Food Ketchup (Catch-Up!)

Wow, I’m a really creative writer with that title.. ha! Give me a break.. it’s pouring rain and it’s a Monday. It’s been a little over a week since I posted, so I thought I would just post some photos of my delicious eats over the last week or so. Obviously, this is not EVERYTHING I ate, just a disclaimer, just some highlights! Edit: highlights of the healthy things I ate… this past weekend will have a seperate post later on tonight, because I ate some deliciously UN-healthy things this weekend that were amazing too! 😉

My new favorite protein source.. Click ESPRESSO protein! Tastes absolutely amazing blended with ice and unsweetened vanilla almond milk! available at
loving eggs for dinner.. egg white scramble w/veggies, 1 dippy egg (aka runny yolk!), whole wheat thin w/ avocado & laughing cow cheese & obvs lots of organic ketchup 🙂
super simple & fast dinner.. sweet potato, tuna, goat cheese & mustard!
ahi tuna fillet, sweet potato w/goat cheese, green beans & spinach with organic ketchup & mustard to dip
lunch.. tuna “burgers” made with 1 can tuna, 1 tbsp ground flaxseed, 2 egg whites & a laughing cow cheese.. brussel sprouts, low-fat feta & hummus to dip!
more egg white scramble, dippy egg, guacamole toast and extra lean turkey bacon!
protein muffin (1/2 scoop protein powder+1 tbsp PB2+1 tbsp coconut flour+1 tsp chia+1 egg white+2 tbsp unsweet apple sauce+splash of almond milk) topped w/peanut flour sauce & bananas. DELISH
food all packed up for the day! lots of containers but its VERY possible to eat healthy on the go!
greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin+cocoa powder, topped with banana, honey, Kashi & PB
new favorite treat! soy sugar-free mocha frappuccino! starbucks gets allll my $$$$$ ahhhh
much needed drink after work.. keeping it light with a vodka & club soda with a splash of cranberry & lime! much less calories than wine!

So again, not all my eats lately but a good idea of them! I’m having an eggs and turkey bacon moment, obviously. Last week I was able to run about 8-9 miles, PAIN FREE! They were all outside which was amazing. I also went to 2 spinning classes, did 2 sessions of Ripped in 30, and a couple incline treadmill walks with weights (5 or 7.5 lbs). I took both weekend days for rest days, and was back at it this morning with Ripped in 30 and a quick 10 minute HIIT sprint session on the treadmill. It’s supposed to rain all week which means I probably won’t get a chance to run outside 😦 We’ll see! Weekend post later! 😉


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