New Beginnings

I’m alive! I feel so bad that I haven’t been able to update like, ever, lately- for those of you who leave the sweetest comments telling me that you really love to read my blog, I’m really sorry that it’s been so few and far between lately. I hope to get back on some type of regular schedule with blogging soon since I have some fabulous news to share.

If you know me in real life then you know I have been very unhappy in my job for a long time now. If you are a smart cookie, you could probably read between the lines of a lot of my blog posts talking about how stressed and unhappy I’ve been over the last couple of years. Not just at work, but family issues as well have caused the last 2.5 years to be nothing short of miserable- with of course some AMAZING things that happened during, as well. I kid you not, there have been more moments where I have wanted to give up than to carry on. Moments turned into weeks of feeling desperate, hopeless and completely defeated. A year and a half ago I went on a low dose of Welbutrin to help with my anxiety and depression and it has definitely helped a ton. My circumstances actually got worse since I’ve been on the medicine, but taking it along with beginning to teach spin has helped me see and manage everything in a new light.

Back in March I decided it was time to work hard at finding a new job. I still have no clue exactly what it is I want to do but one thing I do know is that I am ready to be done with retail and the luxury fashion world. Yes, you need to be thick skinned to handle it. Have I developed a thicker skin than when I started in December 2011? You bet I have. But at what cost? I have turned into a miserable, bitter, actually bitchy person. Mean to strangers, NO patience whatsoever for anything or anyone- all characteristics I didn’t posses before this job. Except for the patience part… when I started I had a smidgen of patience, now it’s below 0. I started to work with recruiters and went on lots of interviews and got my hopes up about a few that didn’t end up working out. Finally after 2 great interviews and a long weekend of waiting and praying and hoping, I got the call last Monday that I was being offered a job that has a lot to promise. Better hours, better pay, better benefits and most of all; better quality of life. It’s going to give me the chance to teach more classes, and have a clearer head to figure out the path I want to go in. I truly can’t even think straight once I leave work and head right to bed the minute I get home, leaving me in a cycle of nothing but work and sleep. I HATE it and have hated every minute of it. Since I gave my 2 weeks notice last week, I have felt nothing but extreme relief and not an ounce of doubt. Even better, I was off for a week that I had already planned so my stress level is so far below what it has been for years that I am feeling like a brand new person. I am excited for my next chapter and more than anything I am SO READY for it!! 🙂

Things I cannot wait for with this new chapter:

  • Being able to wear nail polish again. Yep, haven’t been able to. MANICURES EVERY NIGHT, YA’LL!
  • Wearing normal clothes again. Looking fashionable. Do you know how terrible it’s been to my style to have to wear the ugliest uniform of all time for a fashion company?! It doesn’t even make sense! I’ve already spent too much money on new clothes and I don’t even care. J-Crew Factory until I’m broke. Oops, already happened.
  • Teach more night classes/sub them. I can never do them because I work until 7 or later… not no mo!
  • Take classes at night since I teach 3 mornings a week! HELLO, STRENGTH TRAINING!
  • I will be doing long runs on Saturdays now, followed by spending the rest of the day out on the beach, sleeping in a bit on Sundays and then teaching my Sunday morning spin class. Heaven?
  • Stability.

So ready to embrace this next new chapter. I promise to you, my amazing readers, that I will post at least a couple of times a week again. And I am 99.9% sure they will be about me being a happy person again. 🙂

(I will have an awesome re-cap of my weekend upstate with my family and friends, and running the Binghamton 1/2 marathon tomorrow! Sneak peak: I was only 1 minute off my PR and my best friend Brenda had an 11 minute PR!)

Have you ever had a big career change? For the better or worse?

What are the “perks” of your job? I truly consider being able to be your unique self and wear your own clothing to be at the top! I feel like I can be so much more productive when I’m happy and comfortable and feel good!