Thankful & Random

Words can’t describe my gratefulness towards those of you who read my guest post on Lauren’s blog today. I am so thankful she asked me to write it, not to mention honored since I LOVE her blog! It was really emotional for me to write it and take a journey back into what I used to eat and how I used to feel. The support from the blogging community, and my ridiculously amazing friends and family are what keeps me going. We all know the bottom line is that weight loss is HARD WORK. And the truth is that a really big portion of it SUCKS! Right? I mean honestly. I have found ways to make it not only tolerable but also enjoyable and my goal is to make others recognize that it doesn’t have to be so bad. It can be at LEAST alright, but no reasons why it shouldn’t be delicious 🙂

I got back to the city yesterday after my long weekend of relaxing upstate to realize I was ridiculously exhausted. I passed out for a few hours then made my way to Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s for groceries. The only other highlight of my day since it was mostly spent on a bus traveling back to the city and then grocery shopping was that I received an amazing package from the great people at Artisana! I will do a full review after I’m able to try them all, but so far last night I jumped into the coconut butter and pecan butter (since they are in jars not packets) and had a little of each on half of a P28 bagel.

I predict there will be none I don’t love 😉

Today I woke up and ran 3 miles in the pouring rain. My legs felt awesome and I was pushing my pace just past comfortable, plus adding in some rolling hills. I had to be at work early or else I would have ran 5, but these 3 were great and I was thankful to be running. Something I’m not thankful for? The humidity that seems like it is getting worse and worse every day even though summer is ending. I swear I was more sweaty walking to work from the subway than on my rainy run. Ready for fall!


I have this weird thing where I literally have to eat a banana every day and it’s 99.9% of the time with my breakfast. Life just seems so off without it. Somehow I left my apartment with no banana and no one at work had one to spare. Seriously, if it weren’t for my guest post on Lauren’s blog, I probably would have been in a bad mood. Over a banana. Please feel free to tell me I am annoying. Or that I could have walked to any of the 108 cafe/bodega/deli’s near my work and bought one. Refer to the humidity complaint above to see why I did not do that.

My morning snack (er well more like 1 PM) made up for it.

My love for cereal is crazy, and I had this wild idea to have a small jazzed up bowl at work. These containers are small and so perfect for this! I used 1/4 cup Kashi twigs, 1 tbsp Pb2, cinnamon, diced apple and unsweetened vanilla soy milk. Eating cereal at work just made my quality of life like 78 times better. If you have a life for sale, I’d like to inquire.

Lunch was equally as delicious. 1 slice P28 bread, 3 egg white patty made in microwave, 1 slice turkey bacon and this deliciousness from Trader Joe’s that I searched for after reading about it on Healthy Diva’s blog! 🙂

My carrots didn’t make the cut but I had a bunch with more of that dip. The chunks of vegetables in this guac are huge! So so good.

I am hoping to get at least 6.5 hours of sleep a night this week! That sounds sad, but there is really almost no way for me to get more unless it’s a morning I am not running or spinning. I am not willing to cut out the little bit of time I get to watch Law & Order: SVU and drool at my husband, Chris Meloni, every night.

Do you remember this pic? Oh, it was the day I met Chris Meloni. Please don’t forget. We’ll be married soon enough.

Ha, just a little reminder. On that note, I’m off to bed!

Do you have any foods that you just HAVE to eat every day?

Do you love Law & Order? Chris Meloni? Probably dumb questions…


14 thoughts on “Thankful & Random”

    1. It really isnt breakfast without a banana! I made up for it by having one after dinner, but it wasnt as enjoyable! L&O Svu has really kept me from having any sort of social life haha!

  1. My foods that I can’t live without are sporadic. One week it’s this, the next week it’s that. Guess it fits right in with my indecisive mind! AND.. will you unfriend me if I tell you i’ve never watched law & order? 🙂

    1. I won’t unfriend you, but I am really sad for you. Actually, kinda jealous. It has taken over my life and I cant fall asleep without watching it. Cant fall asleep without watching rape and murders on TV. NOTHING is wrong with me. 🙂

  2. I wandered over from Lauren’s blog to get my fix of New Yorkiness…and have mostly been scoping out all the ice cream pics. 16 Handles! Big Gay! I could miss that city based on its ice cream alone…

    1. SO true! I look forward to my Sundays so much to indulge in 16 Handles! And If I’m ever low enough in the city to be near Big Gay, then it doesnt matter what day it is 🙂 Come visit! Where did you used to live here/ what did you used to do?

      1. I lived in Brooklyn (Williamsburg. But no, Im not a hipster :-)) for two awesome years while my fiance got his master’s degree, and I worked at a non-profit in Midtown. Its too cool that you work for Chanel! So glam. And you live uptown? I am always fantasizing about the day when I can move back….

      2. Haha! Love that you made it known you’re not a hipster; naturally I hear Williamsburg and that’s what comes to mind 😉 Brooklyn is so great and I never make it there enough! Chanel is so crazy, just as you can imagine. I am blessed to have this opportunity! I do live uptown, on the west side. I absolutely love it. I used to hate the east side, but now that I work in Midtown east I have grown to love it! Where are you living now?

      3. Aww, we could have been lunch buddies–I used to work on 3rd Ave! I def prefer the west side uptown (like Morningside Heights?), but the east side downtown–and the East Village and Brooklyn are my true loves. Haha, now I live in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. Mercy. But, I arrived here via China, and the NYC–>China transition was much harder than China–>WV!!
        Do you have a blog post about your move to NYC?

  3. Yay! I LOVED your post (and so did MANY other people)! I say that Gil and I come up and pay you a visit! (Gil happens to also be my cousin and she’s awesome!)

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