Gym and my plan is just to take a few spin classes and finally try Body Pump before I decide if it’s the gym I’d like to join since I’ll be working in midtown shortly 🙂 I warmed up with 10 minutes on a Precor elliptical (WAY better than any other I’ve used!) and then got into the room early. The instructor was an awesome girl who showed me how to adjust the bike according to my height and how the resistance knob works. The bike was very basic and definitely uncomfortable, which I had anticipated. The class had about 10 of us total, some men and some women. I took a picture of the room to send to Caitlin to prove I was there since I have chickened out of going about 89 times.

I’m creepy. Anyways, the music started and we were off for a bike ride. I was sweating within 5 minutes. Drenched by 10! I loved the seated sprints, semi-liked the standing jogs in position 3, neutral about the standing jog in position 2… HATED THE JUMPS! The 4 second count jumps weren’t so bad, but the 1 second and the 1/2 seconds? Forget it. I did as many as I could but just made sure that even if I had to sit back I kept peddling. At first I was really shocked by how weak my legs appeared to be; I run all the time and do tons of squats and lunges via Jillian Michaels, but I couldn’t hold a sprint or a jog in the standing position for the full 30, 45 or 60 seconds until halfway through the class. Just like that, I fell in love about halfway through. I haven’t ever in my life sweat that much for anything. The floor around my bike was literally drenched, as was everyone elses. It was AMAZING! The music was fun and I was totally singing along, and before I knew it she announced that it was the last song. Seriously, 50 minutes flew by like nothing. Again, this picture can’t even touch on how sweaty I was.

I love running, but I am planning to have an affair with spinning. Don’t be hurt running; it will only strengthen our relationship in the end 😉

It more or less feels like I had the roughest sex of my entire life (that’s probably TMI, but if you know me you know anything goes and comes out of this mouth!) and sitting at my desk all day hasn’t been fun. But it’s been a reminder that I’m stoked to get better at it and plan on returning tomorrow for a 5:00 class. Working out that late on a Saturday? I must be in love.

Dinner last night is not pictured because I inhaled it. I had 3 egg whites and 1 fried egg on whole wheat toast with organic ketchup, and another piece of whole wheat toast with goat cheese & honey. So simple but so good. Unfortunately even though my endorphins were high, I gave in a bit to the stress I had had that day and ended up eating a few whole wheat wraps with peanut butter, bananas and honey plus a small oatmeal cookie from Trader Joe’s. Nothing crazy, but not needed because it was eaten after dinner when I wasn’t hungry. First time in a week giving in to stress eating though, so I’m making progress!

Today I overslept thanks to my late night workout (I was up most of the night unable to sleep, I have to get readjusted to night-time workouts!) so I thought I’d make today my rest day. Turns out, my legs wanted to run 2.08 miles on my lunch break so I let them have what they wanted. 9:36 pace in a winter fashion coat because I was just anticipating to walk? I’ll take it. Sorry that my cute coat is now a little sweaty inside though…

Tonight is consisting of Caitlin, Erica and I taking on NYC. We are eating dinner at Angelica’s Kitchen and bringing a few bottles of wine because they are a BYOB! I love that concept. We are planning to get pretty wasted and celebrate my new job, Erica’s boyfriend coming home from Alaska SO soon, and Caitlin’s general fabulous-ness and her trip to Germany next week. I have 4-5 miles to run tomorrow if the hangover isn’t so bad, but I’m not holding myself to it. Tonight is about being 23, living in NYC, and pretending like booze is water. Once in awhile, this is needed.

Are you a spinner? What is your favorite thing about spinning?